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Gold Medal Winter ➧ [Ebook] ➢ Gold Medal Winter By Donna Freitas ➲ – After years of practice and competitions of sit spins and perfect poses and thrillingly high jumps Esperanza Flores will be skating for the United States But with the excitement of an Olympic shot com After years of practice and competitions of sit spins and perfect poses and thrillingly high jumps Esperanza Flores will be skating for the United States But with the excitement of an Olympic shot comes new Gold Medal eBook è attention and BIG distractionsSuddenly Espi can't go out with her friends or even out her back door without reporters and autograph seekers following her every move The other US figure skaters have a lot international experience and they let Espi know they don't think she's ready And Hunter Wills the men's figure skating champion seems to be flirting with her even as the press matches her up with Danny Morrison the youngest and maybe cutest member of the US hockey teamIn the midst of all this Espi is trying to master an impossible secret jump that just might be her key to a medal Can she focus enough to shut out the drama find her edge over the competition and make the Olympics as golden as her dreams.

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  1. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    After taking the Ladies Figure Skating silver at nationals Esperanza can hardly believe she’s on the Olympic team If she wants to medal she’ll have to overcome self doubt mean girls cute boys and backstage dramaGOLD MEDAL WINTER appeals to middle grade and younger YA readers and skating fans Donna Freitas gives readers a sweet story with little edge or tension I loved Esperanza’s relationship with her mom devotion to her coach and friendships with her former classmates The diner where her mom works and all the supportive people created a real sense of extended family Coach Chen and her husband are the kind of people everyone should have in their lives Some of the minor characters seemed straight out of central casting the mean girl with no positive attributes the nice girl who was nothing but supportiveGOLD MEDAL WINTER is a winner for tween and younger teens

  2. Liviania Liviania says:

    Esperanza Flores called Espi is a sixteen year old figure skater who gets her big break when she places second at Nationals the year one of the top US skaters is out with a knee injury Unexpectedly she's on the US Olympic team I love figure skating I did it myself as a child and I've never forgotten how much fun it is Plus it's one of the funnest sports to watch Thus I had very high hopes for GOLD MEDAL WINTER For the most part it delivered I liked that GOLD MEDAL WINTER emphasizes that ice skating is tough and reuires a great deal of practice and dedication Like most performers and athletes Espi is superstitious Belief in yourself and not giving into mind games or the pressure is also part of winning But Espi gets caught up in a lot of drama on her way to the games I really didn't like the love triangle in GOLD MEDAL WINTER Espi has made it the the Olympics something she's been working for for years but instead she's going to spend her time worrying about boys? Like Espi's coach I was disappointed that she was giving into the drama I was also disappointed that in the end their isn't much description of Espi's routines GOLD MEDAL WINTER is a uick middle grade read that will satisfy ice skating and Olympics fans Author Donna Freitas incorporates a lot of detail about how the team is picked and such that adds to the verisimilitude of the story Espi's Dominican heritage also adds another layer of interest to the story Predicting the ending isn't much trouble but the journey is fun

  3. Zoey K. Zoey K. says:

    I've read this book twice now and I find things i didn't find before All the drama and anxiety gets to Espi but in the end she prevails as Americas darling Espi is very well rounded girl that learns to handle what everyone says good or bad In this book she has learned how to pick herself up and learned how to bring herself down

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    I LOVED this book Loved it loved it loved it I'm so looking forward to not only read it again but to read Gold Medal Summer This book is one of my favorites

  5. Audrey Audrey says:

    This was a very fun and exciting book to read I definitely feel like the romance could have been better developed and this is one of those stories that's really predictable However it was still really entertaining A enjoyable and uick read

  6. Claudia Claudia says:

    Although this book is intended for a young audience it is one of the better skating novels I have read recently Although it is filled with teenage angst and silliness the story really does focus on skating The author performed sufficient research to provide realistic detail about the current state of competitive ice skating Her description of attending the Olympics seemed very realThe book has its flaws Where the Olympics were being held and when is not mentioned That may be just to provide a timelessness I am also left wondering which Olympic champion was erased from history to make room for Coach Chen I would guess Yamaguchi Baiul or Lipinski The author also seems to beat the reader over the head with the ethnicity of the main character There are a lot of Spanish phrases inserted in the text seemingly for that purpose The Press also nicknamed the character Spinorita I don't know if that's offensive or not but I cringed every time I read it

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    This book was amazing and showed the struggles of a small town skating girl who is suddenly finds that she has a potential chance for gold in the Olympics for figure skating Being the first to land a uad sal is an amazing plot line and being a Dominican is showing that she is different I didn't really care for the romance but I understand why it was there I love that she stays normal like a normal high school girl even after getting chosen; she still has the struggles of a normal high schooler I wish they showed about her Olympic routine because that would have been the best moment in the story So glad that Stacie was exposed as the mean girl I think I would have sold that girl out I haven't read Gold Medal Summer yet but looks really good

  8. Lynette Lynette says:

    I read this book over the summer and I absolutely loved it Espinoza Flores the main character is an Olympic figure skater that deals with a lot of drama during the course of her career She’s truly a strong and sweet character

  9. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    Utterly ridiculous but I loved it figure skating geek here

  10. Emily Guyer Emily Guyer says:

    This is one of my favorite books because she is overcoming all the drama that comes at her And acheves the olimpic dream that she wanted

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