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My Life With You Download My Life With You Kai Tsurugi Contra Saustall.eu Scientist Eric Stuart Has Been Kidnapped To Rescue Him, Steve McDaniel, An Elite Soldier, Must Infiltrate The Enemy S Fortress, Find The Kidnapped Scientist, And Bring Him Home I Ll Protect You With My Life After Hearing Such A Solemn Promise, Eric Couldn T Help But Fall For Steve

  • Paperback
  • My Life With You
  • Kai Tsurugi
  • Japanese
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9784862634771

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    The plot is pretty straightforward Scientist Eric Stuart has been kidnapped and an elite soldier, code name the Crow, real name Steve McDaniel, must infiltrate an enemy base to find and return him home But then, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.Steve does manage to save Eric and, eventually, they become best friends Every now and then they fight on the same side and sometimes they re at odds Whatever the problem, they remain close until Steve realizes that simple friendship isn t enough.My Life with You art and story by Tsurugi Kai is a yaoi listed under the sub genres of action, drama and romance I don t dispute it is a romance Eric and Steve are an extremely lovey dovey couple once they get their act together Which takes awhile as they maneuver outside interference And which seems odd at first since Steve is supposedly this rough and tumble heterosexual soldier But then he s so damned pretty who gives a shit.Tsurugi Kai can draw quite well, and has breathed a unique look into her characters, mainly their eye structure Of course, every artist has his or her signature style Most yaoi enthusiasts will immediately recognize a Youka Nitta drawing or an Ayano Yamane or a Nekota Yonezou creation Tsurugi Kai is no different, and her work is very well done, certainly worth a look.However, the plot, engaging as it is, shot off...

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    A very touching story Love it

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    The right amount of drama

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