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    Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed, in their new book, The 13 Stand Book Two in The 13 series published by Barbour Publishing gives us another exciting adventure with Jon Keene.From the back cover America s future lies in her past The battle for America continues.but this time it s from within.Having given up his soul s fight against God and surrendered his life to Him, CIA operative Jon Keene soon finds out that the work of the Prophet is not yet done While the Chinese are satisfied, for now, with the latest border arrangements, a new plot is brewing inside the already weakened U.S., one that could cripple the vulnerable nation and bring the country to the brink of a second civil war.Keene and his team are once again set against the clock, as they race to discover who and what his new threat is.And on the eve of America s most pivotal moment, the entire world watches as an epic showdown of Biblical proportions on the floor of the House of Representatives will once and for all decide the fate of The 13 The 13 Stand is a thriller make no mistake about it Not only are the main characters lives at risk but the whole country is in great danger as well On top of that The 13 face elimination The authors have given us an even exciting story than the previous one and that is really going some as The 13 Fall was really exciting Don t start this book late at night because you will want to finish it before you go to sleep and you won t get any rest until you fl...

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    Title The 13 StandAuthor Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed with Shawn AllenPages 319Year 2013Publisher Barbour PublishingMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.With this second book, the first one being The 13 Fall, the action picks up where book one left off At the end of book one, Agent Jon Keene has been captured by the Chinese, the Chinese have taken over the western half of the United States, the President of the United States has been shot and is in a coma, and the Prophet is proclaiming God s judgment on the USA What could go wrong Well you ll just have to pick up this second book to tune it to the action that follows all the prior happenings I mentioned above in the first book with even occurring now.CIA Agent Megan Taylor has realized her growing feelings for Jon, but she has no idea if he is even alive She prays for him every day while she continues to try to find out his fate Boz Hamilton receives a call from the Prophet regarding Jon and the head of the CIA sends Boz to investigate The Prophet also tells...

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    Surprising conclusion in the sequel to The 13 Fall of which this series is eerily similar to things happening today in the U.S or seemingly could easily happen today with the powers in our government and the general population turning away from God.

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    A thriller should be thrilling It should keep me turning pages like there s no tomorrow It should keep me awake at night, wondering what s going to happen to the characters or it should keep me up at night to finish it so I can rest.A thriller should get my heart rate up.This didn t I read the first 40%, got bored, so went and read something else seriously I m bored reading a thriller Doesn t that tell you something By the time I got back to it two weeks later , I d forgotten most of what had happened in the first portion but quickly picked it up again The problem was I still wasn t engaged with any of the characters I gave up not long after the halfway point, where two main characters had a gunfight and I realised I just didn t care who won and who died.In fairness, 13 Stand is the second book in a series, and I often find the middle book in a trilogy to be slow, so maybe it s that Or maybe there are too many characters I had trouble keeping the characters, locations and politics straight.Or maybe it s the fact that even though I have read the first book in the series 13 Fall , it was a year ago and I have forgotten most of the details 13 Stand moved straight into the plot, with ...

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    It s been a week since I finished this book, and I m still speechless That has only happened one other time due to an authors shock and awe tactics cue Red Wedding in GoT These books are incredible I have read a few of the J Bourne books, and one J Reacher novel, and these are definitely on par with the spy thriller objectives that connect them One of my favorite movies is Red Dawn, and this played right along with the idea that the US is overconfident, and could easily be placed in the situations detailed in this series.The authors attention to detail in how America has fallen was impressive I m sure someone active in the military or politics could find a discrepancy or two, but to the average reader the plot is entirely believable and seemingly inevitable I love the fact that it is biblically centered, and that the authors used biblical instances of God s wrath to preface what He is allowing to happen to America The depth of the characters was notable, and their individual evolutions from the first book to the second book will connect every reader to at least one of them There are very, very few books I consider giving a 5, and these two, in their entireties, are beyond a doubt worthy Trying to contemplate the imagination of whoever wrote the ending of this particular ...

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    I enjoyed this book I have to confess this is the first time I read a dystopian genre book and I liked it I was a little confused at first because I read book 2 first.

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    great book, even better than the first, though it came out so long after 1 it took me a while to remember what had happened

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    Hard to believe that there is a sequel as good as the first Edge of your seat, can t put down, stinks when you discover you are at the end book I m still am amazed.

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    Spectacular ending What flair the writers lack is overshadowed by the finale the reader will love..

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The 13 (The 13, #2) The 13 The 13, 2 Read Author Robbie Cheuvront Ls17.eu For Fans Of Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, And Joel Rosenberg The Battle For America Continues.but This Time It S From Within Having Given Up His Soul S Fight Against God And Surrendered His Life To Him, CIA Operative Jon Keene Works With The Prophet To Heal The Wounds Of A Broken America But A New Plot Is Brewing Inside The Borders Of The 13 That Could Cripple The Already Vulnerable Nation And Bring The US To The Brink Of Civil War Then On The Eve Of What Seems To Be The End Of America, A Crisis Occurs That Rocks The Entire World To Its Foundations Don T Miss The Beginning Of The Battle Read The 13 Fall

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The 13 (The 13, #2)
  • Robbie Cheuvront
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9781620299593

About the Author: Robbie Cheuvront

Author of THE GUARDIAN and Worship Pastor of The Journey Church in Lebanon Tn I am married with two kids Before going into ministry full time, I played music professionally and toured for over ten years with BNA recording artists Lonestar.