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Persephones Orchard The Chrysomelia Stories #1 ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Persephones Orchard The Chrysomelia Stories #1 By Molly Ringle ➸ – The Greek gods never actually existed Did they Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she's pulled into the spirit realm complete with an Underworld on her first day at college A The Greek gods never actually existed Did The Chrysomelia MOBI ☆ they Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she's pulled into the spirit realm complete with an Underworld on her first day at college Adrian the mysterious young man who brought her there simply wants her to taste a pomegranate Soon though she returns to her regular life her mind begins exploding with dreams and memories of Persephones Orchard PDF \ ancient times; of a love between two Greeks named Persephone and Hades But lethal danger has always surrounded the immortals and now that she's tainted with the Underworld's magic that danger is drawing closer to Sophie.

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  1. Nevaeh Lee Nevaeh Lee says:

    Okay so when you think of Hades the Greek god of the Underworld you might picture someone like this Or this Or even this But what if Hades looked like this? Mm hmmthat's what I thought Being above ground is overrated right? ;o Anyone who is fond of Greek mythology will absolutely love Persephone's Orchard but you definitely do not have to be to enjoy this book which definitely puts a different spin on the story of Hades and Persephone than you have ever come across or ever will again And for the die hard mythologists did I just totally make up that word? those two are not the only gods and goddesses that appear in the story There's also Hermes who is hilarious by the way Demeter and Aphrodite among others Oh and how could I forget to mention Adonis? ;o But the best part about this book is the clever way the author intertwines the past and the present the real life and the fiction The story is than just a modern spin on a myth it actually fuses the two together She'd known her life was about to change when she arrived at college but she hadn't imagined it would veer straight into the surrealYeah she's not kidding either Beyond the story itself the characters are really well done I actually really liked Sophie who is the exact opposite of a wishy washy heroine I can't come up with a word for this but whatever it is that's her When she makes a decision she sticks with it and doesn't back down Straight shooter all the way The things he had shown her and told her seemed real They felt real Her instincts insisted he wasn't lying Hiding things sure lots of them probably; but not lyingAnd he had a dog a nice dog He couldn't be too evil or dangerous if he had such a great dog She smirked at herself for thinking that yet on some level it still struck her as a reliable deductionActually that sounds really reasonable to me tooAnd then there's Adrian who says the most swoon worthy things Is that why you're trying to bring me on board? To help with the workload? I'm trying to bring you on board because I've never lived a life without you And I don't want to start now The sweet declaration warmed her heart But she kept the lightness in her tone when she responded So it's because of who I used to be? What if I'd been born into this life as someone horrible and obnoxious?His beautiful eyes met hers With that soul you couldn't have been The author uses alternating points of view which guides the story through both the past and present of both characters particularly well The writing is really good and overall I just really enjoyed this book And yes it does have a bit of a cliffhanger but I've been informed that this is definitely part of a series so I will look forward to of Ms Ringle's writing in the hopefully near future

  2. Kaitlin Bevis Kaitlin Bevis says:

    I actually really liked this book When I first realized that this was one of those Persephone reincarnated into the modern day things I have to admit I was nervous I've read a lot of versions of Persephone though I waited until my first book was completely drafted and in ueries until I did just to be safe with the exception of LJ Smith's Forbidden Games that was my favorite book when I was twelve seriously read it and I've seen that done several times without it ever actually seeming to work for me lots of people love them and there's nothing wrong with that Either Hades is always still Hades but Persephone is somehow being reborn every so often which feels really weird to me or they're both not exactly reincarnations but two people with similar powers who just so happen to repeat a similar story for no real concrete reasonThis book succeeded where those books failed Yes the characters were reincarnations of Hades and Persephone but they both were and they were also 100% themselves Sophie was a character in her own right as well as being Persephone who managed to be a completely developed independent character of her own that complimented Sophie in such a way that it felt natural that they were also the same personRingle captures the complexities of the whole reincarnation thing without resorting to Oh we like loved each other in another life so we're in insta love now trope Each lifetime felt like it happened and it mattered and that it happened independently of their prior lives Sophie didn't like Adrian at first it took her a long time to warm up to him and when she did the pacing felt natural not like she was forced into it by her prior livesI'm sure I'm babbling but this is seriously the only time I've seen reincarnated souls that actually had enough depth to be believable It kind of reminded me of Soul Mates by LJ Smith but for a mature audience I also really enjoyed Ringle's vision of the Greek gods of being essentially gifted humans who happened to be immortal They don't have limitless power and they were kind of figuring everything out as they went along I thought the whole Thanatos cult against the immortals thing was pretty interesting and kept the tension high butt honestly I didn't even need conflict I was so wrapped up in watching this world and all the lifetimes within it unfold that the conflict and tension was bonus This was a beautiful story and I'm really excited to see how it unfolds in future installments of the series

