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Diez mujeres Best Book, Diez Mujeres By Marcela Serrano This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Diez Mujeres, Essay By Marcela Serrano Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    A book that follows along as nine patients of a psychiatrist all meet to tell their stories to one another followed by the story of the psychiatrist herself I read the other reviews and I see other people also weren t as sure with the format I think one person mentioned that it s a series of monologues That s all quite true I don t think I hated the structure of this, but I do think the way everything is mostly disconnected didn t work out Mostly because the book wraps up with the psychiatrist s story at the end as told by her assistant and it feels like there wasn t any resolution or clarity to what the purpose of the meeting had been The lack of interactions between patients and this abrupt announcement at the end that the psychiatrist was going to be taking a leave just made it all feel disjointed at the end.Also I was kind of confused when reading because it says at one point Natasha never saw her again and it was unclear whether the author meant Marlene or Hanna I assumed it was Hanna but then Natasha finds Hanna and so I was like what The book was interesting though, I don t know as much about South America, let alone Chile and did want to know about what it was like there I really liked reading the accounts of the lives of women in Chile and the way their experiences were common to the experiences had by anyone anywhere That was the most appealing aspect of this for me The stories themselves were compelling as well but I do think some were better than others, which tends to happen when you have disparate parts like this Overall an enjoyable read, regardless of the fact that it felt disjointed.

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    This book caught my attention and kept it throughout.Each chapter is a story told by a different woman from Chile They are young, they are older, they are single, they are wed, they are rich and they are poor, they come from all walks of life, and each one has a story to tell The only thing these women have in common is their wonderful therapist, Natalie Natalie brings them all together and lets each one shine Most believe they have no story worth telling they are just average women getting on with their lives Fortunately, as each one begins to tell their history, a wonderful if sometimes sad story results.As I read each chapter, although it would seem I had little in common with either the rich, pampered woman or the woman fighting to survive in the deepest holes of poverty, it turns out I did All women share some of the same characteristics.In short, I loved this book.

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    Marcela Serrano is a well known writer in Chile, but Ten Women is the first of her books to be translated into English The concept underlying the book is straightforward nine women, all clients some paying, some pro bono of the same psychologist come together to tell their stories to one another After the nine speak, an assistant to the psychologist tells the psychologist s story as well These chapters are framed by very brief opening and closing vignettes describing the psychologist viewing the women at a distance as they arrive for this group session.I wanted very much to love this book I m particularly interested in literature from post Pinochet Chile, and the idea of such a multiplicity of narrative voices was tantalizing I wanted to love this book But I didn t I m not sorry I read it I learned from it But that act of reading was rather like eating a large serving of Swiss chard I knew it was good for me, but the experience wasn t intrinsically rewarding.The women in Ten Women represent a broad range of classes, ages, and life experiences, including a young lesbian the wife of a man who was disappeared during the Pinochet regime a well known television host a poor woman struggling to provide not only for herself, but for her bipolar daughter and disabled mother as well Unfortunately and I don t know if this is a characteristic of the original or a result of the translation these voices come across in a sort of monotone, difficult to differentiate from one another.The structure Serrano uses, while interesting in concept, is part of the problem here The book is essentially ten monologues with almost no cross reference Each woman speaks about herself, but we hear only her voice as she speaks There s no exchange of words among characters In addition, we re not offered visuals of the group or the room in which they re meeting, so our experience is abstract We get no interplay of voices, no facial expressions or body language.The distance inherent in the monologues becomes most perplexing when the story of Natasha, the psychologist, is told by Natasha s assistant Natasha s story is interesting, but doesn t explain why she hasn t met with the group herself or why she s decided that this indirect form of self revelation is appropriate in this therapeutic setting.One learns about the details of daily life for women in contemporary Chile the expectations and opportunities that are largely regulated by class However, since we can t really connect with these too similar despite their differences women emotionally and since the novel as a whole lacks any narrative arc, what we get is a set of details that could have been communicated with equal efficiency in a shorter work of sociological non fiction.If you re interested in understanding some of the variety of contemporary Chile a experience, read this book However, if you re hoping to build relationships with characters and to travel along beside them you ll be disappointed.

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    This is a beautiful novel that gives a voice to nine Chilean women from vastly different backgrounds who each have a deep hurt to live with and that has caused them to seek out therapy at different stages of their lives They are brought together by their therapist, Natasha, which gives each of the women the opportunity to talk about their lives and share the burden of the past together I was moved about how many of the women s stories I could relate to and that there are aspects of a woman s life we can all empathize and understand The style of writing is fluid, honest and straight to the point There are no embellishments for the descriptions of much of the hardship endured by many of the narrators and I thought that was important in order to convey their courage to face life s challenges A poignant and original read

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    In this short novel, Marcela Serrano introduces us to nine women and their therapist Of varying ages and social backgrounds, all are from Chile and all are dealing with some kind of pain and heartache Serrano shows a real mastery of voice here each woman sounds distinct, and believably the product of her own circumstances She is however clearly less interested in plot or in story arc While that s not enough to overshadow the book s merits, the rather limp final tale epilogue means that Ten Women doesn t quite have the takeaway punch it could have had.

