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  1. Mark Baker Mark Baker says:

    When Trixie and Honey find a diamond in the gatehouse on the Wheeler property Trixie is certain that there is a thief around Could it be one of the new Wheeler servants? We also get to meet Trixie's two older brothers and the five new friends form the Bob Whites of the Glen While the mystery isn't strong the characters are great and this remains one of my favorites in the seriesRead my full review at Carstairs Considers

  2. Jessaka Jessaka says:

    I can understand why young adults would like this series as it is sweet and there is a lot of interaction between brothers and sisters and even friends It didn't do much for me for this reason and by this I mean that I would have preferred action and mystery Plus the interactions between the young adults weren’t that interesting to me Maybe it was just the mood I was in at the time but I am not sure that I would try to read another of this seriesIn this book Trixie and her new friend Honey find a diamond in a old abandoned gatehouse They spend a lot of time trying to find a hiding place for it and then moving it again and again Then they spend much of their time speculating as to who lost it

  3. Juli Juli says:

    Trixie Belden is a teen amateur sleuth She lives in Sleepyside NY with her family Her best friend Honey Wheeler and Honey's adopted brother Jim Frayne live at the large estate next door Mysteries always seem to come their way The series is similar to Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys There are 39 books in the series written between 1948 and 1986 The original six books were written by Julie Campbell The rest of the series was written by various authors using the pen name Kathryn KennyThis was my absolute favorite book series when I was a kid I had the entire series Every holiday birthday or special event usually brought me new books and I remember being incredibly happy when several new books came out in the 80s Before leaving for college I sold the entire series to a mom who had two middle school agegirls at home I hope they loved the books as much as I did The first four books were re released a few years ago but the rest are OOP Luckily I found scans of many of the books on OpenLibrary so I'm going to re read as much of the old series as I can find Revisiting my old Sleepyside buddies as an adult has given me some mixed emotions but all things considered I'm enjoying itThe Gatehouse Mystery is the third book in the series Honey and Trixie are out walking and stop by the old Gatehouse on the Wheeler estate The old building is overgrown with vines and neglected They are shocked when they find a diamond in the old gatehouse wedged between two floorboards Then they hear someone lurking in the bushes listening to their conversation Who hid the diamond on the Wheeler estate? And are they in danger after finding it? Honey and Trixie know they need to discover the truth before the criminals attempt to recover the valuable stoneAs a young girl I loved reading about Trixie and her friends' adventuring I spent many an afternoon laying across my bed reading about their exploits I sympathized with Trixie's occasional annoyance at her little 6 year old brother My young nephew was a pain in the butt sometimes too when I was 11 or so he's 38 years old now and I often had to babysit him much to my chagrin I also remember laughing at the constant teasing between the siblings and friends in the books I ran around with the neighbor kids back in the day myself and I think every one of us had a creative nickname mostly insulting stuff I fell in the creek once and got called wethead for a few weeks So I liked reading about the teasing among the characters It made the group seem a lot like my own gang of friends At the time I did notice that the wording and situations were a bit dated but I didn't care As an adult I had a few problems re reading this book For example the use of the word suaw' as an insult One of Trixie's brothers uses that name to tease the girls It might have been acceptable back when the original six books were written but it's pretty much seen as racist and derogatory now I cringed a bit each time Mart teased his sister about being a lazy suaw'' who should bring him food and do her chores faster It was meant as good natured teasing between siblings in the story but it did bother the adult me I have seen a few negative comments in reviews of the Trixie Belden series because the dad goes off to work and the mom takes care of the house home chores canning food gardening etc I didn't see it as a negative when I originally read the books or now It's not sexist For many families that's how life was during that time period I don't see it as belittling of the mom in the stories The kids and the dad constantly talk about how awesome she is for being such a good cook mom gardener and home maker What's wrong with that? She gets way praise and attention than the dad who gets mentioned only rarely A reader has to remember that these books are set in the 1950s It was a much different world back then I like the fact that the kids all have chores to do each day to help out and for the most part they obey and respect their parents The mysteries are a lot like those from Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boysunusual events mysterious strangers hidden treasures etc instead of murders or anything too gruesomeSo despite the fact that I read the stories with a much older outlook than when I was a teenager I'm still enjoying reading my way through this series again I enjoy the dated language for the most part When there is a word or phrase I find a bit offensive I have to remind myself that the series is 60 years old and take things in the spirit in which it was originally meantThe Gatehouse Mystery is one of the Trixie Belden books that was re released I read an ebook copy using OverDrive through my local public library I'm finding most of the OOP books in this series on OpenLibrary They have many scans of OOP books available through Internet Archive Register for an account here They provide links to books from Project Gutenberg OpenLibrary scans and publication information when print books are available Everything is done with respect to copyright laws All scanned materials and downloadable ebooks are in the public domain or available to borrow and read online for a set time just like a lending library It's a great resource

