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The Office Dupe Deborah Ford S Classic Amusing Tale Of A Scatty, Sissy In Dire Straits.Lindsay Decides To Get A Job In His Wife S Office To Impress His Sexy Dominant Wife He Thinks Departmental Manager But His New Boss, The Tough Mister Davies, Thinks Office Girl In The First Day He Finds Himself Locked Into A Chastity Device, Wearing A Very Short Flared Kilt And Lingerie Further Humiliations Lie Ahead As He Desperately Tries To Escape His Predicament Worse, Mister Davies And His Wife Deborah Seem So Close How Can He Warn His Wife About Mr Davies Devious Intentions.

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    I first read this when it was free on the internet I guess it isn t as sophisticated as later stuff from Deborah Ford but it remains one of the only sissy, chastity belted, cuckold stories that makes me smile The hero is total bimbette In an effort to please his domme wife Lindsay gets a job in her offices Sadly for him he is working under the dominant male who is cuckolding him Soon Lindsay is known as Linzi and having to wear a tiny flared kilt and low heels The cross dressing intensifies as his new boss and his domme wife see him as an amusing plaything to humiliate for their amuesment.What makes it so funny is that Lyndsay is determined to protect his innocent wife from the being seduced by his bullying boss Lots of dominant office mangers and real bimbo slutty girls make this a very hot read and it remains one of my favourite stories of all time.