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Not Without You [KINDLE] ✿ Not Without You By Harriet Evans – If you don’t learn from historyYou’re destined to repeat itNot without you she’d said And I’d let her downHollywood 1961 when beautiful much loved movie star Eve Noel vanishes at the height of If you don’t learn from historyYou’re destined to repeat itNot Without You she’d said And I’d let her downHollywood when beautiful much loved movie star Eve Noel vanishes at the height of her fame no one knows where much less whyFifty years later another young British actress Sophie Leigh lives in Eve’s house high in the Hollywood Hills Eve Noel was her inspiration and Sophie disenchanted with her life in Not Without PDF/EPUB ² LA finds herself becoming increasingly obsessed with the mystery of her idol's disappearance And the she finds out the she realises Eve’s life is linked with her ownAs Eve’s tragic past and the present start to collide Sophie needs to unravel the truth to save them both – but is she already too late Becoming increasingly entangled in Eve’s world Sophie must decide whose life she is really living.

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  1. KG KG says:

    25 StarsThe idea of this book is really very interesting I love the back and forth between modern day Sophie and 1950's starlet Eve I became and engrossed in Eve's story and wanting to know what happened to her As far as Sophie I liked that she didn't want to be typecast and had to fight for the direction of her career Where the book lost me were the silly storylines that really didn't add anything to the plot Sophie and the stalker direction just didn't make senseit added nothing useful to the plot Sophie sleeping with one of her directors again took away from the plot cheapened Sophie's character and the story The bulk of the book was really good I just wish the writer would have left out some of the silly plotlines and concentrated on Eve's story Take away those storylines and the book was really good which for me is what made it 3 stars rather then 2

  2. Karen Karen says:

    “Hollywood is about extremes as someone once said You’re either a success or a failure there’s no in between”In the 1950’s twenty year old Eve Noel goes from England to California to seek fame and fortuneIn the current day thirty year old Sophie Leigh has gone from England to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune both women will find themselves sucked in and chewed up by the vicious film industryWe first meet Eve when she is 6 years old and playing with her older sister Rose in their English garden but then Rose accidentally drowns and Eve’s life will never be the same again It is then the 1950’s and Eve is 20 years old when she makes her way to California to find stardom and fame and she really is an innocent abroad In the days when young starlets were chaperoned to parties to meet the film producers who would decide their fate the Hollywood machine wastes no time in getting its claws into people like Eve Lecherous studio bosses and their spies do their very best to make young girls like Eve jump through hoops to keep their career not caring what the conseuences may be Sophie Leigh actually Sophie Sykes is nearly 30 She too has gone from England to America to be a film star We are now in the present day and really things don’t seem to have changed much The studios don’t seem to have uite so much control over their star’s lives although they can still make and break careers with dirty tricks and the wrong word here and thereSophie has made her name playing ditzy characters in rom coms However with her career on the downward slide she now wants to do than act in the third rate film scripts that come her way She is also obsessed with the 1950’s actress Eve Noel and even lives in Eve’s old Hollywood house Sophie’s dream is to make a film about Eve’s lifeand have Eve Noel appear in it However no one knows what has happened to Eve In 1961 she suddenly disappeared and has never been heard of againThis book turned out to be a much deeper and darker read than I was expecting We see through Sophie’s eyes how fickle fame and fortune is and what happens when your fansand indeed people you thought were friends turn against you It seemed to me that a lot of research had gone into the book especially in the lifestyle and practices of the moviemakers and the film studios of decades ago and this gave an extra element to the story The story travels back and forth from the US to the English countryside and you get a real feeling for location The characters are well written some are likeable and others definitely not however they each pull you in to the story Sophie as the main character was interesting enough to carry the story however I found myself drawn to Eve and her life and for me she was the real star of the book There is a sub plot involving Sophie which led to a dramatic scene which I really was not expecting and this change of tone makes the book different from previous books that I’ve read by Harriet EvansIt’s difficult to say any without giving the plot away but I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it if you’re looking for a read with a little substanceFinally I just have to say that I adored the gorgeous cover of this book and whoever designed it should take a bow My thanks to the publisher HarperCollins for the copy to review

