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    my pirate loving kids age 710 really liked this book We love this series, but this one has a lot of speculation since there is not a lot of documentation on pirates.

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    I listened to the audiobook It would be nice to see a paper copy for the illustrations.

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    Delightful, short biographies of various pirates Great illustrations Nice inclusion of female pirates and pirates from non Western states.

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    These books by Krull really break up your stereotypical views on pirates.

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    This would be a fun story to listen to on a road trip Lots of little stories about pirates and their exploits.

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    I just read Jane Yolen s Sea Queens a short while back, and some of the same female pirates were in this book I d heard of most of the male pirates, though I didn t know the details of their exploits, but Conajee Angria and Benito De Soto were new to me I didn t know that William Dampier was a pirate I always thought he was a scientist I guess he was both I d like to find a copy of that little children s book The Woman Pirates that was inserted into boxes of Shredded Wheat back in 1978 Had I known back then, I d have bought the cereal for the book I always enjoy Krull s Lives books, and especially the caricature like portraits by illustrator Kathryn Hewitt I particularly enjoyed reading the last chapter, about how Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island One thing that struck me particularly in this book is how short th...

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    Lives of Pirates, Swashbucklers, Scoundrelsby Kathleen KrullNONFICTION REQUIREMENTStatus Read in March 2012This non fiction relay s the untold stories of pirates While Hollywood often paints a romanticzed version of pirates, their stories are all different and not quite as glamrous as society makes them This text depicts several accounts of fierce women pirates, one Madama Cheng, controlled a legion of over a thousand pirates Madame Cheng however, was not...

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    This collective biography shares twenty tales of pirates throughout history including battles they fought, the riches they stole, and the families they raised Included are stories of some of most well known pirates, like Captain Kidd, Blackbeard and Black Bart However, the most interesting tales are of the lesser known pirates Lady...

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    Great info here Some of the lesser known stories had me thinking, This should be made into a movie Even noteworthy for me I had no idea there were so many female pirates It was neat to read up on the most famous ones, as well as some that were new to me And I appreciated the fact that the author gave a section to Long John Sil...

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    If you know anyone that has an interest in pirates, then this is an amazing book for them The illustrations in this book are wonderful What s even better though is how the author portrays the pirates a...

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Lives of the Pirates Epub Lives Of The Pirates By Kathleen Krull Airdomains.co.uk Every Kid Knows That Pirates Talk Funny, Swing A Big Sword, And Seek Buried Treasure Don T They What Do We Really Know About Blackbeard, Madame Cheng, Sir Francis Drake, And Other Men And Women Of Pirate History What Drove Them To Sail The High Seas What Were Their Bad Habits, Favorite Foods, And Silly Quirks And Did They Actually Talk Like That A Lively Style, Lots Of Surprises, And Solid Research Have Made The Lives Of Series Of Collective Biographies Popular With Both Kids And Adults Now The Series Returns, Spanning The Globe With Profiles Of The Nineteen Most Notorious Pirates In History.