  4. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    This third book in the Trixie Belden series has never been a favorite I could make a case for it being the true beginning of the series because it sets the tone for future books all of which are like this one than either of the first two Though I remembered very well the plots of book one and book two this one had me drawing a blank It's also less compelling a mystery mainly because Trixie pegs to the villain right up front and is despite some unconvincing red herrings never shown to be wrongI also don't care much for Trixie's brothers Brian and Mart who are dismissive of her in a way that I think is meant to be brotherly chaffing but comes across as misogyny I'm pretty sure they get better later on and they do admit she was clever at the end but it bugs me that a series that up until now has been good about not either harping on women being superior or girls being stupid took this turnAnyway the friendships are still central though I wish there'd been to Brian and Mart getting to know Jim that wasn't Ho there you look trustworthy let us have adventures together And as twee as the Bob Whites club is it's also got some appeal particularly in how they all agree to bring to the club what they personally can do to support it and not Honey and Jim throwing Daddy's money into fixing the clubhouse This is necessary because there's an awful lot of taking advantage of wealth going on servants bringing them picnics the big house and all its bedrooms that the Wheelers set up specifically to give the Beldens a home away from home and view spoilerTrixie's horse Come on It's not Miss Trask's horse They made a huge deal about Trixie being able to earn money to buy a horse of her own and in the end she just gets given one? Very disappointing hide spoiler

  5. Bev Bev says:

    The Gatehouse Mystery is the third in the Trixie Belden series She has made friends with Honey Wheeler and she and her new friend have helped Jim Frayne solve a few mysteries regarding his heritage and inheritance and Honey acuired a new brother when her parents adopt Jim It is now the end of summer vacation and while waiting for Trixie's brothers Brian and Mart to come home from their summer of serving as counselors at camp she and Honey decide to investigate the run down gatehouse hidden on a corner of the Wheelers' property They've barely entered the building before Trixie's six year old brother Bobby trips and skins his knee on something in the hard dirt floor Upon closer inspection what she thinks is just a pebble turns out to be a diamond How did a shiny diamond wind up in the cobwebby abandoned building? Trixie begins to imagine jewel thieves fighting over their loot with a diamond being lost in the shuffle Is it possible that jewel thieves have chosen the small New York town as the perfect hiding place from authorities? There are clues to be found in the gatehouse including two sets of footprints rubber soles and leather toes as well as the uestion of a certain man's letter of recommendation When a prowler sneaks into Honey's bedroom while she and Trixie are having a sleepover Trixie is sure it's the jewel thief looking for the diamond which is now hidden a secret compartment of Honey's jewel box When the boys come home from camp they along with Jim help Trixie and Honey solve the mystery of the diamond in the gatehouseThis was just as much fun to read as when I was young It's really a pretty sophisticated mystery for young people there's real danger for both Trixie and Jim and although Trixie does jump to a few conclusions here and there on the whole she makes deductions based on her observations and the clues at hand A uite enjoyable walk down memory lane First posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks

  6. Diane Diane says:

    This book was amazing 👍🏻😊 my 10 year old’s review and rating But yeah I pretty much agree with him The Bob Whites if the Glen have come together and they had an honest to God mystery to solve and dangerous situations to navigate Not to mention losing the “Object” in uestion for a while Naturally Trixie figured everything out and had to convince the others The boys’ constant robbing of Trixie and Honey and “girl stuff” gets a little old but this book IS from the early 50’s and thankfully hasn’t been updated like Nancy Drew It’s Dulin to explain to my son how things worked back then He didn’t know what carbon paper is or tracing paper And I now remember how I learned to forge signatures Haha

