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No Fond Return of Love [PDF / Epub] ☂ No Fond Return of Love Author Barbara Pym – Dulcie Mainwaring the heroine of the book is one of those excellent women who is always helping others and never looking out for herself especially in the realms of love The novel has a delicate tangl Dulcie Mainwaring the heroine of the book Return of PDF/EPUB å is one of those excellent women who is always helping others and never looking out for herself especially in the realms of love The novel has a delicate tangle of schemes No Fond ePUB í and unfulfilled dreams hidden secrets and a castle or two Told wonderfully in the deadpan honesty that has become a Pym hallmark this book is a delight.

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  1. Ian Ian says:

    Anyone who has a fondness for the repressed English middle class should find this enchanting With characters who glory in names like Dulcie Mainwaring Viola Dace and Aylwin Forbes you know you are in the territory of comedy of manners Pym has been compared to Austen which is unfair on anyone but whereas Austen dealt in a society of strict rules Pym's London of the turn of the 60's deals in much vague customs and therein lies the comedy the etiuette of the church jumble sale who to invite to dinner parties dare one mention a mutual acuaintance who might be thought to be a libertine?This is a comfortable read lovely sweet and heart warming like a cup of tea after a bracing walk But it is a level above comfort reading because the details are just right in cup of tea terms the china pot has been warmed properly and the porcelain cup is spot on Someone has even made a fire in the hearth Come on in and make yourself comfortable

  2. Ali Ali says:

    “There are various ways of mending a broken heart but perhaps going to a learned conference is one of the unusual”How could a novel with such an opening sentence not be anything but wonderful? I already had an idea that No Fond Return of Love along with Jane and Prudence – was my favourite Pym I’m now convinced of itShortly after her engagement is broken off Dulcie Mainwaring attends a conference at a girl’s boarding school in Derbyshire Clustered together are a strange group of scholars indexers and proof readers Dulcie is given a room next to Viola Dace who has been holding a bit of a torch for Aylwin Forbes who will speaking during the weekend and for whom she has previously done some indexing work Aylwin becomes something of a fascinating figure for both women but increasingly for Dulcie Once the conference is over and everyone back home Aylwin a handsome scholar separated from his wife becomes the focus for Dulcie’s fantasies and fairly thorough investigations Dulcie is living alone in a large house she once shared with her parents she is soon joined by her eighteen year old niece Laurel and not long after that Viola Dace – in need of a temporary home also moves in Dulcie begins to indulge in what today we would not hesitate to call fairly intensive stalking With the help of various directories and who’s who – Dulcie tracks down Aylwin’s mother in law and Anglican priest brother Viola rather aids and abets Dulcie – the two of them discussing the Forbes family at length neither of them thinking it in the least odd for Dulcie to visit her Aunt and Uncle so that she has an excuse to go home via Aylwin’s brother’s church Meanwhile Dulcie’s niece Laurel has started a tentative relationship with the boy next door – while longing to move out of Dulcie’s house and into a bedsitter – where she can lead a bachelor girl kind of life and eat in coffee bars It is while she is in the midst of this transition that she first comes to the notice of Aylwin Forbes himself despite his being older than her father Thus the scene is set for a fabulous comedy of manners and unreuited love Part of Barbara Pym’s genius lays in the minutely observed everyday situations of her upper middle class characters we may never have lived their lives yet somehow they are peculiarly recognisable There is a delicious dry humour to Pym’s writing that is comforting and subtly profound Her dialogue and interactions between characters is as ever spot on some of the scene just brilliantly acute The awkwardness of a hotel dining room the worry of whether a cauliflower cheese will stretch avoiding someone at a station Barbara Pym portrays all these curious little things with absolute perfection “Sitting aimlessly in bedrooms often on the bed itself is another characteristic feature of the English holidays The meal was over and it was only twenty five past seven 'The evening stretches before us' Viola said gloomily” I love the way Pym manages to expose those wicked little thoughts we all have from time to time I think many readers have found that there is very much to Miss Pym than meets the eye Of course one of the things regular readers of Pym’s novel adore – is how she drops characters from other novels into the story here we glimpse characters from A Glass of Blessings

  3. Mary Durrant Mary Durrant says:

    Just delightful and what was very much needed to take me away from reality

  4. Russell Russell says:

    Barbara Pym is for me one of the best writers that I have ever read She has a way of making every day life in little British towns seem so interesting and enthralling that I never want to leave This tale of a woman's obsession with a man she meets at an indexing and editing conference showed such deft touch that at the end I felt sad to leave Dulcie's life She creates a mystery in her mind that revolved around this man Aylwin and searches out his wife with whom he is currently separated his brother a pastor who has had one of his clergy fall in of with him and his mother who is just plain odd Dulcie is so involved in where and how Aylwin came to be who he is and really in all accounts we should not care But I did I felt like I was there with her each step of her odd journeyPym also has a way of making little side characters interesting enough that when they take full control of the story you are not thrown off but not so much that the take away from everything else From Paul the flower guy to Dulcie's niece I was hookedI highly recommend Pym to people who like books like Stoner or Gilead Books about simple life and how people are who they are

  5. Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore says:

