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Changing the Game [PDF / Epub] ☀ Changing the Game Author Jaci Burton – Win At Any Cost That S Always Been The Mantra Of Sports Agent Liz Darnell When She Carries Things Too Far And Risks Losing Her Number One Client, Baseball Pro Gavin Riley, Liz Realizes That She Ll Hav Win At Any Cost That S Always Been The Mantra Of Sports Agent Liz Darnell When She Carries Things Too Far And Risks Losing Her Number One Client, Baseball Pro Gavin Riley, Liz Realizes That She Ll Have To Work Extra Innings To Win Him Back It Might Not Be Too Much Of A Stretch She S Had A Thing For This Player S Moves Since She First Laid Eyes On Him, And By The Looks Of It, He Wants Her Just As Bad Gavin S Than Ready Especially When Liz Is Offering Herself As Part Of The Changing the PDF or Bargain And As Much Of Her As Gavin Wants For Added Thrills, He Decides To Throw A Little Curve Ball Liz S Way To See Just How Far She S Truly Willing To Go To Keep Him As A Client But When Love Unexpectedly Enters The Playing Field, Neither Liz Nor Gavin Is Ready For The Biggest Game Changer Of Them All.

    Download Book Best Sellers in PDF format He Decides To Throw A Little Curve Ball Liz S Way To See Just How Far She S Truly Willing To Go To Keep Him As A Client But When Love Unexpectedly Enters The Playing Field, Neither Liz Nor Gavin Is Ready For The Biggest Game Changer Of Them All."/>
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  • Changing the Game
  • Jaci Burton
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9781452661582

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10 thoughts on “Changing the Game

  1. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 stars Contemporary Sports Erotic Romance Thoughts Before Reading NOT that I m complaining at all about the masculine perfection of this cover cause HELLO, just look at those mouthwateringly yummy shoulders and biceps GRRR But, don t baseball players usually have a little junk in their trunk and thicker thighs I think I have an obligation to read this as purely scientific study of course to find out naughty grin Thoughts After Reading After careful review and scientific analysis, I have determined that this cover model, albeit delicious in his own right, isn t a totally adequate representation for the studtastic hotness that is Gavin Riley.Allow me to offer some additional ahemvisual demonstrations.Gavin thinking about Liz Gavin fresh from the shower after a grueling game Gavin lazing around in jeans I really enjoyed this, although not quite as much as The Perfect Play Gavin and Liz are seriously smokin hot together and scorch the sheets, the balcony, the shower, the floor, the couch, the kitchen counter, and just about any and every surface they touch Gavin is yummy of course, but I was surprised by how much I ended up liking and rooting for Liz after her outright display of utter bitchiness in The Perfect Play The author does a good job explaining her hidden insecurity and vulnerability and making her into a sympathetic heroine Mick was a total d ck, no pun intended, to Gavin and L...

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    4 Steamy Stars Changing the Game is the second book in Jaci Burton s Play by Play series I was apprehensive about this book I wasn t sure Ms Burton could take an unlikable character, Elizabeth Darnell, from The Perfect Play, and make her not only likable, but also the next heroine in the series I needn t have worried Ms Burton exceeded my expectations I enjoyed reading this book Just like in The Perfect the Play, the characters were richly developed, engaging, and lovable Well, almost all the characters I liked Gavin s and Liz s characters Their relationship, though at times frustrating, was spicy, humorous, and touching I m not always a fan of friends to lovers plots, but this book worked for me The author stayed away from the typical cliche scenarios commonly found in these type of books This is very steamy and explicitly erotic book In fact, the fist part of the story is pretty much one big sex scene without much plot development However, that soon changes once Gavin realizes his feelings for Liz After that, we are treated to an erotic ...