  3. Rachel Alexander Rachel Alexander says:

    “It had to unleash some invisible magic he thought; Hades and Persephone joining together again within these black and holy stone walls for the first time in millennia As they indulged in enjoying one another how could they not be reactivating some power within the Earth itself? Surely they were at least bringing autumn storm clouds rolling and thundering over the MediterraneanBut probably every boy felt that way when finally in bed caressing the girl he loved” I uoted the excerpt above because it is just one of those magical pieces of prose that in the Coleridgian sense is poetry In other words it produces all the right words in all the right orderI read Persephone's Orchard a year ago and it still remains one of the most uniue and engaging retellings of the Hades and Persephone myth I've ever read Spoiler alert I've read them ALLThe tale sways back and forth between the present day with Adrian and Sophie and to the distant Minoan past where Molly Ringle gives a thoroughly plausible if such a thing can be called that when we're talking about gods explanation for why the gods are immortalMore importantly there is a refreshing lack of animosity between Demeter and Hades a plot convention that is almost impossible to avoid when writing about the Persephone mythI especially loved Ringle's delving into the distant past from Hades' perspective He starts out as a seemingly mortal farmer and since he is a Khthonic god first and foremost being from the earth and most often portrayed by the ancient greeks as an agrarian deity this fits him perfectlyThe characterizations an settings are splendid without being too wordy and that is WITH a great deal of world building It is in and of itself nearly impossible to achieve both those things in the same book but Ringle does so with graceI very much look forward to the rest of the books in her series

  4. Molly Ringle Molly Ringle says:

    Want an origin story for this book? Sure I knew you didLong long ago when I had a dial up modem and Goodreads wasn't even a thing yet I wrote a novel called Letters from Hades about a young woman named Sophie who is seized and taken to the Underworld by well Hades I had read D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths a zillion times since childhood and knew that this was a traumatic event for poor Persephone but even so that Underworld sure fascinated me Plus Persephone ended up UEEN of the place not locked in a closet or anything so there was clearly going on here than just a sordid kidnappingThus I found a way to make it a love story I've since learned that about 8000 other authors were doing the same thing but that's okay; none of us have done it exactly the same way My friends and family who read the novel which I had printed out and stuck in a three ring binder really liked it In fact even though I never got it published back then and started writing other books instead which did get published they'd still ask me about it from time to time What about Letters from Hades? I liked thatThey never stopped asking There must be something to this idea So in 2012 I opened up that old novel again figured out a way to give it a full update complete with text messages and a new set of characters and began my rewrite from the ground up And I had the time of my life and loved it even than the first go round and the story sprawled out into a trilogyIt doesn't take much research to find that there is no one proper way to tell any of the Greek myths People developed their own favorite versions in different areas with contradictory details cropping up between one story and another Therefore in taking a Greek myth and turning it on its ear I figure I'm only adding to the longstanding tradition of creating a version of events I personally am fond of I hope you like it too

  5. Anne-Marie Anne-Marie says:

    Where is the seuel? I need the seuelTo me this book deserves a lot recognition than what it currently gets It is marvellous and this is coming from a historymythology geek From the moment I picked up the book with the intention to read a first few pages before going to bed I couldn't put it down I got wrapped up in the story and couldn't do anything but read this amazing book Molly did an amazing job with the memories from previous lives I read a couple of stories attempting the same thing remembering moments once forgotten and it never got to me the way it did in this bookI don't care that there are severous liberties taken when it comes to being true to the actual myth It's an adaptation Seriously Molly Ringle I bow to your greatness and await the seuel impatiently You left us all on a cliffhanger Really woman give birth to this seuel already D

