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    A man struggles to come to grips with his abusive past Comfortably written and easy to read, Frank Sherry s novel has an interesting ending.

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Eternity Falls Reading Eternity Falls Author Frank Sherry Fifty Four Year Old Gabriel Fallon Is A Writer Who No Longer Writes And Who Regularly Contemplates Ending His Wasted Existence On Earth As He Stands At A Crucial Crossroads In His Life, Gabriel Knows He Needs To Accept That He Has Failed To Realize His Ambitions But When He Receives News That His Estranged Brother, Michael, Is Dying, Gabriel Embarks On A Spiritual Quest Into His Past That Causes Him To Question Everything He Has Ever Known.Gabriel Last Saw His Brother Six Years Earlier After He Finally Breaks The Silence That Hangs Over Their Relationship Like A Dark Shadow, Gabriel Begins To Reminisce With Michael About Their Younger Days But The Blast Of Reality Opens A Floodgate Of Memories, Taking Gabriel On An Unexpected Journey To Confront His Childhood Demons And Try To Understand Why His Uncaring Parents Abandoned Him As He Slowly Discovers That All His Falseness Has Grown From The Wounds Of A Young Boy, Gabriel Finally Finds His Answers In The Beckoning Whispers Of A Glacial Waterfall Eternity Falls Is The Poignant Story Of A Tortured Man Who Yearns To Make Peace With The Past And Acknowledge The Truth As He Bravely Confronts His Ultimate Destiny.