  7. Constance Constance says:

    This is THE Trixie Belden book the one that establishes the formula for almost every Trixie Belden book to follow It is the first in which Trixie and Honey declare their intent to be private investigators and while previously they kept secrets to protect others this is the first in which they withhold information for no reason other than because they want to solve the crime before the policeSadly in this one the Red Trailer Mystery idyll of girl power and independence is over Trixie's brothers return from camp and rich girl Honey who had never done a lick of house work in her life suddenly makes the best waffles knows how to darn socks and loves to really loves to sew Darning is my favorite she rhasodizes WTF? How did this happen? Two books ago Honey didn't even know socks could be darned; her governess just bought her new ones when the old ones wore out And our girls cared about horses than making curtains Suddenly gender roles are front and center Don't get me wrong I actually like Trixie's brothers I think her arch nemisis and strongest defender Mart is one of Campbell's best characters but with the boys' return comes constant teasing about Trixie's lack of domestic skills and tomboy nature I know It's the 1950s and this is the best we're going to get Still I kind of miss the Red Trailer days when the world was just Honey Trixie and Miss Trask swimming driving huge motor homes and saving the world In this one we get some nice reminders that Miss Trask can drive a car better than most of the men around and Mrs Belden is nobody's fool and can do pretty much anything with one hand tied behind her back But mending is now Honey's favorite leisure activity? Give me a break That said it's a decent mystery with the usual stock bad guys that populate the series and the Bob Whites of the Glen our 50s era Scooby Gang is formed with Brian the serious one Jim the all around great guy Honey the diplomatic one Mart the smart aleck and Trixie the mad cap girl detective always putting her foot in her mouth or rushing off into danger without thinking it through Well paced with an exciting denouement even if we are pretty sure of the bad guy early on

  8. J.L. Day J.L. Day says:

    a HUGE and most dedicated fan of Trixie and her crew This is odd of course because they were MEANT for teen and pre teen girls but I was a young boy that read everything he could get his hands on and when I first stumbled on my first TRIXIE BELDON book I was instantly hooked I immediately sat about reading them all as uickly as I could get my greedy little paws on them Trixie is the star or lead character followed by Jim and Honey who uickly became the love of my young life I had a total crush on a fictional character that only existed in ink and this brave trio was constantly getting into trouble solving mysteries and murders; that sort of thing It falls along the line of the Hardy Boys Nancy Drew and other similar series but the Trixie series carries of the teenage angst and a subtle love triangle of conflicted who likes whom mystery that battles back and forth throughout the series All of the while though the same cheerful effervescent and energetic positive attitude and domineering never uitnever let them see you down philosophy is the major subtext all through the books It is simply impossible to read these and NOT feel good about yourself and about LIFE to have a sense of all is well in the world and a cheerful demeanor just naturally permeate your soul I know it SOUNDS crazy but it is true I lost all of my Trixie books years ago lending them to friends and that sort of thing Since then I have been on a uest to rebuild my collection of hardbacks I find most of them at Friends of the Library Sales and things like that but I am ever watchful at garage sales and places for I do not have even a third of them built back

  9. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Always makes my short list of favorites usually the top 3 very often #1 For this is the book where the Bob Whites of the Glen are formed and Trixie's older brothers are introduced I always wanted to belong to a club and as I got older I got a serious crush on dark handsome doctor to be Brian Belden8 17 12 The perfect summer book and still one of my favorites in the series I did actually find myself annoyed this read through by Jim and Honey constantly saying things that made it seem as though they had been living in Sleepyside for eons when it couldn't have been than a month or a month and a half since they'd laid eyes on the town It didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book but maybe it put it down in the top three instead of suarely at #1 6 23 13 See this time those above things didn't bug me Regan bugged me a little this time though He's 22 and talks like an old man or like the Bob Whites are little kids Ah well Reach for the ceiling Laughing Boy still makes me smile This is still one of my favorites in the whole series and a perfect summer read

  10. Naomi Naomi says:

    For Christmas my parents grabbed me the entire Trixie Belden set and I couldn't put them down Even with a learning disability I devoured the books I look back now and I find that Trixie Belden was much age related to young girls particularly to me reading the books than Nancy Drew I found that they weren't so over the top either I will be doing the same thing with my granddaughters if and when I have them even if I have to stalk every used bookstore

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  • Hardcover
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  • Trixie Belden and the Gatehouse Mystery
  • Julie Campbell
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  • 15 February 2016
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