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Arbiter (Arbiter Chronicles, #1) ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Arbiter (Arbiter Chronicles, #1) By Elisa A. Bonnin ✑ – The Reaper always gets what he wants Rae Miller should know this by heart Born with the ability to see the Grim Reaper and track his passing and cursed by being the object of his ire Rae has spent mos The Reaper always gets what he wants Rae Miller should know this by heart Born with the ability to see the Grim Reaper and track his passing and cursed by being the object of his ire Rae has spent most of her life avoiding people around her trying not to get close to those that will eventually die But when the Reaper offers her a deal a chance to be free of him she takes it The Reaper's deal sends her into the Twilight Realm a land torn between the powerful ancient Ivali and the human men and women that have claimed a small portion of it for their own Rae's task is to search for the Shard of the Star a legendary weapon from a bygone ageUnfortunately it seems as though fate has other plans because Rae is the Arbiter a human meant to mediate disputes between the Ivali's High and Dark Courts and although Rae wants nothing to do with her position the Courts have no desire to let her go so easily Rae must decide between obtaining the Shard and giving it to the Reaper or risking her life and other lives that hang in the balance to fight him.

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  1. Amélie Amélie says:

    A well paced story with an original and well thought world building and interesting charactersSummary Rae Miller is a young woman actually in college She has seen the Grim Reaper killing her parents when she was a child and since then he has tormented her by killing all the people for whom she had feeling After her best friend’s suicide she has decided not to get closed to anyone in order to not cause their death However she has not seen the Grim Reaper for some time at the beginning of the story and she is starting to relax allowing Nathan a boy from her class to walk her home On the way they are attacked by thieves and Nathan is shot while protecting Rae In the hospital the Grim Reaper finally shows himself and make a deal with Rae he will let Nathan lives and leave her alone for the rest of her life if she brings him in one year the Shard of the Star a legendary magical weapon or she will willingly surrender herself to him if she failsIn order to accomplish this task he sends Rae to the Twilight Realm There she is taken in by human mages Those mages are shocked by her story the Grim Reaper is a dangerous Ivali immortals with powerful magic inspire by our legends of elves and fairies who has been banished from the Realm for centuries to give him the Shard of the Star would be too dangerous but even if they kill Rae the Grim Reaper would be able to enter the Twilight Realm in one year because of their magical deal Their only hope is that Rae will find the Shard and use it to fight the ReaperTo accomplish that the mage send Rae into the lands of the Ivali with Cathel a young mage of Rae’s age who has angered one of the masters The Ivali are known to be cruel and dangerous and a magical protection field surrounds the human lands in order to prevent the Ivali from entering them In the Ivali lands Cathel and Rae are at their mercy Thankfully they soon meet one of the Ivali lords who is able to explain some things to Rae Rae is the Arbiter the mediator between the Ivali High and Dark Courts Or at least she will be once she pasts the tests of ten Ivali Lords To do so would allow Rae to gain a part of those lords’ powers and thus allow her to face the Grim Reaper with a little chance of winning at last if she decides to do soSo Rae must now go meet ten lords passes their tests and find the Shard before the end of the yearMy review I loved this book for different reasons First the Ivali they evoked the legends about elves and faes while still being original I like the way the Ivali and the mages’ powers are represented and how they manifests themselves the mages can all work some minor spells like invoking a light or fire but they then have to chose one “Series” that they will try to master because the they use this series the their magic adapts to it and prevents them for mastering another Cathel’s series was interesting it’s the Edictal Series and it revolves around commands He forms bound with objects and they then obey his will But the objects have their own will and they may try to resist his commands if they belong to someone else for example Edictal mages are forbidden to use their magic against human but not against Ivali something Cathel has difficulties to accept As for the Ivali their magic is a part of their nature and thus functions differently One for example is the lady of the Moon and therefore she can use light during the ascendant phase of the moon and shadows during the descendant phase Another lord can uses illusions All the magic was interesting and well exploited Likewise the conflict between Ivali and humans is also not just skim over but well exploited and the tests that the lords proposed to Rae are well thought and in keeping with their individual characterAnother thing that I loved in this book is the characters they all have depth even the secondary ones and all are coherent with themselves They all start with flaws and during the story they become aware of them and learn to overcome them One thing that I particularly appreciate is that those flaws are not overdone and that the characters don’t moan about them during all the story like in many other novels Rae has difficulties forming bounds with other people but she is aware of it and makes conscious efforts to reach toward Cathel Even if she has doubts about facing the Grim Reaper she makes real efforts to overcome them and I appreciate that those don’t disappear othernightThis book is written for young adults but anyone can appreciate it as it doesn’t focus on a love story and teenagers angst or as it doesn’t skim over some things without exploiting them in depth Therefore I recommend this book to fans of fantasy who appreciate a good world building and character with some depthNB be aware that this book is part of a series

  2. Tywyll Tywyll says:

    Arbiter is an enjoyable fantasy novel Following Rae into the Twilight Realm was like stepping into a lush faerie world I loved how the realm felt like a version of the Seelie and Unseelie courts with magical fae folk aka Ivali abounding I was absolutely intrigued by the magical system It was like nothing I had read about before I love when magic in a novel has rules and limitations It makes it seem realistic Cathel's series was awesome view spoilerHis battle against Skor gave me a really great visual hide spoiler

  3. Colleen Bratley Colleen Bratley says:

    Great great story with a timeline that keeps you readingI really have to say I didn't know how good this story was going to be by just the title From the moment I started reading it though I was hookedElisa Bonnin is apparently adept at many things and from what I have read she is pretty darn good at writing a story that keeps you involved from whooping for the heroine enjoying the other characters and still guessing at what is going to happen nextRae Miller the lead character starts out as an emotionally closed off depressed scared and yet spit fire determined college student When her tormentor throws down a gauntlet of challenge she accepts because of who she is at her core what she believes in and even though it seems to go against her other beliefs her want of revenge From this challenge she enters into a different realm; one she had never heard of before let alone seen and she has seen things that most others can't see let alone even imagineWhat Rae finds there is not only surprising and in some cases daunting it also changes her character in ways she had never thought could happen She develops not only new skills but the emotional barriers she had drawn around her start to crumble Her need to save someone and revenge for another propelled her here but now she isn't even sure she can complete the task the challenge reuires Her will determination and new skills just don't seem strong enough to win Finding the strength within is a fight she has everyday as she encounters challenges obstacles and skills on her journey to complete the taskBeing in a different realm where things are not what they seem and things that may look the same really aren't I expected Rae to be surprisedscared for herself Instead I got the feeling that she just accepted it as no big deal I'm assuming because she had to accept her ability to see things others couldn't in her own realm That helps her in the story short term but I felt it would have been intrinsic to the character development had she reacted a little real to what someone in our realm would haveThis is still a really great story well written and I would really enjoy reading the seuels The lead character is memorable but the others don't have all the writing on the wall yet so you have to keep reading to find out all about them too Well done Elisa please let me know when the seuel is out

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