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A Village Not So Green (John Harper #1) When Local Farmer Harry Bailey Is Discovered Dead In The English Village Of Hollingswood It Is Ruled An Accident However Detective Inspector John Harper S Boss Thinks Otherwise And Sends The Experienced Homicide Investigator On A Two Week Holiday To Search For The Truth.Harper Finds That Even The Smallest Of Villages Can Hold Big Secrets, Hollingswood Being No Exception When Another Person Dies In Unusual Circumstances He Is Left Wondering If Both Are Related To Another Murder In The Village Twenty Years Ago Or Are They The Work Of A New Killer With Evil Intent.

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    Aagh where s the editor proof reader I stopped at 4% I don t care if the story s good The grammar and punctuation are poor There are sentences with words missing so I m not wasting my time with this.

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    New author for me, not too bad but could have been improved by better proof reading and editing.

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    A village not so greenReally good read I did work out whole the culprit was but still a good read with lots of twists and turns

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    Read this on a recommendation from a friend and ended up reading most of it in one train journey because I just couldn t put it down The narrative is fast paced, with well fleshed out, believable characters, and paints an excellent picture of small village life including its seedy underbelly Even when my kindle said that I was 90% of the way through, I still wasn t sure who d done it although I did have my short list so it ...

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    What a bookIf you like a book that grape you from the first page to the last then this is for you, I just couldn t put it down, and when I read the last page I was sorry to have finished my read..Thank you EDWARD HOLMES.