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Raw Creation: Outsider Art Beyond ❮Ebook❯ ➩ Raw Creation: Outsider Art Beyond Author John Maizels – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk For many years what has become known as outsider art the art produced by visionaries spiritualists recluses the mad and the socially marginalized was scorned and ridiculed yet this type of art present For many years what has become known as Outsider Art ePUB ´ outsider art the art produced by visionaries spiritualists recluses the mad and the socially marginalized was scorned and ridiculed yet this type of art presents images of great immediacy and power arising outside accepted Raw Creation: Kindle - art circles These works were not made for patrons or art critics and were often acts of compulsion in circumstances where time is of no conseuence and there is no desire for money.

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  1. Mir Mir says:

    Being mostly familiar with American outsider art I hadn't realized till I read this to what degree the term was associated in the European context with the mentally ill Especially odd as some of the works produced seem not so dissimilar from what in an earlier period in Europe would have been considered folk art in one case the author mentions that a certain artist's outdoor carvings were similar to earlier folk art works in the specific area he lived in but somehow they aren't being included in the same category? Outsider art de facto begins when some mental institution staff notice its uality and stop binning it at the end of the day so it appears in the art historical context to spring into being but of course that probably wasn't the reality Some outsider artists got subseuent training or were sufficiently talented to transition to the establishment ie higher priced art world Some modern artists deliberately paint in a style that is despite experts vague assertions of perceived difference not easily distinguishable from outsider art For these are other reasons the genre is hard to pin down A good range of art examples

  2. Dani Shuping Dani Shuping says:

    Many people are confused upon hearing the term outsider art After all how can anything be outsider art when the definition of art is so loosely defined? And yet this complicated term is somewhat of a standard in the art world and becoming widely studied as art historians and artists realize the importance that these creators have to our world These folks that are self taught folk artists etc have an important place within the art world and this outstanding book takes a close look at their place in the world Maizels experience within and interactions with these artists allows him to place their work into the context of art history and life It is divided into three sections Part one explores Art Brut Dubuffet and the art of the insane; part two focuses on folk and self taught artists around the world; and part three looks at visionary environments The book is composed of many fantastic photographs and illustrations that highlight just what is being discussed throughout the book In fact if there is any complaint about the book is that sometimes the photographs overwhelm the text Overall though this is an important book to a better understanding of the art world and is highly recommended for any artist historian or fan of art

  3. Alan Alan says:

    I've been 'reading' this for a year now by which I mean dipping in and out to view the marvellous paintingsdrawingssculptures pictured here Occasionally reading the essays on the outsiders that produced them Outsiders here meaning 'not trained' Many of them psychiatric patients andor criminals I realise the best way to review is to show some examples of the pictures here but now I've left work I don't have the right gear to scancopy and paste etc so I will redirect you to Miriam's review which has many examples reproduced and her review was the reason I put this book on my wishlist and subseuently received it for Christmas 2017 from my daughter It's been delightingintriguingworrying me now for 12 months Many to comehttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

  4. John Porcellino John Porcellino says:

    A good introduction to the history and artists of Art Brut American Folk Art etc Nice that it includes overviews of cultures beyond the US and Europe as well A lot of the images are frustratingly small especially considering that much of the art in the book is complex and hyper detailed

  5. Kate Kate says:

    Fight the Terror you may findWhen you invade the forces of the mindTest the strength of each convictionLest they lead to contradictionForm with stone the ramparts of your lifeEugene von BruechenheimWhat mark will you have left on this earth that will content your God?Roger Chomeaux

  6. Giselle Scotdeerie Giselle Scotdeerie says:

    While I admit to being late to the party I now confess I love this sort of grass roots art Artists will be artists even if they don't have large glass lit studios and expensive paints and canvas Love it

  7. Genabella Genabella says:

    I have the hard cover edition and it's amazing not sure about the paperback

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