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The River and Enoch OReilly Read The River And Enoch OReilly By Peter Murphy Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A Small Irish Town A River Flood The Return Of A Prodigal Son On The Banks Of The River Rua, When The Rains Have Stopped And The Waters Receded, Nine Bodies Are Found What Took Them To The River Enoch O Reilly, A Self Made Preacher And Elvis Impersonator Claiming To Be Just Returned To Ireland From America, Launches A Radio Show Revival Hour It Enjoys A Short But Spectacular Run, And Its Disastrous End Forces Enoch Back To The Family Home There He Finds Clues To A Mythic Connection Between The Dead This Brotherhood Of The Flood The Natural Rhythms Of The Earth, A Secret Language Called Riverish, And His Lost Father.

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    Having read and mainly enjoyed John the Revelator, I bought this book on its publication last year without knowing much about it.On closer inspection, the blurb intimated that the book wasn t really for me, but I went into reading it with an open mind Unfortunately, my hunch was correct The social themes of the novel, in the difficulties that individuals face living in a small town I could understand, but the idea of the river and nature s power having an effect on the town s psych...

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    I chose this book because I love Ireland I am sad that I didn t love this book I enjoy books with beautiful descriptive words and this book is full of them So much so that at times the complicated descriptions took away from the story and I had a hard time staying focused I would read something...

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    What an intriguing novel I think the reviewers who say they don t get it are kind of missing the point the premise is absurd, the narrative is fragmentary, and the main characters obsessions are esoteric and clearly not supposed to make real logical sense But isn t it compelling, the pseudoscience of eternal sound waves and cyclical floods and culling populations through some kind of telepathy with the inanimate world, especially when developed alongside the motif of Irish...

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    Unique and original, literary and poetic.

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    There s a point in the novel where the protagonist gives a speech he s planned for a while now that he knows will have the crowd bowing at his feet, acting as if he s a genius spouting out information that s life changing, and yet a minute or two in he realises that not a single person in the crowd can even comprehend his nonsense.Reading some reviews of this book, it seems...

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    I got this in a book box subscription, and I started it thinking I would enjoy it As I read, it just didn t interest me or hook me on even the first 50 pages, but I made myself finish I do not like to just desert books but this one truly was difficult to get through.

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    I see what the author was going for, I really do, but this was painful to get through.

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    Like a river, a narrative has its course and wends its own particular course to its end Like a traveler on a river, a reader may not see the turns coming, the cross currents underneath or the rocks on the river banks on which the journey may be interrupted, or even abruptly halted Reading Peter Murphy s The River and Enoch O Reilly is like undertaking a rocky river journey.Young Enoch is fascinated by the homemade radio transmission system his father has built in their basement Not much else goes on in his miserable Irish town The river rose and kept rising during the last onslaught, so much that it appears God broke his promise to Noah People are lost, animals killed and property damaged Enoch, listening to his father s radio, hears a transmisison that changes his life It s the Holy Ghost Radio with fire and brimestone and the spirit of Elvis Enoch plays with the settings, trying to keep up with the transmission, but loses it Enoch s father is furious The cellar door is locked and further transmission beyond Enoch s listening He leaves town, heartbroken.Most of Enoch s next years are the stuff of fable or street gutter We see only one actual event a chance chaste encounter with a young lady and are left to decide for ourselves what s under the murk...

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    Be careful whose gospel you adhere toPeter Murphy s absorbing new novel provides a rich tableau of changing, swirling currents of mythic proportions Through an in depth investigation of the lives of flood victims, the author reveals a disturbing subtext to the behavior of the flood In equal parts darkly mysterious and fondly familiar, his voice brought me right into a dream like state where all the many sounds of the universe began to make sense Including the clarion blast of righteousness dispensed from the pulpit Not all the songs are happy ones, though The novel follows the life of one character whose father has stumbled across knowledge which eventually is his undoing as well as tha...