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Suddenly Sexy  (Sexy #1) Kate Es Una Atractiva Presentadora De Televisi N Cuyo Nico Pecado Es Seguir Soltera A Los Veintisiete Tal Vez Haya Llegado La Hora De Abandonar A La O A Y Aburrida Katie Y Transformarse En Una Kate Sexy Y Divertida Es En Ese Momento, En El Que Ha Decidido Dar Un Giro Radical A Su Ordenada Vida, Cuando Aparece Su Ex Vecino Y Objeto De Deseo Jesse Chapman Golfista, Mujeriego Y Juerguista, Es Demasiado Guapo Y Demasiado Encantador Para Kate O Tal Vez No Olvidando Los Humillantes Rechazos De Los Que Fue V Ctima En El Pasado, La Vecina De La Puerta De Al Lado Va A Ir A Por Todas Para Demostrar A Jesse Lo Rematadamente Sexy Que Puede Llegar A Ser.

About the Author: Linda Francis Lee

Linda Francis Lee is a native Texan now calling New York City home Linda s writing career began when her article There Is No Finish Line was published in her university s quarterly magazine But she got sidetracked from writing when she started teaching probability and statistics Later she found her way back to writing, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution called her breakout novel, Blue Waltz

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    01 26 2015 One of my favorite authors is Rachel Gibson I recently re read most of her books She had a new release that was seriously just a teaser I feel so teased Why am I telling you this Well, I was looking for something like that A new to me author and this looked good the copy I have has a seriously sexy man in a cowboy hat So, call me a cover slut because this wasn t all that It was just meh. okay As I was reading it, I d get bored and then something would happen and I d read a bit Then again And again till it was all done Whew Glad that s over.So, when I think about what didn t set right with me Hmm well1 The email thing at the beginning of each chapter nope Didn t work.2 Also, it had to do with the humor or the silliness factor She just tried too hard and when she was supposed to be funny, she just wasn t Sometimes I d get struck with something humorous, but I don t think it was really supposed to be Have you ever known that person who tries just a bit too hard to be funny and they just aren t This is that in book form.So, my search is still on This goes on the dud pile.Hope you have fun with this Me Not so much.Happy Reading

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    Suddenly Sexy by Linda Francis Lee is a contemporary romance set in Texas From the opening email between Kate and her friend and boss Julia, you become immersed in the witty, intelligent and sometimes humiliating world of Kate Bloom, News Anchor at KTEX TV West Texas For many years, Kate has been playing it safe, both in the workplace and in her social life Timid and reserved from growing up under the frivolous parenting of her mother, she has created a world, which is risk free, responsible and respectable She has yet to understand who she really is as she desperately clings to playing life safe.The antithesis to safe, responsible and respectable is sexy, dark and gorgeous Jesse Chapman Despite living next door to Kate, his life couldn t have been different to hers Whether it be from grief at losing his mother at age ten, judgement from his elder brother, or from his father s prolific neglect to father him not befriend him, woo and taint him, Jesse leads a carefree life especially when it comes to women He maintains his control however, and has not let anyone into his heart Until, that is, he reunites with Kate.Through a surprising twist of circumstance, Kate and Jesse are thrust together to not only work through Kate s career issues, Jesse s future as a pro golfer but also his new role as a father Added to this mix is the undeniable attraction that sizzles between the two former friends From the moment they meet, sparks fly Kate is tenacious and strong, but terribly weak when it comes to Jesse From their first instance of contact, the temperature heats up At some moments he is like a predator stalking his prey, oozing sex and seduction At others, he withdraws leaving Kate breathless, shaking and confused.Linda Francis Lee has you glued to the words as passion ripped between Kate and Jesse, keeping your pulse racing.One of the other terrific elements about the book is the friendship between Kate, Julia and Chloe, three friends since childhood Mostly through their humorous and feisty email conversations, you learn that theirs is a rich, deep friendship where all is shared and trusted.Suddenly Sexy was so well written, that it was incredibly difficult to put down The humor was well placed, often unexpected, the sizzling sexual tension brilliant, as was the underlying story so well told, of the need of acceptance and love A complete package so worth the read I laughed, cried, smouldered and snorted, and simply can t wait to read the Sequel

