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Pushing the Envelope (Pushing the Envelope #1-14) Epub Pushing The Envelope Pushing The Envelope 1 14 By Kim Dare Undercostruction.eu When Scott Evans Sends An Anonymous Invitation To The Dominant He S Fantasised About For Months, He Just Hopes That Joe Stuart Will Be Curious Enough To Turn Up At The Specified Address And Do A Scene With Him It Never Occurs To Scott That Joe Will Send A Note Back To Him, Or That Something As Simple As Writing A Letter Could Evolve Into A Kinky Game That Will Test Both Men To The Limit Orders, Pleas, Kinks And Even Love There S Nothing A Letter Can T Contain Once Two Hot And Passionate Guys Start Pushing The Envelope.Previously Available Only In Electronic Format, These Fourteen Installments Of The Best Selling Pushing The Envelope Series Have Now Been Combined For A Paperback Edition

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    I ve read this book 6 times now within 6 monthsI jut have to read it.I love Joe and Scott.Scott so innocent and scared of his feelings for Joe.And Joe not your big tough dominant but just what Scott needs x

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    I liked this a lot for a good BDSM erotic romance, although it slowed down a bit in the middle few chapters If it had been written all together as a novella, we would have had relationship talk midway The guys may have been able to interact a little into each other s outside lives And I would have liked that But given that this was released in chapters, Ms Dare did a good job of each one feeling like an individual and complete scene You always knew there was another letter coming, and were therefore anticipating the next installment chapter, but there aren t little cliffhangers at the end of each chapter For that reason, it makes it easy to take your time with this I d read one to three per day, maybe taking a day off here and there No huge tension or need to stay up late reading That s just the nature of the format, and a positive thing since I m assuming they were released in pieces But given that they re all out now, you obviously would want to get this compilation instead of the individuals if your interesting in reading this It is absolutely all one piece and you really need to read all 14 to get the whole story The sex was hawt And chapters 1 10 or so all had unique and interesting scenarios By the last few chapters ...

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    A story of two men exchanging letters to develop a relationship A guy who wants to be a submissive sends an invitation to the dominant bartender he has been lusting after Their relationship progresses.Lots of hot kinkiness Lots of verbal bondage Lots of sex Lots of point of view switching.

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    Since all the parts of this story really make up one entire book, I read them all together and there s really no point in attempting to discuss each on its own.Incidentally or not the very length of the resulting tale is what makes it so lovable to me We and the guys get to explore the evolution of their relationship and love in detail and perhaps greater finality than in most of the shorter stories by this author And it still builds up momentum and drama So while maintaining the structure of each of the fourteen parts, I don t think those bits would really stand remotely as well on their own.This is Joe s evolution, too Maybe even so than Scott s struggles with self esteem, for all that it happens with a little less spotlight until later on, anyway.Joe starts out as a rough guy who takes what he wants and doesn t much care for the people he has sex with beyond making sure to uphold his part of the bargain Scott opens him up to taking care of his sub s emotional needs as well, to wanting to take care of them Joe calls it being a good guy for once and marvels at how fun it can be to keep screwing the same guy.I think for me that w...