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    I m really enjoying this series this is the fourth that I ve read so far this year The mysteries can be a bit thin certainly this one is but as with any good series, the real pleasures come from revisiting the characters And these characters are quite colorful, Brett peppers his plots with droll asides and a welcome bohemian bonhomie, and he keeps business moving briskly along in these short novels It makes me a little sad that I m than halfway through the series fortunately, he has two other longer series that will keep me pleasantly diverted for years to come.

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    I really used to enjoy Simon Brett s books and I think that I have read most of the Charles Paris and The Fethering series I thought that, perhaps not suprisingly, the latter books of both sets were starting to show signs of age.I have certainly enjoyed some of this series before but as it must be over 20 years ago, I cant remember if I have read this one before or not.It doesnt really matter Although it is a who done it, the enjoyment is in reading the story itself, rather than finding the culprit.The reader falls for dear Mrs Pargeter as you would a favourite aunt and, to a lesser extent, you feel for the dear departed lovable rogue Mr Pargeter You certainly hope that when we die, we will leave as many friends as he did.The book was written in 1992 and I see that three were written after it, including one after a 17 year gap in 2015 That intrigues me and I have all three on my reading list.A very easy read, most enjoyable.

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    I had fun with this book, and even though it was fourth in the series, I had no difficulty in following the characters Mrs Pargeter is a widow Her much beloved husband was in business, and it s not long before the reader discovers his business was criminal in nature Because he was such a nice guy, there are many crooks around who would do anything for Mrs Pargeter It s charming that these former mostly criminals are so willing to be at her beck and call Mrs Pargeter s friend, Kim, is eagerly looking forward to the release of her husband, but she s worried he won t find her attractive, since she s gained weight in the years he s been gone Mrs Pargeter checks them both into Brotherton Hall, a health spa that will help Kim get in shape for her husband s return Mrs Pargeter thinks Kim looks fine as she is, but she wants to help Once there, the giggles keep coming While Kim works her butt off and exists on lettuce and cottage cheese, Mrs Pargeter makes arrangements for a special course treatment to deal with her allergies , which includes steak, good wine, and the option to avoid all exercise She can do this because the owner of Brotherton Hall is a former colleague of her husband, as is the spa s chef After overhearing some disturbing conversation, she witnesses two orderlies wheeling out the body of an extremely thin dead girl Mrs Pargeter makes up her mind to find out what s happening.Alongside the mystery, Brett gives a humorous commentary about the manipulative methods used by weight loss gurus to guilt women into using their product A fun read.

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    Simon Brett keeps surprising me His Mrs Pargeter is hardly any kind of political icon she is the widow of crime mogul although one with an impeccable ethic of loyalty, kindness, and generosity towards his associates She is not influenced by societal attitudes towards how women should look she has an old fashioned and quite feminine style, in that, even though she is plump, she is always attractively dressed and she loves herself just the way she is Truly a feminist trait indeed But in this episode, the author starts putting forth his observations a bit didactically specifically, the commercial trend toward extreme fitness for the purposes of achieving an unattainable goal of unreasonable thinness, and the trendiness of exercise franchises tendency to merchandize themselves mercilessly to the public.I agree with these observations, but I was surprised to see him put them forth.However, nothing can spoil a Mrs Pargeter novel She is just a great companion.

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    Terrible cover, but loved the book An easy read and thoroughly satisfying.

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    I m afraid many of the humorous bits were lost on me because this is the first I ve read of the series If you like light mysteries, I recommend you start with the first book.

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    She s always an enjoyable character.

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    I love Simon Brett s light comedic touch and his characters are definitely ones you would like to have dinner with Mrs Pargiter is as much fun as Charles Parrish and the ladies in Featherstone.