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    OMG I m in love with Jesse Chapman Seriously golf isn t my thing, but give me a golfer like him and I ll play, watch, whatever it takes to be with him.Notorious bad boy of golf of all things Jesse Chapman was good looking with a swing that could take Tiger Woods for a spin Golfing was his life, but so was women and liquorbut now Jesse was a hero, or at least that what others thought of him, not so much what he thought of himself.Katherine Bloom at 27 was still trying to figure out who she was, but it all got complicated when Jesse the love of her life comes back into town like a gust of wind Katie has been in love with Jesse since..well all her life actually Jesse was her savior everything she needed and wanted, he was always there for her, saving her, her own hero But Now little Katie isn t so little and Jesse realizes that his little innocent Katie is not sexy, courageous Kate, and he s attracted to her, kind of like he s always been since she was 14 and he was 18, but now it s getting harder for him to resist her.But Jesse doesn t just come back to town for a visit, no there s to it, with a secret of his own and one that he doesn t even know about, his life gets turned upside down and so does Kate s when pushed by her best friend Julia to let Jesse stay at her guest house.So many time we try to protect the ones we care, but when is it time to stop protecting them and protect yourself Suddenly Sexy was such a cute story about finding yourself, letting go of things you can t change and realizing that love can concur all It s crazy how I ve had this book for years and never read it until now, and I m so happy I did Definitely a great little read, I completely recommend this, ladies please keep it together though cause Jesse Chapman is one hot golfer.

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    I really loved all three of the books in this series I bought Suddenly Sexy first, and then I needed to read Simply Sexy , and by then, I couldn t not read Sinfully Sexy , because this trilogy is the story of three very close but very different friends who stay togetherI m not really sure how, with as different as their personalities are But somehow they all complement, challenge and ground each other without serious damage when things go awry.The menwell I mean, we are talking romance novels here, so of course the men are hot and completely irresistible The thing is, all three of these women are doing their level best to resist for varied reasons good ones, in my opinion , and yet breaking down those walls is the best thing that could ever happen for both them and their men.Excellent books I highly recommend them all.

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    Really loved the plot of this one Bad boy hero forever in love with his heroine but never feeling good enough for her One of my favorite kind of plots The author did a good job with flash backs of showing the heros emotional states and why he had the feelings he had for the heroine And it was easy for me to see why the herione s heart would forever belong to the bad boy Got to love a modern day reformed rake.

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    i think when you pick this book, you get what you expect it is a light and easy read, a romance and the first in what i expect is an easy trilogy to enjoy it deserves than 3.6 stars from Goodreads ladies, we didn t choose this book to be educated but entertained and i was entertained, especially after a heavier Still Alice looking forward to reading the others and yes I d recommend as a Spring Break read

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    Nota 9 10

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    This is a cute series Sappy, but fun Who doesn t need a little light reading sometimes

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    Cute romance starting off this series.

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    I can t remember why I put this one in the TBR pile any but my guess is that it was because it is a mix of second chance at love friends to lovers kind of story After finishing it I am left with mixed feelings about it because I felt there were too many things happening at once.Kate Bloom is a news anchor in a small Texas town she has been in love with Jesse Chapman, now a famous golfer, since they were children Jesse, however, did not feel he was good enough for Kate and has stayed away Now he has returned to their hometown to do some serious thinking about his life He arrives right when Kate is starting a new program to refresh her image and improve viewer ratings After an almost disastrous live cooking program Kate s friend convinces them that he could stay in Kate s guest house and so they start spending time together.I think my main problem was that, despite his attraction to Kate, Jesse had a lot of things to deal with that came up first than she did He had to make peace with his past, with his brother, then he has to deal with an illegitimate kid and there s also the problem of what really happened in his latest golf tournament Some of these things could have been solved if people talked to each other or with a psychologist.Kate seems like a nice, sensible woman but she keeps getting into trouble Most of her programs are complete disasters, which somehow helps with the ratings but make her look like an idiot Then her dealings with her friend Julia also seemed a bit surreal It takes a skilled writer to make an idiot seem like a good heroine and I wasn t completely satisfied with how that was dealt with here In the end it left me feeling it could have been a nice story but that it didn t fulfill my expectations.Grade 3 5

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