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The Great War The Great War PDF Epub Author Mark Holborn Buyprobolan50.co.uk On The Occasion Of The Centenary Of World War I In August 2014 An Unprecedented, Spectacular Pictorial History Of The First Global War In 380 Black And White Photographs, Many Never Seen Before, From Imperial War Museums In London.This Monumental, Dramatic Photographic Narrative Captures The War From The Early Arms Race That Developed Around The Massing Of Prewar Battleship Fleets To The Final Moments Of The Conflict With The Sinking Of The German Fleet In Scapa The Photographs Span The Many Battlefronts Throughout The World From The British Isles To The South Atlantic, Across Europe And The Ottoman Empire, Sudan And East Africa, Jerusalem And Damascus Here Are Soldiers From Across The Globe, Vast Battleships, Dirigibles Overhead, The Streets Of London, The First Battle Of Ypres, German Submarines At Sea, The Beaches Of Gallipoli, The Battle Of Jutland, The Battle Of The Somme Trenches, And Much, Much.

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    Gorgeous, heart rending photos of the Great War, beautifully reproduced Understandably British centric, given its IWM provenance A wonderful book to peruse this centenary year, but the 100 sticker price had me take a trip to the library.

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    It was good with some great pictures and write up and such It was interesting as this collection was mainly just on the British, French, German and a small amount of Russians in it I think there were 4 5 pictures th...

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    The quintessential coffee table book huge, thick, heavy, glossy If you re looking for a gift for your favorite armchair general, look no farther.Its being a product of research at the Imperial War Museums means that there are those inevitable iconic illustrations, but they re in the minority If you opened it on the first of January and turned over a leaf every day, you d run out of year before you ran out of photos I think my favorite is the one Q 11538 of a German soldier giving a light to a wounded British soldier there s just something about their hands.In addition to the period photos, there are contemporary color shots of relics, such as the uniform jacket worn by the Archduke on that fatal day in Sarajevo The captions are informative in themselves, and we get occasional brief essays There are also timelines scattered throughout, but they include information that s different to your typical timeline Every excursion into the book is...

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    1914 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I The War to End All Wars was like no conflict before, embracing many nations worldwide and resulting in horrifying casualties THE GREAT WAR, A PHOTOGRAPHIC NARRATIVE commemorates that epic struggle, offering up almost 400 photographs depicting all aspects of the war The pix depict ...

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    Of course, it s not a history and really just barely a narrative as the subtitle would have it, although each section is preceded by a few pages listing the most important events of the war for that time period But, an impressive collection of photographs that will help to flesh out readings of actual histories Very heavy...

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    This is a great pictorial history, with a lot of unfamiliar images from the First World War My major quibble would be that the Eastern Front is almost completely absent, as is the Italian Front It probably would have worked better as a Western Front presentation.

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    Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in WWI Extremely interesting photographs with some text.

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    Wonderful pictures What a nightmare and yet the participants manage to smile and look cheerful Those pictures are the most heart wrenching of all.

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    A gorgeous, surface level, look at The Great War that is so often forgotten.

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    These beautiful photographs do tell the horrific story of WWI from the arms race, to the Russian Revolution, and ending with the silence of November 11th.

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