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10 thoughts on “Saving Sonny James (Vasquez James #4)

  1. Sandi ♥& Sandi ♥& says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sonny and Luki Not as good as the others though

  2. Kade Boehme Kade Boehme says:

    Gah this series MORE PLEASE

  3. Christy Christy says:

    35 Stars Lou Sylvre you really know how to start off a book huh? Introducing me immediately to the deranged mind of a narcissistic psychopath Since my enjoyment of the 'Vasuez James' series has increased with each book I've read it stood to reason that I was instantly hooked from the very first sentence That is also the sign of a good writer 'Saving Sonny James' brought me back to my guys to the mystery the action the heartbreak and to the love So much love But whatever the act of shooting that green eyed guard had done to Luki's brain Sonny couldn't get past it He wanted to help his husband but this thing today Luki leaving than anything else It had finally opened Sonny's eyes to the cold hard fact that he couldn't do anything for Luki because Luki wouldn't let himIt was physically painful for me to experience with Sonny the changes the PTSD and depression wrought in Luki Seeing Luki doubt himself and not feel strong confident worthy or deserving was than heartbreaking Dramatic? Maybe Honest? Yes Luki is such a strong character that it threw me for a loop and forced me to see him in a realistic light Of course when the psycho stalker freak abducted Sonnywell there was no place on the planet or off where he could hide from Luki's wrathI enjoyed this fourth book in the series As always the author has provided me with strong characters and an interesting tale I would have been interested to see the rescue of Sonny occur in a not so hasty manner as I think that could've been fascinating to watch Luki be pitted mentally against the protagonist However it was not to be and the author showed me an excellent time Thank you LouNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  4. ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ ❧A Bookish Berkeley Girl❧ says:

    Luki needs to go save his husband❤️So the 007 action begins in ParisYaySonny Luki and Paris Who could ask for ; In this one Luki is a total broken badass alpha who is suffering from PTSDI hate that But I love the way this story unfolds showing their love first and foremost no matter what Luki loves Sonny and Sonny love LukiGosh I could almost feel the gravel on Sonny's knees as Bearlove that dog an he watch Luki view spoiler go ; hide spoiler

  5. Josy Josy says:

    Spoiler free review for the whole series

  6. LiveYourLife BuyTheBook LiveYourLife BuyTheBook says:

    ★☆•°5 Stars KAPOW°•☆★A Live Your Life Buy The Book ReviewLou Sylvre has always painted the love between Luki Vasuez and Sonny James as deeply soulful and reverent the power of their genuine and transcendent love culminates beautifully in this satisfying and suspenseful story ♥ This is book 4 in a highly character driven series the stories must be read in order Ok I already loved these two to distraction but wow Lou Sylvre truly takes that feeling up a few notches with this powerful touching story I experienced so many emotions while reading everything from anger to love heartache to joy This included many “shouting at my e reader” moments As stated in the blurb as the story opens Luki is dealing with PTSD triggered by his having killed a young guard during the rescue of his nephew The author presents a marvelous depiction of a man who has always been known to everyone including himself as the consummate cold as ice bad ass navigating through despair and emotional fragility onlyl to emerge even stronger after facing his vulnerabilities As someone who has grown to admire the strong and confident Luki I found this scenario both heartbreaking and fascinating to witness This story is a profoundly captivating instrospective view into Luki’s head and into his heart Luki’s heart is undeniably his husband Sonny Ahh sweet beautiful talented patient Sonny Of all of the book characters I have living in my head Sonny is at the top of my list as being one I’d love to spend time with in reality Even Sonny’s considerable and steadfast love and support is not enough to pull Luki out of his tailspin Reconnecting in the form of their sensual lovemaking helps spark a bit of a respite for Luki however it soon becomes apparent that Luki actually feels Sonny’s closeness is a detriment no I will not spoiler why The two agree that Sonny should depart on a planned trip to France to lecture and conduct workshops on weaving the art form that he is renowned for Not to worry during Sonny’s absence Luki enlists the company and wisdom of good friends and family as well as a good dog ; Sonny while realizing a dream in undertaking this trip had been hoping that Luki would be able to travel with him and is still hopeful Luki will be able to join him for part of the trip Unfortunately Sonny realizes pretty uickly that maybe he should have gone over the travel arrangements carefully It comes to pass Sonny’s colleague from the past and the man who planned Sonny’s travel itinerary has long had designs on Sonny and not of an artistic nature Poor Sonny it was as difficult watching him come to the dreaded awareness that he had misplaced his trust in a madman and would possibly never be seeing Luki again as it was to watch Luki struggling with the PTSD I want to commend the author on creating such compelling characters and for weaving all of the plot points together seamlessly Elements from Luki and Sonny’s histories were brought to the present in latent and fluid evil and heroic manifestations I loved the significance they all represented Luki’s conflicted emotions were palpable as his inner strength battled to defeat the PTSD and as he came to terms with the realization that Sonny was probably in real danger in France I could feel Sonny’s helplessness and bravery both in loving his husband no matter the presence of Luki’s demons and in facing the human demon he later became confronted with It was very gratifying to me that there was no miraculous “the love of my life needs me” cure for Luki Rather he worked hard at facing his issues and had significantly conuered them before heading off to save Sonny In fact Luki had been feeling felt well enough to consider joining Sonny before even coming to realize that the silence from Sonny was insidious and not due to time differences and techno glitches As Luki devised a plan to save Sonny we witnessed the new and improved version of his bad ass self at work I like it A like it a lot Sonny does too As usual I have left out major spoilers – this story is definitely one to savor and experience as it unfolds The plotting is clever and engaging It starts out with intense emotional introspection and builds to tantalizing suspense Surprises come out of left field and serve only to enhance the overall appeal The love between Luki and Sonny is so profound as to transcend words It melts me They melt me Thank you Lou Sylvre for these beautiful men and their exceptional love More please

