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    Hi, my name s Stephanie Plum Somebody Else and I m just like Stephanie Plum except I bake cupcakes and have a Magical Talent instead of being a bounty hunter You don t know who Stephanie Plum is You should buy one of her books There are heaps She s not a supermodel but she s sexy, she doesn t have an intimidating set of qualifications but she s still smart and sassy and she has two dangerous, mysterious hunks who fancy her So she s just like me except I only have one mysterious, dangerous hunk who fancies me but he can t shag me or we d lose our Magical Talents The other one is a bad guy who doesn t fancy me except I m not sure really which one is the bad guy maybe both are Anyway, I fancy the good guy but I can t shag him cos we d lose our Magical Talents Did I already say that Anyway, just like St...

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    Be vewy, vewy quiet, I m hunting Stones or possibly dwawfes Wicked Appetite is like an episode of Looney Tunes It s goofy, it s over the top, and it s hilarious Janet Evanovich finally gets her groove back after a long, torturous Plum met into really boring fiction I first fell in love with Evanovich way back when she was writing weird, wacky romances for Loveswept Books like Naughty Neighbor and The Rocky Road to Romance marked her as being a class apart, especially in the paperback romance category, where funny, zany books are not exactly the norm I mean, what other romance novel have you read that involves large dogs with a passion for burgers, Capitol Hill mysteries involving pigs, cookbooks for dog food and trigger happy geriatrics I cannot tell a lie, I liked Stephanie Plum and the Trenton gang too about thirteen books ago Thankfully, Wicked Appetite is the first book in a series about the Seven Deadly Sins, so it can t go beyond, you know, seven books Lizzy Tucker is a baker who bakes superlative cupcakes at Dazzle bakery and tries to peddle her cookbook to various publishers so she can keep her house from falling down about her ears Until one day, a dark, creepy looking stranger walks up to the bakery and brands her He is instantly followed by a tall, blond, hot ...

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    I didn t finish this, I was listening to the audio and stopped about 1 5 of the way in The main character is very similar to Stephanie Plum except she can cook and has blonde hair Her physical description, her style of dress, her voice, her experience with men boys a failed engagement v Stephanie s failed marriage both failed in comical ways The main character has a side kick that is goofy and off the charts but so not interesting it made me miss Lula The main character inherits a house just like Joe in the Plum series and a main character did in Evanovich s Overboard Diesel was just not interesting and seemed to be a combination of Ranger and Joe Diesel was interesting in the in between Plum novels Evanovich obviously has a formula and she sticks with it It appears fr...

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    Janet Evanovich is the well known author of the Stephanie Plum series of books, and here she begins another series that edges firmly into the paranormal arena Elizabeth Tucker lives in Marblehead, just north of Boston, and makes cupcakes for a living while living in the house bequeathed to her by Great Aunt Ophelia Her life is perfectly pleasant but very ordinary when two men walk into it and proceed to turn it upside down One is Wulf and he is a Bad Man The other is Diesel, our Alpha Male, who explains to Liz that she is an Unmentionable and has to help him search out the SALIGIA stones so named because of taking the first initials for the Latin names of the Seven Deadly Sins Wulf is also looking for the stones and so Liz is caught in a race against time to discover their whereabouts.I was really looking forward to Wicked Appetite when I first heard about it I thought it sounded amusing and exciting Disappointingly, the reverse is true It is very often extremely unfunny and there was not a hint of excitement to be found within the pages.I enjoyed a few t...

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    This was a fun series and a nice change in pace I really liked Diesel from some of the Stephanie Plum short stories so it was nice to see him in his actual element but I have to say, I think I like him and Stephanie together as a team than Liz...

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    I loved the humor in this book I seriously cannot think of a book that made me laugh so much I love sexy and fun Diesel, and Wulf seemed interesting I have a feeling he s going to be making some mischief later in the series I think those two are going to be fun to have together I really enjoyed the banter between Lizzy and Diesel, and Lizzy s friends were funny, too For these reasons, I will definitely continue the series Oh yeah, and how can you go wrong with a monkey I love Carl The only thing I have to say negative about the book is that nothing really happened It was all setup for the rest of the series, I guess, and never really went anywhere Not much action in the book It was a quirky, fun read The basis of the story is the seven deadly sins, and the road the author took with it will be interesting.As a side note, after reading some other reviews I realize that this is sort o...

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    Do you think a monkey farting and flipping everyone off is hilarious Ok, maybe the first time but would you like to read about him flipping people off every other page If so, perhaps this is your book First off I ve been an Evanovich fan for years I have been anxiously awaiting this new series and hoping that going in a new direction and make a sparkling book like she used to I have felt like the last few books she s released were flat, boring, and uninspired So what happened here Diesel is a character in the between the numbers plum novellas He s big, bad, and kind of a super hero but where does he go when not in Trenton, NJ What all does he do and what makes him tick When I heard he was getting his own spin off series I assumed that we would be getting into his unmentionables world I thought it would be a great new series.Reading this book I kept thinking that either one of her kids or employees wrote this and turned it in under her name, or else she is just tired of writing but likes paychecks This isn t a romance It s not a mystery It s not even action adventure I don t know WHAT this book was supposed to be.I do know that it was short With nothing but simple short words, double spaced with nice big font, and no real plot to speak of or have to pay attention to it was less than 3hrs to read Instead of editing, plot, and or pages Evanovich wastes precious space ...