    Another of my ‘theme’ reads for June and another that was a perfect fit taking us back into the familiar world of proof readers editors and index makers Dulcie Mainwaring lives alone in a London suburb in her large family home after her mother’s death She has been working from home over the last few years making indexes and has been leading a generally happy though perhaps not particularly eventful life At a conference she encounters Viola Dace who is besotted with the very handsome Dr Alwyn Forbes—but Alwyn has problems of his own His marriage is breaking up and his lecture at the conference doesn’t go exactly as planned when he faints while delivering it Meanwhile Dulcie’s niece Laurel comes into town to stay with her while she is taking a secretarial course while Viola moves in as well Alwyn begins to take an interest in Laurel and Dulcie herself a little in Alwyn Laurel has another admirer of course and Dulcie’s ex finacé seems to be rethinking his decision But this somewhat ridiculous and convoluted state of affairs doesn’t cause anyone too much heartbreak and Dulcie certainly has her share of fun looking into Alwyn’s family and roots and taking a active part not on her own behalf though rather than simply watching things play out Play out they do and with other characters with their own eccentricities idiosyncrasies and problems there is plenty for the reader to ‘watch’ and smile along withThis one was probably among the lighter hearted Pyms all of them are of course but this some do end up having a touch of melancholy but this one didn’t I liked Dulcie uite a lot and enjoyed watching her antics as she gets up to all sorts of tricks to satisfy her curiosity about Alwyn and his family Dulcie isn’t one of Pym’s excellent women—she doesn’t really attend church or involve herself in charity work—but looking into Alwyn takes her to those familiar Pymish places various church services a charity jumble sale even a seaside trip and the reader certainly has fun going along There are twists and turns and some unexpected things that happen just the kind that life throws up every now and then but nothing to bring you down but just flow along with pleasantly a world that is lovely to lose oneself in for a bit

  6. Katherine L Katherine L says:

    I'd never heard of Barbara Pym before but happened on an article describing her work and how it went out of fashion and then sort of came back in again the next time I was at the library I picked up one of her books No Fond Return of Love This book sounds like it should be a romance novel and is sort of Almost everything in this novel is driven by chance the main character meets the women who becomes her annoying friend at a conference simply because they are rooming next door to each other; they later become roommates simply because one of them has rooms available at a time that the other needs to move not because of any great friendship; and they investigate and by modern standards stalk the life of a handsome man simply because they are bored not out of any great interest or real passion for the man himselfThere are mild plots and subplots and a generous helping of day to day life of a particular English class at a particular time And there are marriages But this is much closer to Jane Austen who is mentioned along with a lot of funny metacommentary about what it means to be a writer and flesh out a character than to today's standard page turning sexual tension driven in search of a better life romance that has to end up with an obvious happily ever after If you like The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series or even George Orwell's The Clergyman's Daughter you'll probably like this story and by extension the rest of her work I also thought that this sort of story was what JK Rowling was trying to achieve in The Casual Vacancy and I like Pym's work betterI really l liked it; as advertised it's like sitting down for a cup of tea with knitting and I felt time slow down around me as I read Off to the library in search of

  7. ^ ^ says:

    Bittersweet and tender the plot of “No Fond Return Of Love” beckons its reader through a broken heart into a plot comprising a residential conference in Derbyshire an Anglo Catholic Lent a missing clergyman the most uncongenial English seaside BB establishments imaginable and back for final statements in London It’s a plotline of unusual combination which remarkably works The ‘learned conference’ which brilliantly begins the first two chapters of this book sets the initial note of Pymregret within the book It doesn’t take long page 3 to be exact before the reader discovers that this gathering is far from being a sparkling Oxbridge exercise of academic cut thrust for the prize of determining and polishing reputations and determining pecking order within the peer group No This is instead a gathering of worthy cleaners of those who scrabble to identify and claim their ordered places through the housekeeping work of preparing learned manuscripts for the published glorification of authoritative academics As worker bees their reward is merely to bathe in the cooler reflected sunshine that represents a less lauded association with the reputational glory conferred by published academic researchThe tragedy of coming second of confidence portrayed in watercolour rather than in oils is subtly painted within those first two chapters before changing medium to bounce and play loose as might a reel of decaying 1960s peach Sylko cotton thread dropped from the making of a debutante’s dress Through the maze of social uncertainty and angst which forms the meat of the remainder of this book the plot finally winds up with a second stamp of that trademarked enigmatic bittersweet Pymregret; this time left hanging on the inside of window in Ladbroke Grove in the less fashionable North Kensington A strangely addictive book indeed

  8. Sakshi Kathuria Sakshi Kathuria says:

    Review to be up soon Loved the voice and wit of Barbara Pym and I am so happy to have made a discovery and foray into her writing

  9. Ruthiella Ruthiella says:

    Little did I know that there is a “Pymverse” in which many of Barbara Pym’s characters operate For careful readers there is a tiny Easter egg from Excellent Women in Less Than Angels and now I find another follow up tidbit from Less than Angels in No Fond Return of Love I don’t know why but this makes me absurdly happyThe main character of No Fond Return of Love is Dulcie Mainwaring who decides to attend a weekend conference on publishing she works freelance as an indexer and research to help her get over her broken engagement Dulcie likes researching people as well ‘ I love finding out about people’ said Dulcie ‘I suppose it’s a sort of compensation for the dreariness of everyday life’ I have to imagine that Dulcie shares this interest in the lives of strangers with Barbara Pym herself At the conference Dulcie meets the dreary Viola Dace a fellow indexer and Aylwin Forbes a handsome married forty something author with whom both Viola and Dulcie maybe sort of fall in love It’s all very Pymsian as their lives intertwine making the London suburbs seem like cozy village rather than a sprawling metropolis As usual I laughed out loud multiple times The humor is so subtle and surprising

  10. Kate Kate says:

    This is a uiet English novel about a single woman working a uiet job Her fiancé broke off their engagement and she now lives alone in her deceased parents' house By all descriptions in the story she is dowdy and boring but she slowly insinuates herself into other people's lives and in doing so creates a new interesting life for herself I almost gave up halfway through as it is not a page turner but the ending was worth the reading While I usually like action in my reading there is a place for uieter stories and I will give Barbara Pym another try Thanks to Thomas of The Readers for the recommendation

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