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L'île aux cent mille morts PDF Epub L Le Aux Cent Mille Morts By Fabien Vehlmann Federicoscridel.eu Jason Dibuja Una Historia De Piratas En Su Primera Colaboraci N Con Un Guionista, Que Ha Sido Nominada A Los Premios Eisner Y De Los Bibliotecarios Estadounidenses, Y Formado Parte De La Selecci N Oficial Del Festival De Angoul Me 2012Hace Cinco A Os El Padre De Gwenny Encontr , Dentro De Una Botella, Un Mapa Con La Situaci N De La Misteriosa Isla De Los Cien Mil Muertos Y Sus Legendarios Tesoros, Y Desapareci La Joven, Al Encontrar Otro Mensaje, Se Embarca En Un Nav O Pirata Y Se Dispone A Buscar La Isla Y A Su Perdido Progenitor Lo Que Ignora Es Que La Isla Hace Honor A Su Nombre Y Esconde Una Escuela De Verdugos Y Torturadores Donde Los J Venes Estudiantes Aprenden Las M S Sofisticadas Y Crueles T Cticas Para Extraer Informaci N De Los Prisioneros Jason, En Su Primera Colaboraci N Con Un Guionista, Encuentra A Alguien Que Consigue Interiorizar A La Perfecci N Su Personal Estilo E Ingenio Sobre Su Trabajo Con Vehlmann, El Autor Noruego Asegura Me Sorprendi Un Poco La Oscuridad De La Historia, Ya Que Me Hab A Imaginado Un Libro Para Todos Los P Blicos, Pero Fabien Fue Mucho M S All De Lo Que Yo Esperaba Cuando La Historia Lleg A La Isla Como La Escena Del Loro En La Mazmorra, Era Casi Como La Isla Del Tesoro Dirigida Por David Lynch.

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    My second to last reread of what seems currently available to me in Jason books, this one unique in that the writer is Fabien Vehlmann He adapted or twisted others s stories, but this one is a rare collaboration between Jason and another comics artist This is a pirate story, focused on Gwenny, who finds a treasure map in a bottle and wants to outsmart some pirates to get them to help her get to an island where she can look for her long missing father, who took off to look for treasure on The Isle of 100,000 Graves Adventure and humor follows Jason and Vehlmann both love and parody pirate tales I have to credit Kim Thompson, for what is maybe the first time in one of these reviews, for translating these tales so wonderfully And to Hubert, for the great coloring in so many of Jason s books And Fantagraphics, for making Jason a name in the states Is this the best of his works I don t think so, probably, but I love all of it, so sometimes I just hav...

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    Set in Pirate Times, Gwenny s pop went a sailing to find the legendary treasure of the Isle of 100,000 graves but never returned Then Gwenny finds a map to the island in a bottle and joins a swashbuckling crew of pirates to find out what happened to him But what she discovers is something completely unexpected Jason is one of my favourite cartoonists and coupled with a great writer like Fabien Vehlmann you get a magnificent book like Isle of 100,000 Graves Jason s best known for his silent or sparsely written comics so Vehlmann s inclusion is why the book has dialogue than usual But Jason shows he is an able adaptor of other people s scripts with this comic Vehlmann s clever and humorous writing suits Jason s deadpan storytelling style so well that this is one of the most perfect collaborations I ve ever read Gwenny s a plucky heroine in the style of True Grit s Mattie Ross and uses her intelligence to outwit her abusive mother, con a pirate crew to take her where she wants, and blackmail a pirate into being her bodyguard She s a brilliant protagonist.I won t go into what s on the Isle of 100,000 Graves or what happened to Gwenny s father, partly not to spoil any readers who haven t had the pleasure to find ...

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    Hac a tiempo que ten a ganas de leer este c mic, un poco por ver c mo ser a el dibujo de Jason con el gui n de Vehlmann a quien no conozco , y es curioso, porque he notado pocas diferencias y casi podr a haberla escrito y dibujado Jason en solitario Quiz s Vehlmann tenga un estilo similar, no lo s.Aunque en un primer momento recuerda sin duda a La isla del tesoro, pronto toma otro rumbo, mezclando numerosos g neros, como es habitual en Jason.El humor en este es mucho m s acentuado que en sus otras obras, m s directo, menos sutil, con muchos chistes y humor absurdo Muy divertida Llena de giros y de humor negro, con una buena dosis de iron a y surrealismo, creo que es menos profundo, dejando un poco de lado ese vac o exi...

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    A quirky little book filled with deadpan, gallows humor Gwenny finds a treasure map in a bottle and talks some pirates into taking her on a hunt for the treasure while looking for her Dad who found a similar map 5 years ago What they...

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    Absolutely hilarious Loving these graphic novels

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    Boy howdy, I love Jason This story centers on a plucky little lady, Gwenny, looking for her father He disappeared while looking for treasure on the titular Isle of 100,000 Graves She finds a map in a bottle, finds a crew to take her there, and uses her crafty intelligence to g...

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    BCDER 88Jason knocks it out of the park yet again, but this time with the help of the richly talented Fabian Vehlmann I liked seeing a Jason product with dialogue than usual The story is typical of what we ve come to...

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    Jason delivers pitch perfect noir every time Every work of his is a monument to minimalism You are a treasure map inside a bottle, you beautiful Norwegian, and I d be a willing prisoner in your island.

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    Gusari, zakopano blago, obiteljska odanost, kola za krvnike i jo puno vi e u ovoj smje noj i zabavnoj avanturi jednostavnog i efektnog crte a.

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    Three letters summarize my reaction to everything about this graphic novel wtf I have been reviewing books here on the goodreads site for three years now and thus far this was by far the hardest book to give a rating for What I liked about this book was that the style of writing and artwork was that difficult to describe weirdness that independent comics seem to have I also liked the satirical nature of the plot it was a piratical island adventure story filled with melodramatic characters, unrealistic conflict and a superbly anti climatic ending which is completely the opposite of what one normally expects when reading such a story What I didn t like was the childish manner in which it was written and some of the problems related to formatting In several places some of the text was cut out of the panels which made it difficult to figure out what was going on To be fair though, the amateurish way the writing seems can be excused if one imagines they are fourteen years old while they read it Seriously, I would have thought this was the greatest thing ...

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