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The Gentleman and the Rogue PDF Epub The Gentleman And The Rogue Author J.K Pendragon Artimagazin.com In The Midst Of The Opulent Edwardian Era, The Young, Headstrong Son Of The Police Commissioner Longs For Adventure And A Chance To Prove Himself When An Evening Party Is Disrupted By A Band Of Mysterious Masked Men, He Sees His Chance And Gives Chase, Pursuing A Rogue Thief Through The Dark Streets But All Is Not As It Seems And Adventure Quickly Turns Into Something Sinister And Terrifying, Where His Only Chance At Saving London Is Joining Forces With The Mysterious Rogue.

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    Review posted on World of Diversity Fiction2.5 StarsI was really looking foward to reading this novella, the cover is beautiful the book title and blurb intrigued me and I love Historicals, but this story just didn t work for me.The names of the two MC s are never revealed until around 70% in, you only know them as The Gentleman and the Rogue and I found that became tiresome quickly It also made it extremely difficult to connect or care about the MC s and to some degree the story I persevered, I wasn t far from the end and I was hoping at some point everything would be explained, that maybe there was a reason for the secrecy of the MC s names or some big Uh Huh moment but as far as I can tell there is none and that made me really frustrated with the story.The plot of the story is a good one This could have been really great historical the mystery was interesting an...

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    3.5 starsI bought this book because I was intrigued as to what another author will do with a title of one of my favorite historical romances of all times Of courses titles do repeat and many times too, it is just I am firmly associating this title with one specific book Anyway, I certainly did not expect what I found The writing style reminded me of something, I am just not sure what it was Especially in the first part of the story and it is a novella, so it is not very long to me it sounded like a parody, I am just not quite sure what it was supposed to be a parody of I want to say all those 19th century action adventure stories, this is what the writing reminded me off, deliberately I think.Here is how the story starts It was midnight in the Winter Garden The dark ivy that crawled up the walls and stonework was flecked with crystals of ice, and a sparkling white coat of frozen snow covered everything, glistening in the moonlight The night sky had undergone a fierce battle in its quest for dominance, or so it looked to the Gentleman, for it was peppered with sparkling punctures and the moon was a fierce slash, perhaps from a sickle blade, glowing brightly behind the heads of the party goers The story very soon becomes a fun action adventure with a love story mixed in but definitely first and foremost action adventure and in the second part of the story I felt as i...

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    I liked the intrigue, and I m a sucker for romance, but I was kind of disturbed by their encounter at the maze

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    Masked man of dodgy repute who keeps saving the hero I should have been all over this one Cybermen, anyone

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    If you enjoy a strong, external plot to go along with your romance, The Gentleman and the Rogue is an excellent choice I was quite fond of both the setting and watching the plot unfold I love romance with a compelling external conflict, with stakes greater than the characters love as important as that is , so this was quite satisfying for me.I did find it a ...

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    A steampunk type short story, where the Gentleman is embroiled with a gang who are enhancing humans with an exoskeleton in order to take over the country.The Gentleman is eventually revealed, though his revelation is largely underwhelming as his real identity had no prior role The Rogue is a thief, but apparently stealing t...

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    Right, what an honest title, the two MC s names always be the gentleman and the rogue, lmao And the so called mystery was also obvious enough Romance Oh they just fucked and fucked then came to the conclusion that they loved each other.NOT recommend, don t waste your time, that s all.

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    Review coming soon to

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    Note to self download book at LTTP site

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