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Dark Gift Reading Dark Gift T.L Jones Nature Explore.eu Welcome To The Bridgewater Triangle, An Area Purported To Have Paranormal Activity Dating Back To The 1500s The Small Town Of Freetown Has Dealt With This Phenomenon For Centuries, Recently With The Support Of N.E.P.R But Now, Something Is Different While John Bingham, The Founder Of N.E.P.R Leads His Team Into Yet Another Investigation Of The Area, He And His Team Come Up Against Something Far Evil A Ruthless And Ritualistic Serial Killer Has Declared Freetown The Site Of A Rampage That Will Rob This Tiny Hub Of Its Last Shred Of Peace Then The Unthinkable Happens Two People Have Gone Missing, One Of Them John S Wife Normally, John Would Handle The Situation With A Cool And Level Head, But Evil Has Made This Personal Determined To Get Her Back, John Relies On The Rest Of His Team, But Too Soon He Wonders If He Can Trust Them Can He Trust Anyone Could A Member Of His Own Team Be Cruel Enough To Wreak Such Havoc John Races Against The Clock To Find All The Answers And Bring His Wife Home Alive

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    Dark Gift by T.L Jones is a tightly wound suspense novel centered on the town of Freeport in the Bridgewater Triangle area of Massachusetts The New England Paranormal Research group led by John Bingham is investigating supernatural activity in the area The close knit, informal group has gathered at the Assonet Ledge to find that things are about to take a visceral turn The death of Eugene Lowery s mother becomes the first tragedy in a series of events that brings Agent Lee Marlowe of the FBI onto the scene Rumors of the return of the Surgeon Serial Killer begins to surface Only psychics Debbie Milo and Lilly Mason suspect the source of the new string of murders may have a homegrown source Lilly s detective husband Mark and partner Cody Stone enter into a game of wits against the killer once Debbie and Chrissy Bingham s lives are at stake.The author brings us along a fast paced trail as the NEPR fellowship find themselves brought into an uneasy alliance with the law enforcement officials in an attempt to end the bloodshed The camaraderie between ...

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    Dark Gift is quite the page turner as paranormal murder mysteries go or even as a detective tale Interested in the Bridgewater Triangle area Then read this book as this is where it takes place You would swear the author has visited the place in the past Nice read.

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    Dark Gift by TL Jones, thrilling that causes you excitement in wanting to Keep reading Gives a different twist.Very enjoyable, especially the Paranormal Aspect in this well read and written book.

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