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What the Body Knows (Parallel Press Chapbook Series) Epub What The Body Knows Parallel Press Chapbook Series Author Alison Townsend Paletterie2000.eu Rolling And Dancing In Mud, A Child Discovers An Ecstasy Of Connection, A Moment Of Pure Light When I Was The Land So Townsend Launches An Exploration Of The Truth Of The Body, Drawing Clear Lines Of Distinction Between The Liberating Intuitions Of The Body Elemental And The Cramping Coercions Of The Body Social Several Poems Are Rooted In The Nitty Gritty Of Familiar Female Experience With Its Perpetual Struggling To Fit Even When The Fit Cinched Me Through This Voice, Vivid With Narrative Detail And Perception, We Encounter Girls Embarking On Sexual Initiation And Experimentation, Young Women Shadowed By Abuse, Mature Women Mourning The Failure Of Intimacy A Second Voice, Lighter And Lyrical, Records The Speaker S Insights Even Revelations As She Begins To Unlearn Convention And Invokes Her Own Internal Compass I Am Inviting Back The One Who Has Been Away, Calling Out To Her, The Way A Psychic Calls Her Soul Back To Her Body, I Am Requesting That She Teach Me To Remember I Call Her Home To Me This Newly Trusted Self Deserves Clothes From Victoria S Secret, No Matter That I Ll Never Look Like These Women Her Face Becomes My Own Each Day And Sexuality And Connection Regain Their Promise With A Delicate Grace Of Image And Language, Townsend Proposes If I Called You River If You Called Me River If You Were Water Entering Water If The River Knew Anything Than This Sweet Braiding And Undoing Of Water, That Feeds Everything And Yearns For Everything And Is, In Its Rushing, Everything The River Can Know Centering Herself Thus In What The Body Knows, Townsend Finds Homecoming.

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