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Final Duty--The Speculative Fiction Anthology ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Final Duty--The Speculative Fiction Anthology Author Kyle Pratt – Twenty years after the death of her father during the Battle of Altair, Lieutenant Amy Palmer returns to the system as an officer aboard the reconnaissance ship Mirage Almost immediately disaster stri Twenty years after the Speculative Fiction MOBI ð death of her father during the Battle of Altair, Lieutenant Amy Palmer returns to the system as an officer aboard the reconnaissance ship Mirage Almost immediately disaster strikes and Amy, along with the crew of the Mirage, must face the possibility of performing their final duties Final Duty is a novella set in the same universe as the other two stories in this anthologyFinal Duty The Alien War Anthology is Kyle s second book and includes a novella Final Duty--The PDF/EPUB or and two short stories.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 118 pages
  • Final Duty--The Speculative Fiction Anthology
  • Kyle Pratt
  • English
  • 14 August 2019

About the Author: Kyle Pratt

Kyle Pratt is the Speculative Fiction MOBI ð award winning and bestselling author of post apocalyptic, science fiction and speculative fiction novels, novellas and short storiesHis most recent post apocalyptic thriller is thebestseller, Through the Storm His first venture in the post apocalyptic genre was with the similarly named Through Many Fires novel This first book in the Strengthen What Remains series came out in paperback, Kindle, and on Audible in August Within two weeks the novel appeared on the Kindle Science Fiction Post Apocalyptic Final Duty--The PDF/EPUB or list, reaching , and reached on the list on December , The second book in the series, A Time to Endure, reached the number one position on theKindle war fiction genre list just over a month after release and then again in January of At the same time Braving the Storms reached the number eight spotWhile serving on ships in the United States Navy, Kyle wrote short stories to pass the time After retiring from the service he continued to Duty--The Speculative Fiction Kindle ´ hone his craft and in July of released his debut novel, Titan Encounter, a science fiction space adventure His second book, Final Duty was released in January of His most recent science fiction novel is Recall the Earth, the second book of the Guardian Knights of Terra seriesToday, Kyle and his wife Lorraine live on a small family farm in Western Washington State When he isn t writing he repairs gates and fences, tends bees and chickens and blogs anything that comes to his mind.

10 thoughts on “Final Duty--The Speculative Fiction Anthology

  1. Susan Moore Susan Moore says:

    I enjoyed the first story The author has a vast imagination.There are 3 short books in this While I did enjoy the first one, I couldn t finish the other 2 This type of sci fi is just not for me I gave it 4 stars because I liked the characters and the authors writing style.

  2. Janice Drake Janice Drake says:

    Short story with a ghost touch I liked the narration with male and female voices It made the story much better There was a bit of redundancy in the explanation of death due to exposure in deep space which I found annoying Overall the story was good I was given a copy of the audible book and wished to leave a review.

  3. D. E. D. E. says:

    A War Time AnthologyKP Had penned a collection of SYFY novels into an anthology where the stories are interrealated The first is about a female officer aboard a Space Carrier where Earth has decided to fight while the second two stories are an extension of the first This is an excellent read for the genre..DEHS

  4. Denise Sparks Denise Sparks says:

    An Appropriate Read for Any Member of a Military FamilyI just finished reading g this on Memorial Day This is an appropriate book to read on such a day The story of a daughter fulfilling her dream to find her father She goes in the path of danger and used her skills to help save her shipmates A novella with lasting memories and feelings.

  5. Deanna Hansen Deanna Hansen says:

    So very visual and personal

  6. Sam Sam says:

    A well written very enjoyable story I do like this writer A bit sombre but great for all lovers of sci fi

  7. Gregg Gregg says:

    A well written short story, although I d have liked itwithout the supernatural element.

  8. Katherine Katherine says:

    Starting off predictable seeming, moving a bit away, and then desceending into heart warming, this short story was neatly written but just a little off course Everything was interesting and the plot propelled along rapidly, but near the end it felt like it got lost just a little bit, what with the pointing out of the final duties of each group and slight nonsensicality of the dream However, it still achieves a fairly desirable overall effect.

  9. Nate Nate says:

    An excellent, even model, short story The author excels in creating enough detail in plot, environment, character development, and written in history to make comfortably there without realizing it, while at the same time leaving plenty of room for the readers imagination to expand the story.

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