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One Imbolc Gloaming One Imbolc Gloaming Download Author Elora Bishop Chardonneret.eu Isabella Fox, Mediocre Witch For Hire, And Emily Deer, The Once Outcast Shapeshifter, Have Fallen Deeply In Love But In The Sleepy Little Town Of Benevolence, Emily Still Feels Like An Outsider, And, As Winter Rages On, Her Wanderlust Sharpens When The Winter Festival Of Imbolc Draws Near, Isabella Makes Preparations For Her Yearly Pilgrimage To Lunarose Abbey, Where She And Her Friends, Since Their Academy Days, Have Always Participated In The Annual Imbolc Play And Kept Candlit Vigil To The Rose Goddess This Year, Isabella Asks Emily To Come With Her But Warns Her About The Abbey S Odd Quirks Like The Fact That It S Haunted By A Lovelorn Ghost Every Imbolc Night, The Ghost Roams The Ancient Halls Of Lunarose Abbey, And Now Isabella And Emily Find The Threads Of A Centuries Old Mystery That They Long To Unravel But Time Is Running Out For A Love Affair Several Hundred Years In The MakingThe Novella One Imbolc Gloaming Is A Magical Lesbian Love Story, And The Second In THE BENEVOLENCE TALES Series.

  • One Imbolc Gloaming
  • Elora Bishop
  • 14 May 2017

About the Author: Elora Bishop

Elora Bishop is a queer author of magical lesbian love stories You will often find her wearing soft skirts, curled up in a sunny window much like a cat , Austen in hand, cup of tea two cream, one sugar nearby, always piping hot She is bewitched by all beautiful things but, most of all, by her beloved wife She writes lesbian YA as Sarah Diemer.

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    Isabella s favorite of the windows had always been the second to the last, the one where Coredlia s bewitched form had melted away, and the goddess stepped forth in to her lover Sadara s arms When she was very small, a child Isabella had stood beneath that window, gazing up at the stained glass expression on the goddess Sadara s face It was a fierce love, a triumphant love, a grateful love All her days, Isabella had wished and hoped and prayed for someone to just once look at her like that Elora Bishop describes herself as a queer author of magical lesbian love stories I love that sentence and I think it sums her and her books up very well.I read the first book in this series a while ago, and it was pretty good But this one was amazing Not only does Isabella and Emily s relationship develop, but we get to learn about the world the books take place in I love this world I want to live in this world It s a magical, high fantasy world with all manner of supernatural beings, but my favourite part about it is how love between two women or two men, I d assume, but this is a story about lesbians is as sacred as love between a man and a woman There are goddesses in love with other goddesses Romantic love between two or there s a polyamorous character women isn t spoken of as if its a deviation from the norm or ...

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    Somewhat to my disappointment, the second book of the Benevolence trilogy doesn t expand on any of the gaps I felt in the previous book Instead, it moves away from Benevolence for a while, as Emily and Isabella attend traditional Imbolc festivities The world is expanded in terms of showing us locations, kinds of magic, and of Isabella s friends and family It also gives us time with the couple, as their relationship deepens though it has been a bit insta love Still, for once it s a lesbian couple having insta love, and they re cute, so why not We can make exceptions, right It also features the tragic love story of a long dead abbess and a knight, who are reunited through Isabella and Emily s efforts That part is a bit, well, flowery, but it works.The scenes Bishop describes glitter with the winter cold and the warmth of friendship that aspect is definitely done really well I m still curious about various aspects of the first story, and I m a...

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    I didn t read this book, I listened to the whole series on Audible and I absolutely loved it I love that she wasn t an all powerful witch and didn t suffer from the dreaded You re Our Only Hope condition so many fantasy scifi series have 10 out of 5 stars

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    I love following the lives of Isabella and Emily It was so exciting to get to see inside Isabella s training this time Her family, her friends, her history, where she came from and what makes her herself, and the habits she ll get to keep to now that her life is calming and smoothing out The love story was beautiful as well, both the main story and the mystery I am always filled with so much joy, hope and inspiration, from a different place and time, and type of story when I get immerses in these worlds I love the very defined different kinds of friends I loved meeting types of creatures that exist in this world I love that we got a outside view on Changers, too, since we ...

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    I just adore Elora s magical writing style I woke up, and I missed you, said Isabella simply Pillowing her head on the Changer s breastbone, she was rewarded with the soft insistence of Emily s heartbeat, pulsing,...

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    I love Isabella and Emily I can t wait for the next one

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    Awww I love these two Need Alice

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    While there were some grammatical errors, this novella stole my heart with the beautiful imagery My heart was encapsulated by the love described.

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