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The Jericho Sanction ❮Reading❯ ➻ The Jericho Sanction Author Oliver North – When his cover is blown and his wife is kidnapped in Jerusalem Lt Col Peter Newman realises he may have to pay a catastrophic price for his participation in a secret government mission to uncover Irai When his cover is blown and his wife is kidnapped in Jerusalem Lt Col Peter Newman realises he may have to pay a catastrophic price for his participation in a secret government mission to uncover Irai nuclear weaponsNewman has always been willing to put his life on the line for his country The Jericho Epub / As concern that Ira may already possess nuclear weapons grows he once again puts America first and agrees to undertake a clandestine mission to uncover the weapons But when his cover is blown and his wife is kidnapped in Jerusalem Newman discovers that his courage has put than just his own life at riskMatters become even complicated when Israel discovers that Ira has nukes and plans a pre–emptive strike on Baghdad with Jericho missiles – an event that could have unprecedented conseuences Newman is the only man who knows all of the pieces to the puzzle and the only one experienced and brave enough to prevent full–scale nuclear war But as time ticks away will he be able to both save his wife and prevent Armageddon or will he have to make a terrible choice.

10 thoughts on “The Jericho Sanction

  1. Eric Eric says:

    A delightful little uick summer read The good guys are all very VERY good and the bad guys are all very VERY bad You know the good guys are going to win in the end but it is a jolly romp to get there

  2. John Bruni John Bruni says:

    It's just not my cup of tea I only bought the book so I could meet Oliver North at a signing in Oak Brook I had reasons but reading his book wasn't one of them I just figured I'd read it since I had it I'm not generally a fan of thrillers at least not in book form They don't work for me I don't mind them in movie form They can be fun sometimes But it takes a great writer to get me into such a book Ian Fleming could do it but very few others can North and his ghost writer couldn't

  3. Phil Phil says:

    Boring with tons of military abreviations and implied insight The story gets lost within the military jargon It's too bad it's not a bad plot and story

  4. Clem Clem says:

    Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North’s second novel He’s actually a very good author – not some celebrity shlock cashing in on a famous name I read his first book many years ago this one was released 13 years prior to when I read it He’s written several since and I was pleasantly surprised by that effort as wellThis is one of those “continuing character” books The hero in this novel is present in most if not all of North’s efforts Not surprisingly with a guy like Oliver North writing a book you can kind of guess the subject matter Military espionage terrorists the Middle East preventing nuclear war etc etc etcAlthough this is a good book I confess that I found nothing particularly dynamic or fresh in it Maybe I’ve read too many Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn novels This one doesn’t deviate from the formula You pretty much know everything that’s going to happen In addition to the above mentioned cliché subject matters the plot really isn’t that original either We have Russians illegally selling Ira nukes clandestine operatives in the Middle East with not one but two aliases a kidnapping a clueless inept American congress and President and therefore a rogue agent who doesn’t “follow the rules”Oliver North tends to get a tad too preachy in his books It’s not that I have a problem with his beliefs or sentiments – I actually find such attitudes refreshing but North lays it on his readers rather thick There are uite a few diversions within the book where one character will ask another something like “So tell me about your belief in Jesus again” And North will spend the next few pages conducting a mini sermon I found it a tad too pedantic and can’t help feeling that an unconverted reader won’t be swayed yet only highly annoyed He did this in his first book as well Well it is better than reading about grouchy secularists Anyway On a related note I didn’t find the book “overly political” either And for that I’m very gratefulI imagine one would really like this book if you’re somewhat new to the genre or if you really like modern military stories It’s very good just not very original

  5. Linda Goudreau Linda Goudreau says:

    Dang good storyMust say Oliver North you are a superior writer You too Joe Musser The story is all tied up by the end Doesn't seem to be anything left out The characters situation dialogue are all interesting keeps you turning pages long after eyes have started to shut down for the night Looking forward to stories ThanksAmarillo Turtle

  6. Riya B Riya B says:

    This is a very serious and mature book But it taught me a lot about history and the wars in the Middle East I found this book very interesting because it shows the life of people in the military and the FBI It is very inspirational so I recommend it to pretty much everyone in middle school and above

  7. Pete Pete says:

    A strong follow up to the debut novel with entertaining and exciting exploits provided by Peter Newman This series is a cut above most others in the genre and on par with the best efforts by Vince Flynn

  8. Slick Topping Slick Topping says:

    Good bookThis is the second I have read this book It is a fast pace book It took me 3 days to read When you start to read this book time will slip away I am very excited to read the third book I really like the story is told

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    Awesome book I'm sad it's finished but looking for to Peter Newmans new adventure The Assassins

  10. Jim Sturgill Jim Sturgill says:

    Gripping page turnerI am reading this series for the third time and an just as engaged as the first reading North pulls you in and keeps you holding on till the end

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