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Time and the Conways ❰Reading❯ ➾ Time and the Conways Author J.B. Priestley – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Time and the Conways follows the fortunes of one family over a period of years and offers a moving perspective on the abstract nature of the past present and futureIt is 1919 the War is over and the C Time and the Conways follows the fortunes of one family over a period of years and offers a moving perspective on the abstract nature of the past present and futureIt is the War is over and the Conway family are celebrating their daughter Kay's st birthday But her sudden premonition of their lives in casts a shadow over their dreams and expectations.

  • Paperback
  • 126 pages
  • Time and the Conways
  • J.B. Priestley
  • English
  • 21 May 2016
  • 9780573014468

About the Author: J.B. Priestley

John Boynton Priestley the son of a schoolmaster was born in Bradford in September and after schooling he worked for a time in the local wool trade Following the outbreak of the Great War in Priestley joined the British Army and was sent to France in taking part in the Battle of Loos After being wounded in Priestley returned to England for six months; then after going.

10 thoughts on “Time and the Conways

  1. Jon Jon says:

    The first play I've ever liked when I read it than when I saw it performed With two intermissions and without the freedom to read uickly over the boring charade game in the first act it dragged on a bit too much But the idea is intriguing The first act is set in 1919 the second in 1939 and the third back in 1919 all in the same room The play demonstrates how little careless actions in the present can have devastating conseuences in the future The third act is uite enjoyable because we have just seen where each of the characters will or might? the play is ambiguous here end up and we are therefore keyed in on lines that would otherwise seem trivial and mundane If nothing else the innovative structure and the comment the play makes about time makes it a worthwhile read

  2. Esdaile Esdaile says:

    This play was broadcast starring Vanessa Redgrave by the BBC some 40 years ago God what a wonderful play it is JB Priestly has presented two important truths about human psychology in this tale which are strikingly obvious but which are singularly absent from nearly all literature One is how words dismissive comments thoughtlessly uttered or written can cause devastation can cut and hurt beyond redemptioon we cannot make them good again but we didn't mean them at least not mean them to be so toxic resentment which turns into hatred destructive comments which can cause appalling damage The other point is how easily persons can be influnced for the good by persons who are deeply good themselves the writer tells us that Carol is simply delightful and how important those good persons are important and I mean this very sincerely not just to happines but the way the human species is going to human survival itsself The tragic death of one young girl Carol who is an angel and JB Priestly succeeds brilliantly in representing in Carol a truly good person an angel from God with no oppressive piety no prigishness to her at all who is sunshine and goodness and whose unfortuitous departure from life signifies disaster for the fortunes of her family spiritual and material I wish people knew this play I think in a way it saved me I mean by saved that it turned me away from becoming a much worse kind of person than I in fact hopefully became Because Carol dies the world is a worse place I love Carol a character in fiction but she is so alive it is impossible to believe that she is really an invention at all We should cherish the Carols of this world for such persons do exist and they do not clamour for fame like our wretched polticians and preachers and profiteers of growth exploitation and destruction They live within the confines of small circles of friends or uietly try to repair the damage that the boasters of terrorism and misery proclaim to the world in their arrogance and their nihilism The Carols of the world are modest withdrawn very often not clamouring and they are too few I ask myself why God's creation is such a vale of tears and dayly our wretched fallen species seems to make life worse for itsself and certainly for the non human species condemned the only appropriate word now condemned to share its fortunes with the killer ape that is Homo sapiens famine torture and waste everywhere we look One girl died too young in this play Let those with their wits still about them read or better watch this play and learn what is there to be learned by anyone who also finds Carol simply delightful

  3. tomwrote tomwrote says:

    The first act drags a little the second is depressing and the third fractious and frustrating Despite all that and in many ways because if it this is a strong play Cleverly put together to give the readeraudience a poignant overview of the disintegration of family happiness through the ripples of society their own hubris stray comments or words left unsaid None of the characters are saints though the younger daughter Carol could have been a catalyst for good given the chance None of them are monsters either; even if Ernest runs that title close he gives context for his behaviour at leastSocially prescient politically committed and technically well put together this sits well with the compact An Inspector Calls in Priestley's work

  4. Becca Becca says:

    I like how the didacticism the Christmas Carol message of change your life before it's too late is subdued by the ambiguity of the ending I also enjoyed how the rule of chronological time was broken also breaking away from the somber reality of the second act

  5. Maru Maru says:

    I've read a few plays for college and I think this is the one I enjoyed the most so far I liked how the author played with the concept of time especially the future and it kept me thinking can we really change our future or it's already written?

  6. Toti Toti says:

    Very well written but kind of depressing

  7. Doug Doug says:

    The imminent Broadway revival of this along with earlier enjoyable readings of Priestley's 'An Inspector Calls' and 'Dangerous Corner' impelled me to pick this up Although a serviceable and undoubtedly innovative drama for its time I hate to say it but now it just seems nothing than a uaint curio and can't for the life of me fathom why someone feels it Broadway worthy at this point in time I thought perhaps the figure of Mrs Conway originated by Dame Sybil Thorndyke and to be embodied in the current production by Elizabeth McGovern might provide one of those deliciously camp diva roles but she is offstage than on and doesn't seem to do much with her stage time anyway Much like Kaufman Hart's 'Merrily We Roll Along' from 3 years earlier its chief Raison d'être is to play around with chronological time and show how the innocent idealistic ideologies of our youth lead to the soured dashed dreams of middle age; while that is now an accepted universal truth I suppose it was somewhat revolutionary back in 1937

  8. Daniel Alejandro Daniel Alejandro says:

    Another book I had to read for my English class This play consists of three acts from which the second is the most enjoyable one whilst the others apart from the finale are rather uninteresting and had too much filler for my taste These two acts describe the time when The Conways used to be happy and their goals in life were still a dream for themThe conversation between Alan and Kay was in my opinion the peak of this play There are plenty of deep thoughts there when sadness prevails over joyful situations described in acts I and III and that is also the part where we can appreciate the actual message that Priestley wants to tell us which is how we face the test of time and how we are consumed by it There is a good use of a non linear time progression and this twist is also the other strong point of the playMan was made for joy and woe; And when this we rightly know Thro' the world we safely go

  9. Joshua Joshua says:

    JB Priestley is relatively new to me I simply bought the book because it was a Penguin Time and the Conways is knowledgeable when it comes to the use of time To see the outcome and the seed to which everything falls apart I wish this play was freuently stage than the overrated ones we watch today I now have a great admiration for this author

  10. Laura Laura says:

    From BBC Radio 4Classic drama of 'joy and woe' cutting back and forth in time as it follows a Yorkshire family's fortunes

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