  3. Auntee Auntee says:

    Question Could Jaci Burton top her fabulous sports romance, The Perfect Play with her latest, Changing the Game Ohh, it was good, it was closebut unfortunately it fell just a tad short of 5 stars for me.JB had an uphill battle with this one, mostly because she had to make a very unlikable character from the previous book sports agent Elizabeth Darnell into a likable one But I m happy and a bit surprised to say that I think she accomplished that She gave the tough, independent career woman Liz a decent backstory that explained why she acted the way she does A young Liz saw first hand what a controlling man her parent s miserable marriage could do to a woman s spirit and she vowed that no man would ever have control over her or her heart Liz had a tough shell around her heart, and the only man who could possibly crack it was the man she had secretly loved for years, her client, 1st baseman for the St Louis River, Gavin Riley Gavin Now Gavin never thought of Liz in a romantic way she was his agent, period, and Gavin didn t believe in mixing business with pleasure no matter how attractive he thought the beautiful redhead was But ever since a vulnerable Liz kissed him after ...

  4. Lady Allison Lady Allison says:

    Let us take a moment to appreciate the deliciousness that is this cover droolsappreciates As much as I loved Mick s story, his brother Gavin s was not as good as it should have been The plot was weak and the charact...

  5. Anne Boleyn& Anne Boleyn& says:

    I had never read a Jaci Burton book before, but I knew two things she writes sports romance, and she is a very popular author I do get the appeal Changing the Game was a fun and sexy read, but that was about it And sometimes that is all you need.Liz was my kind of heroine A smart and ambitious professional, she dedicated herself to her career as a sports agent But that dedication came at the expense of relationships and, on occasion, a conscience Oh, and she is in love with her client, the very single and mingling baseball star, Gavin.Liz was apparently somewhat villainous in the first book in the series, which I skipped cue certain Goodreads friends shaking their heads in dismay But I m all about women being able to make mistakes and find redemption, especially since men get that opportunity all the damn time That said, a lot and I mean a lot of potential character and relationship development time gets the shaft wink, wink for sexy times Changing the Game was better than the average erotic romance in terms of highlighting internal conflict, forging a connection outside of the bedroom, and incorporating enjoyable supporting characters, but it wasn t a deep dive or intellectually simulating by ANY means And while Gavin had a hot body and a deliciously dirty mouth, he wavered between I want her, I need her to I m not in love, I m not interested in a relationship It made me scratch my head, and I wondered why...

  6. Talía Talía says:

    3.4 Fiery STARS Sometimes your world falls apart And it s okay for you to let people in and let them see you crumble So I read this back in 2014, but for some reason I wanted to go back to it, so here I am doing a proper review this time So first things first, I haven t read book 1 Not the first time I read this series, not now For some reason I just never was interested into read the first book, and since they are basically standole where you just meet the characters in the previous book, is not too bad I was just really interested in this couple, and besides reading some reviews to get the basics of book 1, I didn t feel like I missed that much.So basically this is what the story is about Elizabeth is a fierceless and bossy sports agent She is really focused on getting the job done and giving the athletes the best deals, she knows what she wants and goes get it In the previous book, she was also the agent of Gavin s brother, Mick, but she acted poorly as an agent meddling into Mick s love life and hurting people, which ultimately got her fired She realized she did wrong and apologized, but it was too little too late and her friendship plus business relationship with Mick was broken Now, Liz has bee...

  7. P P says:

    555 555 Changing The Game Won 555 555 5555 Ctrl C Ctrl V 555 view spoiler hide spoiler

  8. Choko Choko says:

    Muuuuuuch better than the previous one At least as far as the sizzle is concerned There was history between the characters and something implied to build on A quick and sexy read for fans of contemporary romantic erotica And fans of St Louis sports

  9. Keri Keri says:

    Man I love this covermakes my mouth water It was good A lot of sexin and not enough story meat.

  10. Splage Splage says:

    Once again the cover is hot and I knew that I would be moving this book to the top of my TBR list because I was drooling and sports guys are my thing As I began the book I was having similar feelings that I did with book 1, The Perfect Play, basically a good, hot read with lots of sex, but the story didn t overwhelm and engage me as I had hoped it would Changing the Game might have started that way, but its momentum built into a page turner that had a lot depth with some emotional moments that brought a few tears to my eyes and some side stories conflicts with Gavin s family that made this a really good story There was still tons of sex scenes and they were hot, but after the first 6 or so I had to skim a little not complaining though too much is better than too little especially with all the happy endings Gavin and Liz were were giving each other and lots of dirty talk, but it worked really well and fit Gavin and Liz s personalities perfectly This was probably than a 4 star read for me once I got partially into the book and it even had ...

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