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Island of Flowers Reading Island Of Flowers Nora Roberts Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Tropical Paradise Sets The Stage For A Turbulent Passion In This Unforgettable Tale From 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Nora Roberts Available Digitally For The First Time To Reconcile With Her Long Estranged Father, Laine Simmons Travels To Hawaii But She Soon Finds Her Motives Being Questioned By His Arrogant, Judgmental, And Extremely Attractive Business Partner, Dillon O Brian It Doesn T Help That Every Infuriating Confrontation With The Man Only Makes Her Want Him As Laine Struggles To Heal Her Past, She Has To Fight Her Treacherous Heart Or Admit To Herself That This Is One Battle She D Rather Lose Includes A Preview Of Nora Roberts Latest Hardcover, Whiskey Beach, Available April 2013.

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    HELL HATH FROZEN OVER I never thought I d see the day that I would hate a Nora Roberts book I hated this so much, I felt like Madeline Kahn from Clue when she describes why she killed Yvette I hated it SO muchflamesflameson the side of my faceIt all started out innocently enough a twenty something woman goes to Hawaii to find the father she hasn t seen in 15 years At the airport, an attractive man offers her a charter flight to the island of Kauai, where her father is As it turns out, the guy is her father s business partner On, no joke, page 5 or 6, while they are still on the effing plane, he kisses her unwanted He proceeds to treat her like dogshit for most of the entire book and accuse her of ulterior motives for reappearing in her father s life money, obviously THIS WHOLE BOOK COULD BE AVOIDED IF SHE JUST EFFING TOLD HER FATHER WHAT A JERK HER MOTHER WAS.There was a whole lot of, here s why I am like this but DON T TELL ANYONE ESDKJFEOKLNM going on Barf And a whole lot of rape kissing There was absolutely no chemistry between the two characters I felt like giving up on this book times than I can count and it is only 165 pages long This was one of her first books and it totally shows I ve probably given Nora Roberts than 1,000 of my money over the years no joke Today, when I was cleaning out my garage, I found 4 sets of double books hello bookswap I mu...

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    A straitforward old school romance, where Laine travels to Hawaii to find her estranged father, and meets Dillon, his much younger and pretty hostile business partner.Dillon, who believes that view spoiler ...

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    I listened to the audiobook and the narrator really got on my nerves.The story was rather troubling to me The male, Dylan, is too forceful and it felt violent and intrusive to me The woman lets him do it Not romantic to me at all

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    So god damn corny and stupid Oh my, kiss me again, Dillon I can see why other people hate this story, but the cheesiness and ridiculous is exactly what I was looking for right now.

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    Review haiku Divorce shatters child.She seeks father years unseen.Love in Hawaii.

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    Re read1.75 starsDidn t like the hero Accused heroine of being a whore and attempted to force himself on her and when she leaves from there he finds her and then suddenly he loves her and cant live without her and h...

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    The guy is a jerk The girl is a pushover Nope Next

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    1 5 I ve always steered clear of mushy, tawdry romantic novels with no take away, especially the ones with scantily clad heroines on the cover embracing a shirtless and toned hunk most cringe worthy.But 2018 is all about pushing my self imposed reading boundaries so I begin this year by reading Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts who is famous for writing romance novels Let s see if this novel succeeds in removing my bias.Update One word SchmaltzyI stand corrected This was NOT a good read I couldn t even envisage Hawaii in my mind s eye The motivations of characters were all askew especially of the heroine Laine Simmons Would not recommend, nor embark on another journey with Nora Roberts A selection of my favorite passages from the book The ripe land with cliffs and beaches which she had seen as the plane d...

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    There it is, the breakout The book I was waiting for Characters that are rich, compelling and a story that is sweet A true page turner Laine is the first of Nora s heroines that you feel for She hasn t had the life that her father or Dillon expect she has had Dillon is suspicious of her motives All Laine wants is to spend time with the man, he...

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    There is not a single one of these really early Nora Roberts books that I ve really liked This one is no exception The heroine is overly innocent, but at least she s got some backbone in dealing with the hero She is also somewhat idiotic in her insistence on not telling her story, with the usual excuses, doesn t want pity, no one would believe her anyway, yada yada Meanwhile, there s uncomfortable tension and nobody likes her because they believe the worst of her Whatever Then she falls in love with the hero after one day insta love much when he s been nothing but rude to her and has confused her greatly My God the man nearly raped her and she wasn t angry, just sad that he was upset with her I would have loved to have gotten inside the hero s head even if only for a moment but Nora didn t switch POVs in her early stuff Why for example, did he attack the heroine with an angry kiss not 30 minutes after meeting her Completely out of the blue and not the least bit sexy That s the sort of stuff that gets a man slapped and arrested in the real world He was pretty good at leaping to conclusions thoug...