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  • ebook
  • 211 pages
  • Chasing the Dragons Cache
  • Warren Olson
  • 17 August 2019

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    Cool adventure crime novel set in the mean streets of Southeast Asia Local color galore and tons of detail on how to launder a half million dollars and avoid the local drug gangs at the same time On your vacation to Thailand pack this one in with your guidebook for the real deal.

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    first book in the series featuring the knockabout Aussie barman turned Private investigator Kenny Jones TRADE ME and BANGKOK BLACKMAIL are the next two follow up books.The real life as it really happens S.E.Asian novel full of the facts, dry humour, and one liners that the author, the actual ori...

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this run around the Thai HK underworld An excellent start to the Kenny series Kenny seems about as dodgy as a west Auckland used car salesman But through some engaging writing you still want the character to come out of his trials, winning Loo...

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Chasing the Dragons CacheDownload Chasing The Dragons Cache Author Warren Olson Xxlhuge.eu From An Ex Pat Hotel Manager To A Respected Drug Baron, A Sadistic Triad Boss And Even Thai Transvestites, All Of Them Are CHASING THE DRAGONS CACHE At About The Same Time A Filipino Maid Is Murdered On The Enclave Of Macau, On The Resort Island Of Koh Samui A Cleaning Lady At A Small Resort Discovers That The Excitement Of A Night Spent With A Friendly Thai Transvestite Has Been Too Much For The Heart Of An Elderly Chinese Guest.A Quick Trip Through Malaysia To Singapore By The Resort Manager Follows, Leading To Night Time Hi Jinks From There It S To The Bars Of Bangkok, And A Gristly Murder In Lumpini Park.Who Is The Mysterious Man In White Whose Obese Henchman Continues To Inflict Pain On His Behalf And Just Who S Finger Is A Thai Dog Chewing On For Breakfast A Hurried Dash To The Lawless Cambodian Casino Town Of Poipet Is Called For, Followed By An Eventful Road Trip Where Wayward Buffaloes And Flying Vegetables Cause Additional Hazards.A Delivery Is Finally Made To The Palatial Estate Of A Wealthy Chiang Mai Drug Baron Next Stop Is Bangkok S Famed Khosan Road To Find An Expert In Fake ID, Before Finally To An Anything But Peaceful Seaside Resort Of Pattaya, Where Transvestites Are Out For Revenge DRAGONS GOLD An Exciting Mix Of Chinese Triads, Thai Culture, Cambodian Casinos, US Dollars, And Sexy Asian Women, Or Are They Men Follow The Trials, Tribulations And Loves Of An Easy Going Australian Resort Manager S S.E.Asian Adventure A Novel Based Loosely On Many Of The Places And People Met By The Author As He Roamed South East Asia Whilst Carrying Out Investigations As The Region S Best Known Real Life Private Eye

About the Author: Warren Olson

Warren Olson didn t set out to be an author nor for that matter did he envisage he would become one of the most well known and successful Western private investigators to operate in South East Asia After assisting numerous equine establishments in the region, he oversaw the SEA Games equestrian events at the Chiang Mai Sports club he spent some time as a marketing manager for Hotels in Koh