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    Minha opini o aqui

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    E aos poucos, Mons conquistou me Come ou por ser uma s rie, uma escrita, com muita coisa que n o gostava mas a verdade que fui aprendendo a gostar Infelizmente acabou

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    I am a huge fan of the writer Sarah Ward and her reviews on her blog Crime Pieces Recently in a bookshop I stumbled across this novel and saw a quote from Sarah Ward on the cover So I instantly bought the novel Oh my, was I in for one hell of a read The novel opens in early December 2010 and we are drawn straight into the emotional and physical pain of the victim Maria Murvall, a recent victim now resides at the Vadstena hospital, she is mute due to the significant torture inflicted upon her But whom, would wish to brutalise a woman so badly Malin Fors is the detective inspector working on Maria s case in her spare time With no forensics and a prosecutor desperate to drop the case, Malin is determined to have justice for the young mute victim There is background into Malin s personal life and her characterisation is very intriguing A self confessed sober alcoholic, who develops confusing relationships with those around her Whilst away at a family retreat her sister in law Sara informs her of a similar victim, found beaten, raped and mute at Lund Malin b...

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    This is what happens when you get a white male author trying to write about female oppression, while at the same time trying to emulate and out rape Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, all while patting himself on the back for knowing what women go through and writing just such an amazing book about it I couldn t even finish this steaming turd pile It was so poorly written, and I get that the dude was trying to make a point about violence against women but this was so over the top it was practically satire The lead detective in the case, who is a woman, is a one dimensional moron whose greatest concern in life is whether or not to have a baby Because that s what being a woman is about Having babies and or getting brutally raped and murdered Oh, and the men in the novel are no better One character is basically a brute, like Kallentoft has assembled some DD team to solve rape murder cases The Brute Detective was surprise abused by his father so now he beats up people but it s totally fine because he s on the good side and the people he s beating up are bad There is no reflection on this That s it That s the entire t...

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    N o a primeira vez que leio sobre rapto, contrabando, agress o e viola o de mulheres por homens que acham ter todo o direito de o fazer, mas n o deixa de ser dif cil.Desde o primeiro livro desta s rie que Marin Fors tenta descobrir o que aconteceu a Maria Murvall, que a deixou muda e psiquiatricamente perturbada Atrav s de Malin, tamb m eu fiquei curiosa e foi por isso que fiquei muito satisfeita quando soube que este quinto livro estava a ser publicado c em Portugal Foi triste saber de tudo, foi mais triste saber de outras mulheres que passaram pelo mesmo Fica a satisfa o de Malin e a sua equipa terem acabado com o assunto.Malin continua a ser uma...

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    poesia fechei agora a ltima p gina deste falta me adjetivos estonteante livro j disse, por aqui e noutros locais saudades do crime ladys gentlemans e de outros livros, um livro cru, nu, violento, real, perturbador, se calhar como a vida , e n o devia ser mas ao mesmo tempo uma aut ntica obra po tica, como se passa da morte banalidade da vida um exemplo, s p ginas tantas o perpetuador aborrecido das v rias torturas j infligidas tenta decidir o que fazer em seguida, decide ligar...

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    The Fifth Season was an apt ending to a murder committed in the first book of the series Although the style of writing takes some getting used to, often veering between voices, dead and alive , it is a worthwhile addition to the Scandinavian mystery genre.

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    Mons Kallentoft has a way of writing that gets under my skin and clenches my heart and won t let go The Swedish author s fifth book in his Malin Fors series The Fifth Season finally delves into the much pondered mystery of Maria Murvall s violent rape, which left her emotionally scarred and mute After finding a mutilated female corpse in the woods, detective Malin Fors immediately finds similarities with the Maria Murvall case Soon, Malin becomes even obsessed with the case and she and her team run into dangerous characters as they try to find the violent mysogynist s who could strike again.Kallentoft s unique writing style, a blend of crime and beautiful literary fiction, did not let me down I love the idea of the talking ghosts, rooting for Malin to solve their murders Kallentoft s beautiful prose, sometimes repetitive with one word sentences, may n...

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Den femte årstiden Reading Den Femte Rstiden By Mons Kallentoft Oknalubliniec.eu Det R Tidigt I Maj Som Den Unga Barnfamiljen P Skogspromenad Utanf R Link Ping Hittar Det Sv Rt Sargade Liket Det R Ot Ckt V Lbevarat Och Sp Ren Efter Tortyr P Kvinnokroppen R Bara Alltf R Tydliga Kriminalinspekt R Malin Fors Tycker Sig Omedelbart Se Likheter Med Fallet Maria Murvall, Den Unga Kvinna Som Hittades V Ldtagen Och Brutalt Misshandlad I Skogen F R Flera R Sedan Och Som Sedan Dess Varit Okontaktbar D R Hon Sitter Insp Rrad P Vadstena Sjukhus Av En Slump Tr Ffar Malin En Psykolog Fr N S T Lars I Lund Som Ber Ttar Om Ett Liknande Fall, Och Pl Tsligt Tycks Maria Bara Vara En Liten Pusselbit I N Got Mycket St Rre Men Vad R Det Som R S Fruktansv Rt Att Det Inte G R Att Tala Om Malin, Som L Nge Varit Besatt Av Att F Veta Vad Som H Nde Maria, R Fast Besluten Att Ta Reda P Sanningen, Oavsett Vart Det Kan F Ra Henne.