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Fox 8 [PDF / Epub] ☀ Fox 8 By George Saunders – A darkly comic short story a fable about the all too real impact that we humans have on the environmentFox 8 has always been known as the daydreamer in his pack the one his fellow foxes regarded with A darkly comic short story a fable about the all too real impact that we humans have on the environmentFox has always been known as the daydreamer in his pack the one his fellow foxes regarded with a knowing snort and a roll of the eyes That is until Fox develops a uniue skill He teaches himself to speak “Yuman” by hiding in the bushes outside a house and listening to children’s bedtime stories The power of language fuels his abundant curiosity about people—even after “danjer” arrives in the form of a new shopping mall that cuts off his food supply sending Fox on a harrowing uest to help save his pack.

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  1. Maggie Stiefvater Maggie Stiefvater says:

    This little thing is but a mouthful of fiction but what a lot of flavors in that mouthful — funny sweet sad and hopeful I'm asking the same uestions you are Fox 8

  2. Justin Tate Justin Tate says:

    OMG It's rare for me to literally laugh out loud but this short story had me cracking up every page actually like every paragraph George Saunders' wicked way with words is never exemplified than here in the point of view of a fox His glorious misspellings and hilarious societal observations are just perfect throughout Despite being a 30 45 minute read this one will endure with me foreverSide note I'm an audio lover but you have to read this one to get the jokes After reading I listened to a sample of the audio version just out of curiosity and it killed the experience The misspellings and tone of the text can only be appreciated by seeing the words on the page or Kindle

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    Imagine a fox with such daydreaming power that he falls in love with human storytelling and learns to speak and write human by listening to stories read at bedtime hiding behind a window Imagine him setting out on an adventure that goes entirely wrong because he has based his idea of humanity on that wonderful skill of ours to tell stories and not on real experience of our random crueltyWhat would make the heartbroken fox heal? Understanding answers So he sets out to write a letter and what a letter it is spelling out the confusion uite literallyReeding my Story bak rite now I woslike O no my Story is a bumer There is the deth of a gud pal and no plase of up lift or lerning a leson The nise Fox's first Groop stays lost his frend stays dedBlaIf you Yumans wud take one bit of advise from a meer Fox? By now I know you Yumans like your Storys to end hapy?If you want your Storys to end hapy try being niserFox 8 is rite I think It's worth a try

  4. Melki Melki says:

    Fox 8 has learned to speak Yuman by sitting outside a house at night while a lady reads to her pups Though sometimes he takes umbrage at what she reads particularly that one story about a sly fox that tricked a chicken We do not trik Chikens We are very open and honest with Chikens With Chikens we have a Super Fare Deel which is they make the egs we take the egs they make egs Not Sly at allVery strate forword But now the foxes are starving and Fox 8 must attempt a daring mission to the Fud Cort at the new MawlSurely the Yumans will help a fox who shares so much in common with them won't they? I LOVED this book I laughed long and loud I almost cried then got angry and wanted to punch some people but decided to hug the book instead Fox 8 is one of a kind I love his take on the carousel Why wud Old Yumans enjoy putting Yung Yumans on Fake Horses? And then there's this Once long ago at that Story window I daydreemed those Yumans invited me in and let me hold there Baby And that Baby luvved me so much we soon jerneyed to Collage together whering are little Collage hats It was grate I am hope full that someday Yumans will be all that Fox 8 daydreemed we'd be

  5. Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror says:

