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Brilliant Bread ❰PDF❯ ✐ Brilliant Bread Author James Morton – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Winner of the 2014 Guild of Food Writers Award for Cookery Book of the YearJames Morton was surely the people's favourite to win 2012's Great British Bake Off series with his Fairisle jumpers and ecce Winner of the Guild of Food Writers Award for Cookery Book of the YearJames Morton was surely the people's favourite to win 's Great British Bake Off series with his Fairisle jumpers and eccentric showstoppers this soft spoken Scottish medical student won the viewers' hearts if not the trophyJames's real passion is bread making He is fascinated by the science of it the taste of it the making of it And in Brilliant Bread he communicates that passion to everyone demystifying the often daunting process of proper bread making James uses supermarket flour and instant yeast you can save money by making your own bread You don't even have to knead It just takes a bit of patience and a few simple techniuesUsing step by step photos James guides the reader through the how to of dough making and shaping with recipes ranging from basic loaves through flatbreads sourdoughs sweet doughs buns doughnuts focaccia and pretzels Inspiring and simple to follow with James's no nonsense advice and tips this book will mean you never buy another sliced white loaf again.

10 thoughts on “Brilliant Bread

  1. Katherine Katherine says:

    This is definitely a book that can be read from start to finish and is rewarding using it that way rather than picking through looking for recipes The book is structured almost as a course in bread baking taking you from your basic white loaf to complicated laminated dough for croissants and pain au chocolat I'm a baker who appreciates knowing the science behind what's happening in the bowl or oven it helps me to understand what I'm doing why things go wrong and how I can adjust recipes or use a recipe as the basis for my own creation This is where the book really shines James Morton is the GBBO contestant who was a medical student and he approaches baking the way I do He has learned about the science and explains the whys of gluten yeast sour dough starters and so on in ways that are easy to understand Even things like the relationship between cooking time and crust are explained I also really appreciate his discussion of things like long proves in the fridge and why they're great for flavour as well as making bread baking easier to fit into your lifeThe recipes are pretty great too So far I've made his focaccia and the bread rolls both of which came out beautifully I have plans to try out a tea loaf today and prove it overnight in the fridge for the first time Next up I want to try one of the wholemeal bread recipes and the rye and raisin bread I'd baked bread before I bought this book but all I'd really done was find one recipe and never ever vary from it because it worked So I wasn't exactly a bread expert I'd say this book has something for everyone from novice to experienced baker The early recipes are achievable by anyone and there are plenty of advanced recipes later in the book for bakers with ambition For the first time I actually think I might be able to achieve some of those complicated recipes one day I've set myself a goal of trying to master the simplified rough puff croissants by the time I go to England for Christmas in 2018 to give the family some Christmas morning croissants Highly recommended

  2. LizLovesBooks LizLovesBooks says:

    What a great guide for beginners such as myself I may have highlighted half the book Its set out and written step by step and has given me a greater appreciation for making bread I wanted a book that was simple easy and not too faffy Some bakers over complicate things for us home bakers So it was refreshing to actually enjoy reading from start to finish without be overwhelmed I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to make bread especially begginers

  3. The Tulip The Tulip says:

    This is simply the best bread book availableI am a gormless narcissistic teenager with next to no knowledge of the complex and highly scientific world of bread making After falling in love with the gorgeous James Morton on The Great British Bake Off I decided to buy his book mostly because he looked so cute on the front cover shallow I knowHowever this may have been one of the best impulse buys I have ever made because as well as looking effortlessly cute in all his photos James has written recipes that actually work for amateurs aka idiots like meIf you want to make bread this is the only book you'll need If I can use it to make a good loaf in my dreamy teenage haziness then anyone can

  4. Recep Karabıçak Recep Karabıçak says:

    Good entry book to bread baking Most of the important topics are discussed without diving deep Lots of easy to follow recipes ordered by difficultyOne thing to note the author is UK based and the book is clearly written for UK audience Considering that the main ingredient of a bread flour differs from country to country this may be a problem for people outside UK especially beginners

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I really wanted to love this book Everyone has the right to know how straightforward baking brilliant bread can be Allow me and I'll humbly be your guide as very best I can – if you have any problems get in touch and I'll be happy to help you out World class buns are a goal that should be in every home oven's sights Foreword This book is a little different it is built from the ground up for the home baker IntroductionUnfortunately it also seems to be written for the home cook who has never stepped into the kitchen before or paid any attention in school It seems written for novices andor children It's hard to believe that this man was studying to be a medical doctor but doesn't like the idea of getting all sciency in his explanations However there are good tips on what is and isn't essential euipment as well as tips about ideal oven temperatures for soft breads or crusty breadsBut Virtually every recipe calls for an overly high amount of yeast seemingly for any amount of flour 1 × 7g sachet fast action yeast is called for Unless it's for sourdough bread As I began to read through the sourdough section I found myself saying out loud This Is Not Necessary then No no no no when I read the following If you want to sacrifice some of the romance add some dried yeast It wont technically be spontaneous Starting a StarterIt was here that I started gasping in dismay Don't bother weighing your feeds as this is faff and faff means I can't be bothered to feed my starter as often as it should be fed If you're struggling to judge how much flour and water to use always feed your starter using flour than you think is already in the jar Why?? No wonder he has failuresThere is faulty thinking with the rash statement You should not use the no knead method for sours What a good thing it is that our bread doesn't know about thatThe Bake Off show disallowed James Morton from publishing the recipe he used to make his bagels so he rewrote it But learning that he made those Bake Off bagels in under 4 hours it's not really a wonder that he rewrote the recipe 4 hours? No wonder he calls for so much yeast in his bread recipesI was even amazed to see 1 × 7g sachet fast action yeast plus 100g white sourdough starter ideally 1–2 days since last feed called for in the Fast Brioche recipe that Morton says could be ready in 4 hours All that sourdough starter and all that yeast together for a small loaf that calls for only 200 grams of flour? How unnecessary But it's the Fast aspect of the recipe that is especially amazing particularly after reading he'd rather have a little brilliant bread than lots of bland twaddle in chapter 1 as well as the statement in chapter 3 that after a slow rise all sorts of wonderful flavours develop and your dough will stay fresh for at least twice as longIf half stars were allowed I would rate this book at 25 stars There are some excellent sections in the Understanding Bread part Alas the recipes themselves contain too much faff

  6. Xin Tong Xin Tong says:

    Stumbling upon this book is definitely an unexpected pleasant surprise Finally a simple straightforward succinct bread making book that actually makes sense No bizarre and hard to find ingredients and no tedious babbling Every recipe counts I probably will keep this as my reference book in the futureReally happy to find this gem and glad to see it is well received so far

  7. Paul Norris Paul Norris says:

    Brilliant Book This is ideal for anyone looking to get to grips with baking It explains its technicalities without being technical Highly recommended for anyone taking up baking but with so many classic recipes there’s plenty for someone who’s looking to expand their repertoire too

  8. Mary Frances Mary Frances says:

    Love the no fuss straightforwardness of this book I can now make a mean loaf of white breadkeep coming back to this book for it’s simplicity Love it Feel like this is my little bread bible I try other recipes but still come back and use what I’ve learned from this book still learning

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Disclaimer I haven't made anything from this book yet so I can't rate the recipes However I enjoyed reading it and look forward to testing out some of the breads

  10. Ciara Keeffe Ciara Keeffe says:

    Brilliant way to learn how to bake bread I started at the beginning and made 2 3 breads from each section Highly recommend

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