  7. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says:

    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviews This book is part of a series and must be read in order Luki and Sonny are back home and Luki is suffering from the after effects of shooting a young guard during the rescue of their teenage nephew Jackie Sonny is reaching the end of his patience as Luki seems to slip further away everyday and Luki can't seem to pull himself out of his downward spiral When Sonny gets into trouble it brings Luki to awareness and when Sonny sets off for his European tour Luki begins to seek the help that he needs When Sonny becomes impossible to contact Luki begins to worry and sets off to find his missing husband Sonny desperately needs his husbands help as an obsessed art agents plans for him turn deadly Sonny and Luki are back and this time Luki has to deal with PTSD before he can run to Sonny's rescue Luki begins to realize that he has to improve and get help if he is to continue in his role of Sonny's protector and husband and the beginnings of his recovery comes just in time when he realizes that something isn't uite right Sonny's dreams of an exhibit is Europe comes to fruition but it soon goes wrong when he notices that there is something wrong with his phone and email and his agents behavior makes him wary This is another brilliant Vasuez and James story which delves into PTSD Luki isn't the tower of strength that we have come to know and love he was hit hard with the death of the young guard in Finding Jackie It was something he has done many times before but this time he feels guilt but Luki can't get the image of green eyes out of his mind he has tumbled into a world that is gray and suffers from nightmares As he swims through the fog in his mind he ignores all around him until he gets a wake up call and realizes what he is doing to Sonny Sonny is as lovable as ever but he is struggling with Luki's illness he feels helpless but knows nothing he is doing is helping Sonny has tried all that he can to help Luki but Luki refuses professional help and there is nothing that Sonny can do except love Luki As the book progresses we see how both of the feel and although their love is strong and they would stand by each other through anything Sonny can't put his life on hold forever and Luki gets the kick in the ass he needs to get help The book then shifts to the action part with Luki recovering enough to begin to function as a human being and realizing that something is wrong with Sonny in Paris Sonny finds himself in trouble with no way out and Luki sweeps in like a vengeful angel with the help of an old flame This is a really well written story that has us seeing strife in paradise as Luki struggles with his demons We feel Sonny's frustration as he sees Luki fall under the weight of his demons and we are encouraged when Luki begins to fight back against the demons But then comes the twisted man who wants Sonny for his own and while Luki runs to the rescue he still has to fight against the PTSD that try's to pull him under I recommend this to those who love action Luki style an incredible love dealing with demons danger hot loving and a great ending

  8. C. Zampa C. Zampa says:

    My main heartfelt thought when I finished this book? That if you love Luki Vasuez only because he is a bad ass then you will not be able to handle this installment in the Vasuez and James saga If you feel as I do and you love Luki and Sonny because they're real they're very human sunshine sex grit bad assery sincere emotions then this might be the most important contribution to the series Like the blurb says Luki is undergoing a severe case of PTSD I will admit that at first I chided him I know him so well I can talk to him like this you knowfor being a wimp It had only been in the line of defense Luki Snap out of it I holler slapping him like in the movies to shock him out of his depression But then as I read further and got deeper into his head the why's the trigger points that have cause his trauma to cripple him I fully understand his mental collapse And I wonder if even as tough and yes bad ass as he is if he has what it takes to surface from this deep abyss And as always no plot revelelations so you can only know by reading the book yourselfAnd then there's Sonny's part in this story It's one of those awful things in books and movies when the readerviewer sees something ominous on the horizon but the character cannot And we're agry at Sonny the he doesn't uite see and oh damn how I LOVE my Sonny that alone was frustrating the helplessness the reader feels in not being able to flash warnings for himThis part of the story was delicious in it's creepiness and built the suspense and tension wonderfully with the reader looking on in dread Thanks to Ms Sylvre's fine presentation we can see inside the 'bad guy's' head and we know exactly WHY he feels the way he does toward Sonny Sonny just brings out that in folks the need to be inside his sunshiny inner sanctum to be close to him And this part makes for a fantastic sub plot well really a thread weaving within the plot the catalyst to bring Luki aroundOne thing I truly loved about this combination of plot scenarios was the Ms Sylvre did NOT as so many stories might use Sonny's crisis to miraculously bring Luki from his very real darkness No Luki worked very hard to battle his demons on his own realistically No miracles just a fierce need to return to life as he knew it And very importantly this was a tale of a husband's tenacity to hang on to what he loves And that's what Sonny James is all about He's seen his Luki through a lot of ordeals and yet he's remained strong and stood by his side His love so powerful so sweet has been one of my biggest pleasures of this series And Sonny did not fail this time Butbutas in real life even Sonny has limits This battle of Luki's might even be too strong for the lovely Mr James And by the way I enjoyed a wonderful glimpse into Sonny's artistic life his lectures shows where his stellar weaving work is featured a nice peek into the artist not just the lover of Luki VaszuezAnd this timewhen it's Sonny who needs the strong armswhen it's Sonny who needs to be saved all the way in ParisLuki Vasuez Aha I almost spilled the beans Oh no you're not getting that out of me Just read it You'll love the guys just as much probably even than ever