    Yumans wud walk by and go Hey look Foxes And drop a bit of fud at us Soon we had karmel korn sevral parshul biskits plus a pare so fresh it did not even stinkI woslike This must be Fud CortFox 7 woslike I gessI'm CRYINGIt seems as though George Saunders knows exactly what Sadie Hartmann loves to DEATH I love anthropomorphic stories like WATERSHIP DOWN with the rabbit colony or Disney's Robin Hood with the cute foxes There's something so endearing about giving animals a human voiceOr a Yuman voice in the case of FOX 8In the world George Saunders creates here Foxes are named in numbers Fox 8 Fox 21 Fox 48 and the specific Fox writing this story YES WRITING this story has a particular fascination with YumansusHe spies on a mother in her children's bedroom telling her pups stories and then touching her snout to her kid's faces and suddenly Fox 8 falls in loveBut things don't always go so wellAs these types of stories go the author reminds us that human beings are not always mindful of the animal kingdom and we neglect our responsibility to respect our furry friends of the wildFox 8 learns some hard lessons about humans and through his sweet pure voice we get to see ourselves as he sees us There are some major laugh out loud moments here I love the way the Foxes talk to one another and to other animals The exchange Fox 8 has with a dog in car parked in a lot is hilariousI also found the odd grammar and spellings totally entertaining and experimental It's weird to see recognizable words and just read them as fast and easy as one would when they're spelled correctly I was TOTAL LEE entertainedThe illustrations were a delightThe ending had me in tears How sweet this little book is and what an important message without being overly so I recommend this for all ages And I'll be passing this along to my sister so she can read it to my nieces

  6. Malia Malia says:

    Fox 8 started out with me chuckling aloud and ended with me near tears That’s a lot of emotion for a book just short of 50 pages It’s unusual original and very relevant I’m not sure how to describe any better than the synopsis above does but I will say it’s well worth reading and I don’t think I’ll be forgetting it anytime soonFind reviews and bookish fun at

  7. David J David J says:

    George Saunders is known for such literary achievements as Tenth of December and Man Booker winner Lincoln in the Bardo but I went with his newest story as my first foray into his work And while I did enjoy the character of Fox 8 and his uirky dialect I was ultimately left asking myself But what’s so new about this?Fox 8 is a curious daydreamer and learns to speak Yuman while listening to children’s bedtime stories outside of a bedroom window But with this new insight Fox 8 soon learns that his life and habitat are threatened by the impact of Yumans and their new construction of a mall in the foxes’ domain He must decide the best course of action to this peculiar and danjer ous new predicamentSaunders definitely has a gift I was easily transported into Fox 8’s mind and his particular way of talking was somehow refreshing This short story—a fable really—is often sweet and funny sad but hopeful Saunders ultimately asks us to look at human impact on the environment in a touching but kind of banal way I kept thinking of Isao Takahata’s 1994 film Pom Poko which has a very similar though complex plot The human nature relationship is a staple in most if not all of the films produced by Studio Ghibli of which Pom Poko belongs I feel that Saunders didn’t really add anything to the conversation here especially when Takahata’s film widely presented this problem nearly 25 years ago Nevertheless it’s a fun little story and a probably gentle introduction into Saunders’s work I do have Lincoln in the Bardo so I’ll get to it eventually

  8. Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows) Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows) says:

    If my review doesn't make sense it's because I'm writing this through watery eyes WOW this book packs a PUNCH It's absolutely brilliant in every aspect Adorable illustrations the view of a fox the writing itself I really could go on and onThis is a tale of innocence A fox trying to be better to find a way to supply food to his family One single act changes him forever The lesson here is deep and certainly socially relevant Things I absolutely loved was the way it was written the crude spelling because hey a Fox is trying here And reading it this way was actually uite fun The interactions between the fox and other creatures his own kind and the imagination he has was highly entertaining and had me giggling a lot in my seatBasically I love foxes I hate humans READ THIS BOOK

  9. Henk Henk says:

    Short sweet and kind of familiar but overall satisfyingly fitting in the Christmas spiritWe follow Fox 8 🦊 who picked up “Yuman” language and is uite a dreamer and an optimist His world is shaken up by the building of a “Mawl” and an act of sudden cruelty Fortunately he finds friends in the end so that he can plea for kindness at the conclusion of this fableThe book is rather sweet in my opinion but beautifully illustrated In terms of story I haven’t yet read Watership Down but Fox 8 feels like a condensed children version of what I know based on the tv series which I did see as a child The love of nature is evident and I felt compelled to read on so three stars despite the fact that Fox 8 felt rather familiar

  10. Judith E Judith E says:

    There are a lot of life lessons packed in this little ditty about a fox that learns to read and speak in ‘Yuman’ As his journey takes him from his cozy fox community to the shopping mall and then to a new den and life he uestions why Yumans can’t be nicer Creative succinct and a bit whimsical George Saunders’ message is loud and clear Thanks for reminding us

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