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Nanny Ogg's Cookbook Read Nanny Ogg S Cookbook Author Terry Pratchett Bandcamptomp3.co.uk They Say That The Way To A Man S Heart Is Through His Stomach Which Just Goes To Show They Re As Confused About Anatomy As They Gen Rally Are About Everything Else, Unless They Re Talking About Instructions On How To Stab Him, In Which Case A Better Way Is Up And Under The Ribcage Anyway, We Do Not Live In A Perfect World And It Is Foresighted And Useful For A Young Woman To Become Proficient In Those Arts Which Will Keep A Weak Willed Man From Straying Learning To Cook Is Also Useful Nanny Ogg, One Of Discworld S Most Famous Witches, Is Passing On Some Of Her Huge Collection Of Tasty And Above All Interesting Recipes, Since Everyone Else Is Doing It But In Addition To The Delights Of The Strawberry Wobbler And Nobby S Mum S Distressed Pudding, Mrs Ogg Imparts Her Thoughts On Life, Death, Etiquette If You Go To Other People S Funerals They Ll Be Sure To Come To Yours , Courtship, Children And Weddings, All In A Refined Style That Should Not Offend The Most Delicate Of Sensibilities Well, Not Much.Most Of The Recipes Have Been Tried Out On People Who Are Still Alive.Nanny Ogg Gratefully Ackowledges The Assistance In This Literary Argosy Of Mr Terry Pratchett, Mr Stephen Briggs, Mlle Tina Hannan And Master Paul Kidby.

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    The Discworld version of Mrs Beeton s Book of Household Management written by everyone s favourite aged lech, Nanny Ogg It s exactly what you d expect, with tips on ettiquette when meeting Trolls, the correct why to beat someone with a chair at a family wedding and several recipes written by various Discworld characters, most of which are genuine and palatable to make, with a distinctly British feel to them.It s si...

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    Sometimes you just have to lighten things up, y know As if the jokes as philosophy book wasn t light enough.There have been quite a few spin off books from Pratchett s Discworld series in the years that he s been doing them Various maps, the Science of Discworld books, plays, films and now this And I think we can all agree that spin offs are never quite as good as the original.Oh sure, there are laughs to be had it is Nanny Ogg, after all If you don t know who she is, then you need to go through a few of the books in the Witches track of the Discworld series If you don t have time for that, then let me sum it up for you.In the mountaintop village of Lancre, people still do things in the old ways They have no real need for modern contrivances or newfangled ideas or, well, change So in that way, they still see the need for witches where the rest of the world has decided that they re really nothing but interfering old biddies Of course, they would never say so to their faces.Lancre is the home to three witches At least, there used to be three One of them decided to trade it in to be a queen, leaving the elder witches to look after Lancre on their own Granny Weatherwax is the elder of the two witches, and she is everything you expect in a witch She s hard as nail...

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    I would say a Must Have for any Discworld fanatic, but unfortunately it s not a Must Have what it is however is a very fun, whimsical cookbook assembled by our favorite dirty minded witch of Lancre Nanny Ogg Though this book does contain recipes and most of them appear fairly legit the reason to buy this book is for the old fashioned wisdom that used to come in cookbooks The of the Discworld books that you have read, the you will recognize the names and people mentioned in the recipes Everyone from the Patrician, to Nobby s Mum, to The King of Lancre have contributed their favorites Even CMOT Dibbler has contributed his Sausage inna bun recipe There are also a series of Ethnic foods from Klatch, Quirm, Lancre, and many other of the Discworld lands including multiple Dwarven recipes which include the ever popular Dwarf Bread Throughout the cookbook you will find not only recipes, but also Nanny s quips, and advise, as well as notes from the editors who are very concerned about Nanny s tendency towards the vulgar It is safe to have around the house because the kiddies won t ge...

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    OMG This needs to be rated PG 17 Strawberry Wobbler If I made this dish, my husband would have a stroke This is Nanny Ogg at her naughty best, with apoplectic notes from the editor and the publisher I sniggered and snerked all the way through.

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    There are several reasons why I love this book 1 It s a first person perspective of one of my favourite Pratchett characters, Gytha Nanny Ogg A bawdy, friendly, matriarchal figure who is just beautifully written for 2 Many of the recipes are provided by other Discworld characters and gives a little additional background and insight into these people, which might otherwise seem a little superfluous shared in the novels themselves 3 It s a cookbook, so there are actually some decent recipes in there A few of them are adapted from the original Discworld recipes due to the shortage of certain native ingredients on boring, old Earth And also certain physical laws which tend to be a teensy bit malleable on Discworld 4 The illustrations provided by Paul Kidby are just wonderful He s the second official illustrator for the Discworld novels after the passing of Jo...

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    Delightful Some of the food even appears to be edible.

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    Interesting recipes and wickedly funny anecdotes with discworld s best.

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