  9. James James says:

    Once again it was a treat to visit Luki Sonny It would seem that misadventures are a plague on their lives; but that term would appear to be a misnomer as these happenings are rather less than minor and are full of suspense and intrigue And of course this most recent one is no exceptionThis time we have Miss Sylvre almost reversing their roles Almost Luki Vasuez starts out in this story full of self doubt whereas Sonny James although inwardly seriously uestioning the wisdom of following through with his upcoming planned trip a trait usually reserved for Luki he plunders full force into it anywayOf course per usual Lou's descriptions allow the reader to fully experience each character's emotions while feeling as if you are actually present in each scene And also present in this one not unlike as in the others of this series will be the biting of your lip in desperation to turn the page to learn what happens next; only to have this scenario repeated on the next page as well Also the love scenes in this book are just that Love Scenes; full of sensual sensitivity and the obvious love of one partner for the otherI wholeheartedly recommend this book with my 5 out of 5 stars and although this story will be a great read on its own it will be a stupendously wonderful read if you first get an understanding of the most interesting lives of Sonny James Luki Vasuez; that seuence would be Loving Luki Vasuez Delsyn's Blues Finding Jackie Yes and of course Saving Sonny James These can all be found on Dreamspinner Press dreamspinnerpresscomstore

  10. Nickie Nickie says:

    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS although just small ones What can I say about Lou Sylvre's book Saving Sonny James? A veritable work of art I laughed I cried I set on the edge of my seat It was awesome This book takes place fairly uickly after Sonny and Luki get back from Finding Jackie Luki is suffering from PTSD He's moody irritable scary and SCARED An altogether un Luki Sonny has been offering the chance to teach in Paris and decides to go after a fairly violent episode with Luki Luki promises to do the work to get better and off Sonny goes We don't hear from him for uite a while in the book I was on the edge the whole time asking Is Sonny all right? Has Breslin hurt him yet? I wanted to skip through until I got those uestions answered but I didn't I did the work with Luki I won't say any because I don't want to spoil the book I will say to keep a tissue handy and to bite your lip so you don't find yourself yelling at your Kindle or other reading device

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Saving Sonny James (Vasquez James #4) [Reading] ➸ Saving Sonny James (Vasquez James #4) By Lou Sylvre – Luki Vasuez and his still newlywed husband are back home after pulling off a harrowing desert rescue of their teenage nephew Jackie But the events of the last couple of years have begun to catch up wi Luki Vasuez and his still newlywed husband are back home after pulling off a harrowing desert rescue of their teenage nephew Jackie But the events of the last couple of years have begun to catch up with Luki—loving Sonny James and letting Sonny love him back has left gaps in his emotional armor In the gunfight that secured Saving Sonny PDF \ Jackie’s rescue Luki’s bullet killed a young guard an innocent boy in Luki’s mind In the grip of PTSD memories flashbacks and nightmares consume him and he falls into deep almost vegetative depressionSonny devotes his days to helping Luki putting his own career on hold even passing up a European tour of galleries and schools—an opportunity that might never come again But when Luki’s parasomnia turns his nightmares into real world terror it breaks the gridlock Sonny realizes what he’s doing isn’t working and he says yes to Europe Enter Harold Breslin a dangerously intelligent artist’s promoter and embezzler whose obsessive desire for Sonny is exceeded only by his narcissism When Harold’s plan for Sonny turns poisonous Luki must break free of PTSD and get to France fit and ready in time to save his husband’s life.

  • ebook
  • 216 pages
  • Saving Sonny James (Vasquez James #4)
  • Lou Sylvre
  • English
  • 01 September 2016
  • 9781627982498

About the Author: Lou Sylvre

Lou Sylvre loves stories and likes to conjure them into books When the stories are about love the sweethearts on her pages are most often men who end up loving each other and likely saving each other from unspeakable danger As if you’d want to know she’ll happily tell you that she is a proudly bisexual woman—a mother Saving Sonny PDF \ grandmother and cat herder with a dog Her love of languages is no d.