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Vårlik V Rsolen Skiner Ver Link Ping Och De Nnu Vinterbleka M Nniskor Som V Gat Sig Ut P Serveringarna Runt Torget N Gra Svalor Kretsar I Skyn, F Rgglada Tulpaner Lyser Fr N St Nden Och En Mamma Med Tv Sm Barn G R Mot Bankomaten D Pl Tsligt Slits Lugnet Itu Av En Kraftig Explosion.Kriminalinspekt R Malin Fors St R Framf R Sin Mammas Kista N R Ett L Gt Muller Bryter Tystnaden, Och Snart R Hon P V G Till Stora Torget Och En Syn Hon Aldrig Kommer Att Gl Mma Det R Glassplitter, Krossade Blommor Och Utspridda Gr Nsaker Verallt En Trasig Barnsko En Duva Som Pickar I N Got R Tt I Den Ronbed Vade Tystnaden.V Rlik R Den Fj Rde Delen I Mons Kallentofts Kritikerhyllade Serien Om Malin Fors Vid Link Pingspolisen.

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    Recension Recension

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    And Mons Kallentoft does it again I bless the day I entered the library, first stumbled upon Midwinter Blood and decided to pick it up, because I would have missed this incredible series otherwise.The writing is just beautiful and evocative, the characters are incredibly fascinating, the plot keeps getting thicker and thicker Really, everything just draws you in and makes it impossible for you to let go I know I can t rest until I have all the pieces of this puzzle and I bet you won t be able to do it either.And the thoughts and emotions going through my mind Amazing I don t even know why I keep being surprised by the author s ability to shoot straight to my heart and make me feel all these painfully wonderful things and connect so readily with the people and what they go through.It just feels that everything hits so close to home, even when I don t have necessarily experienced the situation myself I guess I put myself in the characters shoes, especially Malin s, and that s why everything feels real and painful.Malin is one really awesome human being She has flaws like everybody else and she recognizes she should do a lot of things differently, particularly when we re talking about her daughter, but she tries ...

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    Detective Inspector Malin Fors, the heroine of Mons Kallentoft s series of acclaimed thrillers, is an angry woman.She s angry with her daughter, her dad and she hates her mother She s a recovering alcoholic, a condition exacerbated before the events of Savage Spring when her daughter was kidnapped, and now she has a bomb blast to deal with in the town square of quiet backwater Linkoping, in which six year old twin girls are killed.She also has a sixth sense for the truth This manifests itself in her hearing the voices of the dead and having a strong intuition about which leads and suspects to pursue.We encounter her in Savage Spring at the cremation of her mother, a cold and emotionless woman The passing of the elderly woman leaves Malin cold, but it is the trigger that finally exposes a family secret, compromising Malin s father and piling angst on the workaholic detective.As she fights her hunger for Tequila, Malin works flat out with the small local team of detectives to find the bomber, with initial lines of inquiry taking in the local Mosque and the Hell s Angels, and a search for members of the Economic Liberatio...

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    I ve gotta say D.I Malin Fors is one of the most tedious and irritating characters in crime fiction I ll read anything the back of the cereal box, sports reports on cricket which I know nothing about, a poem in the literary journal based on the Black Scholes equation used to play the stock market...

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    I read the English translation of this and it was the second of his novels for me Very well written and absolutely absorbing the highlight was discovering the thoughts of the character Sven on the death of his mother my own feelings actually put into words, something that I had been unab...

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    hh s bra bara lite synd bara att det r lite tr gt att komma ig ng i hans b cker men v l inne d r sidorna som klister p en.

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    Este o quarto livro da saga policial protagonizada pela inspectora Malin Fors Gostei mais dos primeiros dois livros Neste, senti que a ac o demora muito a acontecer O suspense em si s come a no ltimo ter o do livro e depois a a o desenrola ...

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    Tulipas v h n niin kuin hotkaistua t m dekkari Taattua Malin Fors sarjan laatua

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    This novel is the third of what the author conceived as four books based on the seasons of the year Summer and Winter comprised the first two in the series, and now we have Spring The novels feature Malin Fors, an insecure but talented detective, who struggles with her past, mixed up relationships with her ex , her lovers, parents, and especially her 16 year old daughter On one level, the novels are basically a police procedural But the books are a lot heavier than that, filled with deep insights into Malin s personality and psyche, her alcoholism and drive.An explosion in the main square in front of a bank injures scores of persons, killing six year old twins and fatally injuring their mother Who was responsible The police begin investigating, without a single clue Was it Muslim terrorists Or protests against bankers and the financial system which led to an economic downturn Or some other wild scheme Than Malin intuitively comes up with another angle and she and her partner, Zeke, go off on their own Meanwhile Malin continues to confront her own personal demons her deep desire for a drink, her failed relationship with her parents, her need for a love of her own, and especially, her rapport with her daugh...

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    You ask, Cataline, why I would like a book in spite of something bad happening to children Three reasons the author s victims have a kind of life after death as he imagines them talking to detective Malin Fors and imagines her feeling their presence the ending has many positive elements and the psychological details about the characters, including the detectives who appear in each episode of the series, are wonderfully varied and realistic Malin s personal challenges, involving her cold mother and weak father, her independent teen daughter, her daughter s father, her mostly controlled addiction, and her love life, enrich a complicated plot In the story, the authorities run around like chickens with their heads cut off chasing the usual suspects when a lethal bomb goes off outside a bank in the middle of the Great Recession Is it anti capitalists Religious terrorists Something everyone...

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