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A-Z of Punishment and Torture Read A Z Of Punishment And Torture Irene Thompson Bystricepodhostynem.eu Splendidly Written And Illustrated A Gruesome But Enjoyable Journey Through The History Of Pain And Punishment I Was Hooked From A To Z James HerbertWho Were The Maccabees A Pop Group Or A Mother And Her Seven Sons Who Suffered Racking, Skinning, Burning, Amputation And Having Their Tongues Pulled Out And Fried And What Was Foot Roasting A Way Of Keeping Warm In The Winter Or A Technique From The Spanish Inquisition That Involved Coating The Prisoner S Feet In Fat And Toasting Them Over Hot Coals From Amputation To Zero Tolerance, The A Z Of Punishment Torture Is A Grisly Yet Mesmerising Compendium Of The Horrors Inflicted On The Human Body Over The Centuries.A Fascinating Social History, It Provides As A Wealth Of Weird Folklore, Such As The Power Of The Hanged Man S Hand Astounding Tales, Like Mary Hamilton, The Cross Dressing 14 Times Bigamist To Recent Outrages, Such As The Use Of Squassation At Abu Ghraib Prison In Iraq Fascinating From Beginning To End Robert Foster, Best Selling Author Of The Lunar Code Endeavour Press Is The UK S Leading Independent Digital Publisher.

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    I don t often read non fiction, but when i do it tends to be weird, creepy and extreme This book did not disappoint As the title suggests it is lite literally and run down of punishment and torture pretty much across the entire history of man in and A Z format I found myself cringing and creeper out on many occasions and loved the indepth detail the author goes into on many of the different sections I read this book over several months, just d...

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    A bit too simplistic and anecdotal to be of much use as a reference book for the purposes of writing fantasy books, which was the reason for reading Not a rigorously scholarly work, as numerous assertions about the cultures in which certain forms of punishment were used e.g the Romans are plainly incorrect or are popular myt...

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    Good read for short free time I read that this is a Gorey book and well, in my opinion it isnt It just gives good details on what actually happened Also through the a z it gives detailed enough to look into singular events and read on specific events and people It is a very good read and the short reading gives you a chance to read a little of you have 5 minutes or indeed read if you wish to Very informative but it s a shame the digital versio...

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    Vaguely Sourced Entertaining and great for my purposes I m using it as a book of writing prompts But I really wish supporting data had been linked to specific claims.

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    How sick humans are.

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    Fantastically weird When I was a boy, I read a lot of ominous nonfiction like The Werewolf Encyclopedia and Book of Witches that did not sound anything like non fiction, but were elaborate collections of grim true crime serial killer stories interspersed with legends and folklore This book reminded me of them I got through it in one sitting It was descriptive without being ghoulish, thorough without fixating A touch less technical than I would have liked It was obviously published with the sensitive reader in mind, so it was written with an attachment that didn t quite achieve the academic and fell far short of the clinical which, in my ever humble, should be the tone one uses when writing about torture and execution.At least as ...

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    Interesting, but lacking in citations While there is a bibliography at the end, the organization of the book does not allow the reader to easily check sources Some statistics were used, and they really needed to be cited Aside from that, it was a fun read

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    I really liked the book It is interesting and informative, but also gory and brutal I wouldn t recommend it to sensitive people though.

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    Very informative book, highlighted a lot of really interesting equipment to save for later Some spots dragged a little but most of it had good detail and interesting background information.

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    Good intro to the grim aspects of crime and torture