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Shirogane no Ou A Lone Mercenary Traveling In A Foreign Land Is Forced To Participate In A Street Brawl, Fighting Back To Back With A Gun Toting Man Wearing A Pelt Around His Shoulders When They Emerge From The Attack Unscathed, The Man Orders Him To Become His Bodyguard Only Then Does The Mercenary Turned Bodyguard Learn A Surprising Fact This Spirited Fighter Is The King And Between Near Daily Assassination Attempts And His Majesty S Obvious Disdain For Him, His Life At The Palace Is Not An Easy One But Eventually, The Bodyguard Begins To Realize That There Is A Reason Behind The King S Arrogant Demeanour One Which He Becomes Determined To Find Out Still How Can He Protect A Man Who Doesn T Want To Be Protected

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    This was a nice short story.

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