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10 thoughts on “Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide

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    The main problem with this textbook is its haphazard formatting The topics jump around a lot It takes a great deal of mental dot connecting to get any sort of depth in any one topic.

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    This has become a referance book

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    Wow That was a whole lot of information For the most part, it was comprehensible and relent However, if you re looking for a religious foundation in science, this would be the wrong book.

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    This book takes a somewhat different approach from most of the other beginning astronomy books I ve read Author Dinah L Moche appears to be operating under the assumption that her book will be used as a supplement for some other course of study, either as an aid in an astronomy class or at the very least a buttress for a pre existing general knowledge of the subject And as such, it works quite well Moche does an outstanding job of providing clear, easy to understand explanations and examples of many of the basic concepts of the science Of the 12 chapters, I enjoyed and learned at least something from all but two the chapter on astrophysics was a little vague and jargon heavy, and the chapter on extraterrestrial life covered topics outside my areas of interest I don t think I d start with this as my very first guide to the topic, but those with a little astro knowledge under their belts or an exam to pass in the near future should find it a worthwhile read.

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    Good depending on what you want For those looking to get into star gazing or know nothing about astronomy, it has a lot of goods facts, tips for star watching, and has a ton of helpful links, resources, and appendixes If you want a guide book for advanced subjects, it is lacking, but it is still a useful book for refreshing the basic astronomy facts Good for beginners and people who have been out of astronomy for awhile.

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    I bought it five years back when I was very new to astronomy and recall it being helpful It was a bit dry, but it s really a text book not a book to set the spark of enthusiasm.

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    Excellent first chapter on the celestial globe followed by easily readable content on a lot of astronomy concepts

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    A lot of information, and a lot of it I won t use or need at this time A bit overwhelming and tough to digest sometimes.

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    Well out of date now, though would still provide a basic understanding for those beginning in astronomy.

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    The lessons were quite Short, the were something s difficult to gras9

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