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Self Reliance - What Do Mean You Didnt Know? In The Wake Of America S Long Term Fiscal Deficit Crisis And The Strain That It Places On The Viability Of The Country S Safety Net Systems Like Social Security And Medicare Coupled With The Fact That Most Corporations Are No Longer Establishing Or Funding Traditional Pension Plans, The Need To Understand This Notion Of Self Reliance In The 21st Century Is Now Important Than Ever For African Americans A Failure To Recognize The Role That You Must Play In Securing The Life That You Have Envisioned For Yourself And Your Family Could Prove Disastrous In The End, I Can T Say That Nobody Really Cares Any But Certainly, Nobody Should Care Than You.

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    I found this book to be a great read and recommend to all The book provides sound financial advice from the reality and perspective of the average African American This book also explores the subjects that need to be discussed in our community to move forward in closing the disparities in income and wealth generation A must read