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    Really, only a star and a half because I found myself skimming the last 30 pages Pro No foul language, graphic violence, or sex Makes fun of the diet and exercise industry which is always good, with a passing swipe at tabloid journalism.Con Weak plot plot What s that , cardboard characters, dull and superficial reasoning HA reasoning she said for Mrs Fletcheroh excuse me, Mrs Pargeter to get snooping And eating apparently she can t even make a phonecall without someone providing coffee and sugar coated biscuits first I have excused Brett in a previous review saying that at least his writing is grammatically correct well, not in this installment I m not talking about conversations put in the mouths of uneducated characters this time, Brett perpetrated several howlers in the narration itself Oh dear Another saving grace gone.I am sick to death of the repetition of conversations beginning, When I think of all Mr Pargeter done for me The idea that even the ex comrades of a dead Mafia don which Mr Pargeter most definitely was not would fall all over themselves for the rest of their lives to make sure his widow lives like a millionaire and has the best of everything for free is risible, even in this hackneyed branch of the cosy genre Four very short novellas into this series and I know all the tropes er, ropes One hopes that Mr Brett didn t try to call in favours as an ex BBC golden boy after retirement the poor lad would quickly learn what turnover means, even in the Old Boy network Out of production, out of mind, old fellow There s a reason they call it fresh blood.

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    Mrs Pargeter s Pound of Flesh Mrs Pargeter Series Book 4The Plot The comfortably plump Mrs Pargeter and her neighbour go to a health and fitness spa Mrs Pargeter finds the food unsatisfactory and has covert alternative arrangements One return from one her clandestine food rendezvous she discovers the death of a young woman The owner is trying to cover up Mrs P suspects foul play and so her inquiries beginMrs Melitta Pargeter is the widow of the late Mr Pargeter, who left her well off Mrs P is not upper class, but she is respectable Mrs P also inherited his little black book LBB Mr Pargeter kept his business below the radar Whenever Mrs Pargeter has an inquiry, she uses the LBB to contact the best criminals people with the relevant expertise for help The Mrs Pargeter series is a literary divertissement and should be read it that light The enjoyment lies in the reading of the story and not solely the plot It is a well written book with a different type of Holmes and Watson It is a quick and easy cosy read Connect with me on Twitter www.twitter.com imjussayin2Book RatingSexual Content ULanguage UViolent UWould I read the next one or reread YesMy rating system star 0 Could not finish this book waste of time 1 Finished the book but didn t like it.2 Finished the book it was okay.3 A good read worth your time.4 An excellent read often with a novel concept or unusual plot.5 A magnificent read A prominent example of the genre.

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Mrs. Pargeter's Pound of Flesh Mrs Pargeter Doesn T Much Like Diets She Never Felt Any Need To Change Her Own Pleasingly Ample Figure, But She S Happy Enough To Accompany Her Slimming Obsessed Friend Kim Thurrock For A Few Days Stay At The Exclusive Brotherton Hall Health Spa There S One Condition, However Mrs Pargeter Must Receive A Special Allergy Treatment Featuring The Choice Delicacies Of A Cordon Bleu Chef And An Excellent Wine List Suitably Assured Of Rich Food And Drink, She Relaxes And Looks Forward To A Luxurious Rest Until She Sees Two Men Wheeling Away A Young Girl S Body Never One To Let A Murder Go Unsolved, Mrs Pargeter Sets Off On A Dangerous Trail Of Inquiry Through The Pretensions And Occasional Charlatanism Of The Health And Fitness Game It S A Trail That Brings Her Up Against Many Of Her Late Husband S Business Associates Among Them, The Lugubrious Private Eye Truffler Mason, Journalist Ellie Fenchurch, Brotherton Hall S Manager Ankle Deep Arkwright, Surgical Specialist Jack The Knife, And The Enigmatic Stan The Stapler But Can She Trust Them All, Or Were Some Involved In The Notorious Betrayal Of The Late Mr Pargeter Summed Up In The One Ominous Word Streatham In Typically Unflappable Style, Mrs Pargeter Rides Through The Investigation From Brotherton Hall To London S King S Cross, Through Cambridge University To A Dead Sea Mud Bath In Search Of The Villain Justice Will Prevail One Way Or Another, Mrs Pargeter Will Get Her Pound Of Flesh The Fourth Excursion For This Irrepressible Widow, Mrs Pargeter S Pound Of Flesh Is Bound To Bring Even Enthusiastic Fans To Simon Brett S Masterly Series Of Mysteries