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    You You don t read Janet Evanovich What gives Me Witches You You know there s going to be romance in this story, right Me Yes, butit s October I wanted a witchy story You So you picked this one Out of all the witchy stories out there, you picked a genre you don t like by an author you no longer read Me YOU DON T KNOW ME Also, everything else was checked out You Well, don t come crying to me when you hate this Me wellyou see You walks away, shaking head Ok, so maybe you do know me Maybe you know me really well and so you re probably surprised by those three stars Is this a 3 star book Absolutely not Did I like this book anyway Yes, I did I used to read the Stephanie Plum novels back in the 90 s and I know I loved them then but I also know when I tried to pick em back up in the last several years, I couldn t do it I went into this fully aware that I might not like it at all based on how dated and sexist and plot holey and formulaic and ridiculous those Plum novels are.This one is no different only it s not yet dated, not quite.So we start with an inherited house in Marblehead between Boston and Salem and a bakery where Lizzie makes cupcakes, the best cupcakes This story is about as sweet and filling as the cupcakes Lizzie makes She works with Clara and Glo Diesel and Wulf are the guys in her life There s a cat wi...

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    I was familiar with Diesel from the Between the Numbers Plum sub series and I liked many of the Stephanie Plum books anyway, so when I saw that the author was going to be writing a new one with a than hinted at supernatural angle, I picked it up Forgive the run on sentence Anyway, I have it listed on my better than I thought it would be shelf because Evanovich s recent books have not been her best efforts and I had a lower expectation going into this My 5 s...

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    I have received a lot of messages and questions about this novel What do you think of it How good is it Does she deliver again How much is Diesel actually in it I could go on and on and on I love it Hopefully within the confines of this post I will answer all the questions that you may have, and then just do yourself a favor and click on the book cover here and suck this bad boy up I laughed my fanny off and then some I had many of the same questions you had Can she pull a full length novel off using Diesel, not just a shortened Between the Plums type thing Here is the central plotline in a nutshell Seven Stones of Power No one knows when they were created or by whom, each said to represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins Cryptic yes, but how else are you going to tie together a story with a muffin baker, an Unmentionable, Carl the Monkey, a wannabe witch, and a one eyed half tailed cat The simple answer is here before you, Wicked Appetite Janet Evanovich should patent her style as she continues to make me laugh and provides me with simple minded entertainment as only she can Do I believe that a monkey knows when to spontaneously give anyone and everyone the you are numero uno hand gesture If it is a Janet Evanovich novel, yes Carl the monkey has always made me laugh and he is ever present in this nove...

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Wicked Appetite Download Wicked Appetite Author Janet Evanovich Contra Saustall.eu For Centuries, Treasure Hunters Have Been Eager To Possess The Stones, Undeterred By Their Corrupting Nature The List Is Long Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great, Napoleon, To Name A Few Now The Stones Have Found Their Way To Salem, Massachusetts, And So Has Gerwulf Grimoire, Adding Himself To This Rogues Gallery Of Power Seekers He S An Uncommonly Dangerous Man, With A Hunger For The Forbidden, And A Set Of Abilities That Are Way Beyond Ordinary Abilities That He Feels Entitle Him To Possess Anything He Might Desire.That Would Include Elizabeth Tucker, The Woman He Needs To Find The Stones She S Freshly Transplanted From New York City To Boston S North Shore With A New Job As Pastry Chef At Dazzle S Bakery And An Old House Inherited From Her Aunt Ophelia, Her Life Is Pretty Much On Track Until It S Suddenly Derailed By A Guy Named Diesel, A Rude Monkey, And A Ninja Cat.Lizzy Can Handle The Monkey And The Cat She S Not Sure About Diesel He S Offering Up His Own Set Of Unusual Talents, Promising To Protect Her From Grimoire The Kind Of Protection That Lizzy Suspects Might Involve Guarding Her Body Day And Night.The Seven Deadly Sins Are Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy Wrath, Sloth And Gluttony That Pretty Much Covers Everything That Is Wicked Diesel Thinks It Also Pretty Much Covers Everything That S Fun And Lizzy Thinks Diesel And The Seven Deadly Sins Cover Everything Her Mother Warned Her About.

  • Audiobook
  • 5 pages
  • Wicked Appetite
  • Janet Evanovich
  • English
  • 22 October 2018
  • 9781427210463

About the Author: Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.