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The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting [Read] ➲ The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting ➮ Elizabeth Lovick – The ethereal beauty and intricacy of Shetland lace knitting might seem beyond the powers of the everyday knitter but the skills needed are within the reach of everyone who can knit purl cast on and bi The ethereal beauty and intricacy of Shetland Epub à of Shetland lace knitting might seem beyond the powers of the everyday knitter but the skills needed are within the reach of everyone who can knit purl cast on and bind off The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting is designed to take the novice knitter from their first yarn over through the steps needed to master the complex patterns The techniues are introduced with clear step by step instructions charts and detailed photographs of knitted samples Aimed primarily at beginners experienced knitters will also appreciate the way the book organizes The Magic PDF/EPUB or the stitches allowing for easy substitution of patterns Those interested in different lace traditions will be excited by the collection of specifically Shetland stitches And as knitters want to stretch themselves and learn new techniues this book will be a useful guide aimed at helping these knitters take their first steps in making a Shetland lace project Included are all the traditional Shetland motifs patterns and insertions including Cat's Paw Candlelight Horse Shoe and many With suggestions for how to work the different stitches into elegant and traditional Shetland Lace accessories such as scarves hats and shawls Atmospheric photographs taken in Magic of Shetland Epub á the wild Scottish landscape and historical information about the development of Shetland lace are sure to delight all knitters and textile lovers.

10 thoughts on “The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting

  1. Dee Dee says:

    An in depth and easy to follow guide that includes clear instructions and a directory of stitches There are some beautiful project ideas too that I look forward to trying once I actually learn how to knit

  2. Tawney Tawney says:

    I received this book compliments of St Martin's Griffin through the Goodreads First Reads Program The awesome amount of practical usable information Elizabeth Lovick has put into these pages is worthy of 45 stars I have read through the informational sections and perused the patterns but not actually picked up needles and yarn to work through any of it yet I but feel confident that any problems will come from my own inattention If I find otherwise this review will be editedThe book has three major sections the first explaining techniues This includes discussion of the mechanics of the knitting yarn stitches edges dressing blocking The number of stitches to learn is not large and the the illustrations are excellent Information on designing your own pieces is next This is especially welcome to a Floridian who hoped this book would make it possible to to knit items that are light enough to be used than once or twice a year After good pointers on the design its on to making a chart and combining motifsThe stitch directory is both window shopping ooow nice and reference photo chart written directions This is the largest section of the book where the overall patterns inserts and lace motifs for pattern building are foundThen come a nice selection of projects There are charming funky socks but I'll do better to start with the scarf The author has a well balanced attitude She encourages patience and doing a good job but in dealing with mistakes points out that they can be hard to see and sometimes the best approach is to fudge She says Knitting lace is really just knitting and her book makes you believe her

  3. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I received this as part of Goodread' First Reads give awayThis is a really excellent book on the art and craft of Shetland lace It starts with a history of Shetland lace knitting then moves into a primer on lace knitting in general stitch techniues how to read a chart things of that nature The majority of the book is a truly excellent stitch dictionary with many many motifs and lots of advice on how to combine them into a shawl or stole The book wraps up with a handful of projects to help knitters get the right idea The techniues and the stitch dictionary are the strongest part of this book and the best argument for buying it The projects are nice enough but if knitters are simply interested in finding lace patterns I'd advise seeking out a book that has patterns as its focal point This book is really best as a tool for designing one's own shawls and stoles

  4. Hadi Hadi says:

    Beautiful book with a very useful dictionary of stitches Bit advanced for me as a beginner knitter

  5. Jillian Jillian says:

    This volume begins with a section on essential techniues which covers basics like how to read a chart yarns and works up to design elements and how to combine motifs This is the longest section of the book The middle section is a well illustrated stitch directory and the final section contains 7 projects from socks to jackets and shawls For each project alternate pattern are suggested The cobweb shawl is the one I’d most like to try

  6. Hannah Hannah says:

    Wow I am very impressed with this book Cute and easy to read well thought out and helpful The author explains clearly both how to read charts and how to imagine original pieces The stitch dictionary is beautiful and by using different colours per swatch invites the reader to engage their own imagination Suitable for either beginners or advanced knitters

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    Tons of knowledge and antiue patterns just not 100% what I'm looking for I'm working on learning about which patterns come from where I suppose ;

  8. Celeste Hoffart Celeste Hoffart says:

    Guide for to how the patterns are knit and then how to put them together into original designs

  9. Sara Sara says:

    Very good resource for lace stitch patterns More stitch patterns of Shetland lace type They are awesome Only one pattern that I'd knit not many patterns

  10. Elizabeth S Elizabeth S says:

    Shanon Miller's Heirloom Knitting has been pretty much the standard for which I judge Shetland lace books If you have it you will realize it has a pretty much complete list of Shetland lace stitch patterns as well as advice for every step of the process Sadly HK is very expensive at 40 dollars and unless you are very interested in making gossamer shawls probably not worth the investment The patterns are beautiful but most are intended for a very fine gauge Lovick's book is much less detailed but she gears the information to beginners much better The stitch patterns are in color and with much thicker yarn which means you can count the stitches She also divides the patterns into Centers borders edgings and insertions There are far fewer stitch patterns and they tend to be less complex then HK but are still plenty to get you started The regular patterns are the only thing I found disappointing because I didn't want to make any of them The design section was one I found very intriguing I only wish it was a little longerOn the whole this a great book even if you already have HK It is uite reasonably priced and the clear instruction and picture of stitch patterns make it well worth the investment

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