  3. Paul Pessolano Paul Pessolano says:

    “Not Without You” by Harriet Evans published by Gallery BooksCategory – FictionLiterature Publication Date – February 11 2014For those readers who like their romance mixed in with the Hollywood of yesterday and today this will be an excellent readSophie Leigh is a modern movie star that is at the top of her game She has had hit movie after hit movie but finds that her life does not belong to her but to her agents directors and producersEve Noel was a movie star but that was fifty years ago She too was at the top of her game when she mysteriously disappeared Sophie and Eve’s lives collide when Sophie who adores Eve’s movies tries to find Eve Eve holds secrets that involve her sister and a screen writer that she fell in love with and has lostThe story explores the Hollywood of the 1950’s and compares it to what it is today Sophie not only finds that she does not have a life of her own but she is treated not as a human being but a commodity She sees that her sexual escapades and other uestionable activities were of little value This all comes into play when she discovers that someone may be trying to kill her Sophie’s life turns around when she discovers Eve and learns of her life and why she disappeared The uestion remains are Sophie and Eve too late to make a pivotal life changeI found the book interesting in many aspects but a little long and tedious However those who are into the Hollywood scene will be rewarded with an inside look of the lives of those connected to the movie industry

  4. Samantha Samantha says:

    Not really sure how I felt about this book; it was well written and had some really interesting insights into the Hollywood film world of the 1950's and the fight for aspiring actresses to 'make it' in the industry but I found at times the story line seemed to loose it's way with random sub plots like the stalker which really didn't seem to slot in with the story line Loved the book cover and would have been attracted to the book because of itThis a story written from the point of view of two people one in the past Eve Noel in the 1950's Hollywood and one in the present Sophie Leigh both actresses who travel from England to USA to become stars I liked the story being revealed in parallel so that the reader seemed to unravel things at the same time as the characters but I felt distracted by what I considered to be unnecessary sub plots like the stalker Eve Noel was a famous actress who at the height of her career suddenly disappears; years later Sophie Leigh who is a huge fan of Eve's moves into Eve's old house and while pursuing her own acting career is determined to find out what happened to Eve and hopefully when she finds her she wants to bring her back to the movies Of the two characters I wanted to learn about Eve and felt that Harriet Evans connected better with this character than she did with Sophie Leigh Eve was interesting intriguing and fascinating and believable than Sophie I felt that Sophie's character was only there as a secondary storyteller rather than having a real purpose and story of her own and that Sophie's life and experiences lacked credibility on many levels It was a shame that Harriet Evans didn't succeed in making both the characters as believable as each other Sophie sleeping with her director just seemed to make her look cheap and didn't add anything to the story and in fact highlighted for me the differences between these two actresses rather than the similarities Eve had fewer choices and was naive in an industry that was both artificial and corrupt whereas Sophie I felt was in control and should have been worldly I did like the way the book alternated between the past and the future stories but it did get confusing at times trying to work out whether it was Sophie or Eve telling their storyI liked the twist with Eve's sister and I did guess how her story ended but I was not convinced by Sophie's ending the whole thing seemed contrived and a bit too convenient Overall this book was not a winner for me it lacked credibility and depth and after a promising start really didn't deliver I would give this a 3 star rating

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Full review can be found at I am just beyond speechless right now This book was the most amazingly different thing I have read in possibly all my life I'm going to try and review it with the least amount of spoilers possible However there will be spoilers You have been warnedThe story is of two women Sophie and Eve Sophie is a modern day Jennifer Aniston and Eve was a 60s ish Jean Harlow They were both famous in their own time and Eve is one of Sophie's idols Tragedy struck in Eve's childhood and she carries it with her through the book And she gets hit with some heavy crap and the movie making environment is purely toxic She gets nearly raped pretty much forced into a marriage and then her true love gets ripped away from her two days before they were to run off together Sophie's life wasn't so bad I mean she was essentially Katherine Heigl ueen of the rom com and never making any movies of substance Her handlers keep shoving her into these roles but she wants to be a real actress Drama and tragedy ensue with her but as I don't want to spoil the entire book I'll leave it at thatThis book was so beyond hauntingly beautiful that there are literally no words I have to describe my emotions about it This was my first book of Harriet's and holy crap if they're all this fantabulous sign me up Read This Book NowReceived an ARC for honest review