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    This novel was a freebie during an International Book Weekor something Ten different woman share their stories with varying degrees of trauma and emotional distress There is a broad cross section of women so that there is than a drop of Chilean culture meted out to the reader There are young, old, rich, poor, famous, almost invisible, pretty and not pretty All of these women display some kind mental emotional struggle Mental concerns include d depression, narcissism, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism, sex addiction, battered woman syndrome, emotional detachment etc On the whole, this was not a pleasant read The stories are all sad, including the story of the therapist Natasha Also, the stories are really not very well tied together This is a story collection than a novel and some of the stories are better written than others Taken as a whole, this was an interesting novel that was too distributed for my tastes I have no idea what the author was trying to convey The problems discussed seem to exist in a lot of different cultures in my view Interesting but not completely satisfying 3 StarsListened to the audio book The narration was good.

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    Incredible This is a story about nine Chilean women, all under the care of their therapist Natasha, who is the tenth woman and makes this series of stories complete When I first opened this book, my heart sank a little because it is 10 separate short stories I m not usually a fan of short stories, but the author wove these stories together so seamlessly, it ended up being a full novel and a complete pleasure to read In Ten Women, we learn the life stories of nine Chilean women who have all had different experiences in life and are seeking help through their therapist From a woman who has been abandoned without notice by her husband to a famous television personality, a teenage lesbian, a housekeeper, and to women who are rich and alone and women who live in abject poverty, these tales are heart rending and full of beauty They also describe the cultural and social groups of modern Chile, and thus the reader learns so much about this stunning country in South America.I am utterly astounded by Serrano s ability to write ten different personalities into her novel, all from very different backgrounds, but all connected through their therapist This is a beautiful read I received this book through a free giveaway through on World Book Day It was bundled with eight other books I ve been working my way through this book set specifically because it was a set of books from other countries that had been translated to English My armchair travels through Chile were exceptional and so far this book has been my favorite out of all nine books that were up for grabs that day Books really do allow us to travel the world Special thanks to Haley Ware for sending me the book deal My last 12 hours of reading are dedicated to her Best Takeaway Quotes This quote was my favorite in Ten Women because it so accurately summed up my own feelings about this period in my life I recently turned forty two, a complicated stage of life You re young, but not very, you re not elderly, but you are a bit old Neither fish nor fowl It s the transition from one thing to the other, the real start of deterioration Sometimes I feel like I want to have aged already, to be an old woman who has resolved all her expectations Marcela Serrano, Ten Women Listening to stories gives you many lives, telling them dims loneliness Marcela Serrano, Diez mujeres Women among women know how not to feel alone Marcela Serrano, Diez mujeres traveling allows you to discover things that remain hidden during the normal routine of daily life Marcela Serrano, Ten Women Hatred is like blood, it s impossible to conceal and it stains everything

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    Serrano s style is simple and catching The way the story is written depicts real live verbal narration The way each woman talk, each chapter, is messy and contains so much life experience I mean messy because we start telling our story, and that story has sub stories, and we want to tell them all I think the readers have to be aware that there are little triggers or really hard stories and events during the narration.The ending was a bit rush in my opinion but I think I understand why they were all together, and this is one of the reasons of the 4 star rating They all had their on story, lives, history, and they all need support and closure If you are a fan of contemporary adult fiction and literary fiction, this book can be a good read for you.I gave it a 4 start rating because of the social impact and implications that the author covers during the novel How humans tend to continue in a circle repeating their patents mistakes, how society is hard and predisposed citizens to follow a trend until one member decides to break the circle Motherhood, sisterhood, sexual freedom and ownership, sexual diversity, poverty, hard work, and abuse are day to day topics in women s lives and we venture quickly but thoughtfully in them with Ten Women.

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    Juana I think that one person s story is always part of other people s stories p 82 I ve never been to Chile, and I m not sure that I have read another book by a Chilean author In fact, I know embarrassingly little about Chilean life mostly stereotypes from my childhood Given this, Marcela Serrano s Ten Woman was a good way to get a diverse view of Chilean women The women in this book are rich and poor young and old lesbian, heterosexual, and asexual widowed, single, married Chilean born and immigrant They were gang raped, molested, annoyed by TV watching husbands, in the midst of an existential crisis, and broken down by poverty and life circumstances.The premise nine women were invited on a retreat and each, by turn, told the story of her life They occasionally referred to Natasha, their psychologist, and rarely referred to each other If Natasha was attempting to build a sense of community, which she seems to have wanted to do, she doesn t seem successful A real group therapy retreat would involve listening to the other women speak, but also responding to them.The content of each woman s monologue was different, but their voices still sounded alike Wealthy, well educated women sounded like poor and uneducated women Young like old Perhaps the translation wiped out stylistic differences Simona How far can you compromise without seriously violating your identity, without permanently losing self respect p 104 Natasha then allowed her assistant to tell her story for her What psychologist would turn the focus to herself in this way view spoiler especially as she prepares to leave them and the country hide spoiler

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    Ten disparate short storiesPerhaps it s the translation, but this book is just a series of ten short stories told by each narrator about their lives Some are young, some old, all women There is no central theme, except perhaps that each is really alone Don t we all die alone even when surrounded by loved ones I don t get it.

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