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A Cunning Plan Alec, Earl Of Whittlesey, Lives A Dull And Reclusive Existence, Rarely Mingling With Society And, To His Mother S Regret, Refusing To Marry But His Mother And Society Do Not Know He Harbors A Secret A Kind Of Madness That Is Driving Him To Deadly Despair.When Alec Meets The Commoner Morgan Villenie, He Finds The Man S Cheer And Wit Hard To Resist, Despite His Own Dark Moods Alec Warms To Villenie, But Villenie Has Secrets Of His Own If These Two Men Are Ever Truly To Be Together, They Must Trust Each Other Enough To Reveal Those Secrets Even If They Both Believe The Truth Could Tear Them Apart.

About the Author: B. Snow

A west coast transplant to Georgia Love the heat, hate the mosquitoes.

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    3.5 StarsWell THIS was different Alec Whittlesey has been battling a madness within himself for years drowning it out with alcohol and seclusion When he finally reaches his breaking point one night and walks out into the lake attempting to drown himself, a white fox appears and saves him from that final mistake The next morning, Alec meets Morgan Villenie, a dear friend of Alec s mother Alec has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle and Villenie has the perfect plan for Alec to marry Villenie s sister, Penelope I don t want to go into all of the plot details because then I will just be spoiling all of the fun Trust me when I say that there is no silly love triangle with a woman in this story What I loved about this novella The snappy dialogue It really drove the pace of the story and I couldn t put it down The characters Alec and Villenie both have their secrets secrets that have nearly broken them The sexual tension Oh man, poor Alec s self denial was torturous There aren t many smexy scenes here but the intensity at which Alec s innocence is lost hot The deceptions Okay, I felt a little silly at the end when all the pieces starting fitting into place, but for the life of me, ...

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    While Alec is an overgrown, clueless child, Morgan is a lying, pushy weasle with a sharp set of claws he is desperately trying to sink into Alec Both characters are chaotic and prone to contradictions Alec is petrified he ll end up in hell because of his madness , but has no problem doing other stupid things that might land him in that particular place The whole Penny Morgan s sister story is so messy, that I am afraid to say , lest the whole thing sucks me down like quicksand and I end up with a small novel for a review.From the moment we meet the little fox, the story becomes predictable, the lies and excuses transparent The plot calls for Alec to remain in the dark, but to the readers the whole affaire is blatantly clear, which makes it a frustrating read When Morgan came out to Alec, the...

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    3.5 There were a couple of plot twists I actually didn t expect in this one That s always refreshing I would ve loved to have had this be longer so we could ve gotten the chance to dig even into the characters lives and backstories.

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    I have a soft spot in my heart for regency romances When I opened this book that was what I was expecting It was so much Yes, it was set in the regency era of England, and the aspects of the culture were written exactly how I expected But there was so much about this book that was unexpected.Alec is a broken man He drinks to hide his feelings and his desires He believes his desires make him mad and it s killing him He strives for peace, but shame and pain rule his life I was so upset over this man I wept and tore myself up over his pain His hopelessness was gut wrenching.Villenie walks into Alec s life and shakes him up There are moments when I didn t know what to do with him I loved his boldness of spirit and the way he pulled Alec out of his life But there were too many secrets and I couldn t make up my mind what was going on ...

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    Alec and Villenie s association is nothing less than contentious from the start At least on Alec s part there s a moral to that animosity too Of course there is One often despises what one can t have, doesn t one But like also attracts like, doesn t it So, there s the dilemma for Alec His madness has him tied up into a Gordian knot of denial and confusion But, it s also a madness that Villenie shares, which...

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    4.25I really love this one

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