  6. Delma Delma says:

    I really liked this book It's a great beach read Sophie Leigh’s real name is an A list movie star The descriptions of her life fans gossip magazines all RING so true It's pretty much exactly how I imagine Hollywood to be Sophie lives in the former home of Eve Noel an old Hollywood starlet Glamorous 1950s starlet Eve Noel didn’t choose her name A Hollywood producer did In fact he made all her decisions—what to wear when to smile who to love Right up until the day she simply vanished from the spotlight No one knows where she went or whyAs Sophie’s perfect on the outside world begins to crumble her present col­lides with Eve’s past She must unravel the mystery around her idol’s disappear­ance before it’s too late for them both

  7. Meagan Truong Meagan Truong says:

    I'd do 35 if I could but this book surprised me I just picked it up as a light beach read and it ended up having substance than I expected Very enjoyable

  8. PrettyFlamingo PrettyFlamingo says:

    When I was younger I remember my mum reading books by writers like Jackie Collins and Pat Booth about Tinseltown and its inhabitants but the difference between those books and this offering by Harriet Evans is that they took themselves seriously and advocated the lifestyle Harriet uses the stories of Eve Noel and Sophie Leigh to expose the repulsive reality of the Hollywood film industry I’ve always been an enthusiastic film watcher but I’ve never had any interest in how the film gets to the screen Eve leaves the Warwickshire countryside in her early 20s to seek her fortune as an actress She soon has to wake up from being a young ingénue and realise what it is all about and learns about how you get on in the most unpleasant way Her life and career weren’t happy despite all the rave reviews for her films and adulation of fans; so much so that she vanishes after only five or six years at the top 50 years on Sophie is living a parallel life She is a huge fan of Eve and identifies with her so much so that she actually bought her house Also a famous movie star Sophie is disillusioned with her career She wasn’t a particularly engaging character having cheapened herself uite early on in her acting career and slowly realises she has sold out The vapidity venal behaviour total disrespect and corruption was unbelievable And I am sure it happens in real life which means I probably won’t look at Hollywood the same way again This isn’t sweet chick lit but a story about the dark side of the film industry and the research carried out is commendable Sophie wants to do with her career than be a chick flick staple and wants to make a film about the life of Eve and decides to find out what has happened to her and why she disappeared all those years ago I don’t think I liked any of the characters in this book and there were too many strange events that went nowhere The biggest cliché in the book sleeping with a director and agreeing to make a sex tape is the ultimate in stupidity but it had no conseuences We’ve all waited for that romantic phone call that goes “I have to f you today or I will lose my mind” haven’t we? When it all goes a bit Single White Female which we could all see happening Sophie actually suspects what is going on and who is behind it but doesn’t do anything about it until it is all far too late Hollywood is a frightening place to be and this book makes you wonder if things really have moved on or notBut I couldn't stop singing Big Sur by the Thrills throughout my read

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    I didn't enjoy this book until I was about at page 300 And it's a 400 page book so that didn't give me much room to enjoy There was mystery in it that didn't have any flavor Even the solution was very vanillaThe story follows two actresses Eve Noel in the 1960's and Sophie Leigh in the modern day Sophie is just becoming a famous actress and struggling with all the ramifications that come with it She doesn't mean to but she reads the tabloids about herself and she obsesses about her weight One of her consolations is to sit on the couch and watch movies with Eve her favorite actress You know from the prologue that Eve will disappear from show business without a trace Eve is just coming to Hollywood and also becoming a breakout star She isn't allowed to pick out her name her boyfriend or anything else She is monitored and always has someone watching over her I thought these two stories would be very interesting Sophie is trying to find Eve to star in a picture with her and I thought they would intertwine But they are two stories that are just next to each other There is no one in Eve's story who shows up in Sophie's story and you don't read any of the passages from one story to the next and think how ironicSophie gets a stalker who delivers white roses which was Eve Noel's favorite flower But Sophie doesn't know this so it's just another lost point The book had many of these lost points and solutions that left you hollow

  10. R A I N R A I N says:

    Every once in a while you come across a book which you are really unsure about The cover isn’t THAT enticing YEAH I know I judge books by their covers SUE ME rolls eyes The story starts off really slow and NOT THAT INTERESTING and at some point you feel like abandoning it and AT PRECISELY THAT MOMENT everything changes It’s like the book senses you are being thrown off and BAM It becomes impossible to tear your eyes off it THAT’S WHAT ’Not Without You’ IS LIKE GODDD I just finished it a few minutes before and I CANNOT BELIEVE IT I AM SOOOO IN LOVE WITH IT I WANNA CRYThe characters the plot the nostalgia It's all too damn good to be missed

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