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Breaking the Ice Unabridged 7 Disc Set On Dog Ear Audio, Approx 8 Hrs Audiobook On Audible.com Narrated By AuthorNothing Is Easy About Life Above The Arctic Circle Except, Perhaps, Falling In Love.Bryson Faulkner Embraces The Challenges That Come With Making A Home In One Of The Most Beautiful But Unforgiving Places On Earth The Isolation Of The Endless Wilderness, The Harsh And Unpredictable Climate, The Predators That Lurk About Her Remote Cabin And Even The Most Perilous Dangers Of All Those That Await Her When She Takes To The Skies As One Of Alaska S Most Daring Bush Pilots The Only Thing Missing Is A Special Woman To Share It All With, But She S Resigned Herself To The Fact That Few People Can Thrive In Such An Extreme Environment.Everything Karla Edwards Thought She Knew Gets Called Into Question When A Series Of Events Turns Her Comfortable And Well Ordered Life On Its Ear Her Partner Leaves Her, Her Mother Dies, And Karla Learns She Has A Sister In Alaska She Never Knew She Takes A Leave Of Absence From Her Job As An ER Nurse In Atlanta And Heads To The Far North, Seeking Answers And Adventure She Finds All That And When She Crosses Paths With A Sexy Bush Pilot Who Opens Her Eyes To New Possibilities But Can She Open Her Heart As Well And Learn To Trust Again 2009 Bold Strokes Books P 2011 Dog Ear Audio

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    Nice and enjoyable read but not the perfect one Especially the last third was too rushed.My rating 3.5 stars

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    I confess that I was disappointed by this book.It could have been a wonderful novel if the story wasn t rushed on the last third of the book Seriously, we are almost lost in details in the 2 first thirds of the novel which last only a short preiod in time and after that BOOM We jump in time suddenly and we don t know what happens during several weeks The Love story between Bryson and Karka should have been built in time, cause yeah they could have had time together in a less dramatic way than to be injured a so long separation doesn t seem to be logical Neither the fact that one day, Bryson and Karla almost hate eachother and the day after they seem to be madly in Love A few moments of seduction would have been great, a few scenes outdoors too Bryson could have learn Karla how to recognise the different species by their prints, work the wood Such things would have helped Karla to understand why Bryson is so in Love with Alaska and why she falls i...

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    Storyline is very capturing but I guess I was spoled by Radclyffe by her deep emotional struggle on the characters That what was missing as for me All got settled simple may be that how it happens in life and I am weird lol Great book though

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    It was a solid romance, but not a perfect one The last third of the book felt rushed Karla went from not liking Bryson and Alaska to falling in love with them a bit too fast for me.

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    Audio Review This was my first delve into FF Romance and this was probably the lowest steam book I could have picked I have a serious love for books set in Alaska so I picked this book based on that and a recommendation from the Audible Editor podcast Audicted to Romance I was captivated by the setting and the story immediately I loved that the author took the time to let the story happen and let the characters get to know each other, I can t get on board with Insta love so this was a huge plus for me I will be honest, I was a little surprised at the low steam level of this book but that s not a complaint, I actually enjoyed that this was about family, love and finding a place in the world I loved the family dynamic of this story, sisters getting to know each other for the first time and they fall right into the relationship sisters should have I also love the survival helping others aspect of this book, that s probably why I love Ala...

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    This book would have received a much higher rating if it hadn t been so utterly predictable It s one book I would have loved to have read before it got to an editor I just got the sense that it got cut and trimmed too much There were a few scenes where you felt a sense of adventure and suspense, but it would just get intere...

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    Standard solid romance novel with endearing characters.Predictable, very sudden ending, you know the game With those limitations it was a lovely story.Sigh I really, really have to learn to stop reading this stuff It leaves me wanting Wanting meat to the stories, issues explored th...

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    This was a nice, quick read I enjoyed the scenery and the Alaskan feel to the story, but wanted to know about the characters I felt it was very light and didn t dwell on the issues I wanted to know of.

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    Declaration of love from the author to Alaska.

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    This is the second book I have read by Ms Baldwin and I found another gem I read the book via Audible and I really enjoyed the fact it was read by the Ms Baldwin herself Engaging characters and a setting that has me wanting to visit Alaska The one small issue I had with the reading was the southern accent that Ms Baldwin tried to have for one of the characters as she read I found it amusing that she would slip in and out of the accent As a southerner it is quaint wh...

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