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A Little Rebellion (Crimson Worlds #3) Crimson Worlds Book IIIThe Third Frontier War Is Over, And The Western Alliance Is Triumphant All Across Human Occupied Space, Colony Worlds Celebrate The Coming Of Peace But Peace Is An Elusive Dream, And Trouble Is Brewing The War Was Expensive, And The Economies Of The Superpowers, Always Fragile, Are On The Verge Of Total Collapse The Directorate, The Shadowy Intelligence Organization That Has Become The True Power Behind The Alliance Government, Plans To Strip The Colonies Bare To Pay The Costs Of War Already, They Are Tightening Their Control Over The Freewheeling Colonial Governments And The Marine Corps Faces Total Destruction At The Hands Of The Worst Traitor In Its History.But The Colonists Are A Different Breed Than The Passive Mob On Earth, And They Have No Intention Of Meekly Surrendering Their Hard Won Freedoms On Worlds All Across The Frontier, Plans Are Hatched And Weapons Hoarded And In Taverns And Meeting Halls The Words Of An Ancient Text Are Uttered In Hushed Tones A Little Rebellion, Now And Then, Is A Good Thing.The Crimson Worlds Series Marines Crimson Worlds I The Cost Of Victory Crimson Worlds II A Little Rebellion Crimson Worlds III Tombstone Prequel Coming March 2013The First Imperium Crimson Worlds IV

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    This is the third book in this series I enjoyed it very much a little bitthan the first one since this one did not feel as rushed, there are still a few points where you feel the author was rushing and just giving a summury of a battle insteasd of going into detail, also throughout this whole...

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    A satisfactory ending to this first sequence definitely not the end Sadly not everyone makes it through but there is a good balance of warfare on the rebel worlds, together with machinations at the political level and in both naval and marine hierarchy It s a lo...

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    A page turner with caveats Good strategy and dialog but, the characters are a bit too cardboard the protagonist borders on being a Marty Stu and the author repeats descriptions of characters ad nausium every encounter like he is attempting to increase word count The events are als...

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    Gotta read fasterJust finished A Little Rebellion, couldn t put it down I ll make this quick so I don t waste any time to read 4read these books, you won t be disappointed.Why are you still reading this review, when you could be reading one of...

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    Ok, Jay his suckered me completely in with this series I absolutely Love Eric Cain The supporting characters are so well developed that it one falls in love with them, or hate in some cases Jay artfully articulates how freedom and liberty can be eroded This s...

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    Congratulations on another excellent military sci fi book This one was a fitting sort of ending to the trilogy Some characters live and some die but in the end, the good guys come out ahead Thanks to Kindle Unlimited for allowing me to read these in order.

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    Great series I am already looking at the next three thathas in a bundle.

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    Cain, Holms and Garrett are forced to side with the rebels against a mad man, Stark The story of colonies in rebellion B

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    Nice end to the first trilogy in the series storyline Nice wrap up and set up for the new story arc Good military SiFi Well written and very realistic for the characters Recommended

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    Good read Now on to book 4 of the series Enjoy the plot development and the building character profile A well written series that has kept interest level high.

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