  6. Danni Danni says:

    I don't know why there is a hype about this I couldn't even finish it The writing is terrible The characters unrealistic and unlikable and the complete story is out of whack Phones in other dimensions????? Was this not researched at all Texts and calls work because of PHONE TOWERS not radio freuencies and would absolutely NOT work in another dimension And since when do those from the underworld have smart phones anyway The whole plot is unrealistic and unbelievable There is no scientific evidence to back up a single statement that is made You can create supernatural beings but you can't defy the laws of physics without a pretty good excuse another thing this lacked The main characters were naive and unrealistic Aiden behaved like a child than anything else And Sophie was completely naive and honestly dumb She believed everything she was told even though it made no sense It was like reading the dreams of a child I received this for a review and could not find a redeeming uality to write about to help this book out

  7. Laura Laura says:

    I've fought my way through half this book and I am just bored to tears I love Greek mythology especially the retellings of Hades and Persephone into a love storybut not here The characters are boring their romance is boring the secret evil organization hardly comes into play and I give up

  8. Jenn : Godzilla is King Jenn : Godzilla is King says:

    First I would like to mention I received this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewThe first thing that comes to mind is Holy Wow batman I loved this book I am a huge fan of Greek Mythology and reading Persephone's Orchard put a whole new spin on it for me I'm also a huge believer in reincarnation a and have taken my own past lives test Reading Hades's and Persephone's story going back and forth between realms was totally cool Hades was just so loveable too in this story and I just felt for him missing Persephone so muchNow when I knew it was Melissa who set them up I was a bit upset but when she said she wanted in on the immortality scene I was so ready to just reach through the book and beat her senseless As this is the 1st book in the series I would very much like to be notified when 2nd book comes out Thank you very much for letting me read your book

  9. Gnomie Gnomie says:

    Strictly a YA book characters did not mature despite having centuries of memeories rather boring would not read next book

  10. Carla D. Carla D. says:

    Opinião em português no blog Pepita Mágica received a digital arc from the author through Fangirls and Fanboys group from Goodreads in exchange for an honest reviewI need to start this review by stating that I’m a huge Ancient Culture lover especially Greek Culture – chiefly about its mythology Therefore while I was taking my degree I took several classes about this theme even though the main focus of my degree was performing arts and cinema Having said that any book that uses mythology in general and the Greek mythology in particular it’s a must read book I have a personal relationship with Dionysus my surname is directly related to the god of wine theatre and madness but Hades is without a doubt one of the gods of the Greek pantheon that most fascinates me Maybe because he is kind of “neglected” and poorly explores in the myths Persephone’s Orchard for the reason I already stated was an obligatory book for me And I have to say that I was so happy that I liked this book so much I must confess I was a bit worried that I wasn’t going to like it for several reasons its writing; the way the myths were going to be used; etc but nothing like that happened I enjoyed it a lot Firstly I think the author was very intelligent in the way she approached the myth about Persephone’s kidnap because as the author I always thought it was than just a kidnap Maybe it was my naivety but I always believed Hades had “kidnap” Persephone’s because he loved her okay it’s a twisted way of showing it and in my wildest dreams that feeling was corresponded by Persephone Hades always had a “bad reputation” among other gods and maybe because of that drastic measures were needed For me it was never an actual kidnap And it was what Molly Ringle did She created a beautiful love story between two Greek gods who fought against everything and everyone and from their several different lives they always find each otherHades and Persephone’s myth is not the only myth in this book there is ; and we have a lot characters than just those two Aphrodite Hermes Zeus Hera Apollo among others and I think it was a really good thing about the book To be honest the parts I most loved were the ones about the memories the flashbacks about the gods’ lives and such although the story that took in the present Sophie and Adrian was also really interesting and I liked itAlbeit I’d like to have seen about the way the gods died and how they reincarnated in mortal people throughout the history of humankind It’s a subject that is always present but we never actually see it How did Hades die? Or Persephone? Ou any other god in this book? And on top of that I thought that Thanatos was a bit poorly developed in the story If we think deeply about it it kind of makes sense since not even the characters know much about it Thanatos is just a scary omnipresent shadow of destruction – a bit like the actual idea of Thanatos in the mythologyMolly Ringle has a fluid and interesting writing Despite the several jumps in time she has the ability to keep the story coherent and making sense all way until the end It keeps us hooked to every word Definitely it’s a well written book and it’s notorious the author put a lot of thinking on those words Since it’s a saga I want to keep reading so much

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