Werewolf Betrayal eBook Ê Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 209 pages
  • Werewolf Betrayal (Taming the Wolf, #4)
  • Katie Lee OGuinn
  • English
  • 09 October 2014

10 thoughts on “Werewolf Betrayal (Taming the Wolf, #4)

  1. Valerie Waters Valerie Waters says:

    What a pretty cover So glad they changed the look OK now the story WOW I didn't see that coming at all Cole was kinda an idiot I liked this book It was pretty good

  2. Kathy Jo Kathy Jo says:

    Oh my heck I loved Werewolf Betrayal This is definitely one of my favorite series Werewolf Betrayal went in a direction that I really didn't see coming Warning there may be some spoilers and my true feelings for certain people are going to be made loud and clear You have been warned ;I'll start with the badI knew there was a reason I hated Cole from the very beginning He is not only a creeper but he is a psycho as well Holy crow I knew he was evil but I didn't realize HOW evil he was And Perry What a sorry excuse for a woman I personally think that she was in on it from the very beginning and just played the part of poor defenseless Perry who is scared and needs someone to protect her She completely changed from book 2 to book 4 And I'm sorry what kind of mother would forget their own child?? And Harry Grrrr Do you really want to get me started on him? Lol He is a coward a horrible leader and an even worse father I mean seriously who DOES that? Forcing Ava to do something she does NOT want to do nor should she HAVE to do it all to protect his wife Ugh All the work they did to make everyone in town see that women are euals and he pulls that crap? If you haven't guessed already I had a really hard time with ALL of them Haha Knowing Katie she will definitely redeem Harry But she's got her work cut out for her ;And I'll end with the goodI LOVE Ava and Cyrus They were put through the ringer YET AGAIN but they came out on top They realized that their love can get them through anything life throws at them They stayed strong as a couple and lead the people of Paskell the way her father should have been doing all along These two came full circle and turned out to be exactly what Paskell needed And that ending dreamy sigh Cyrus is definitely on the top of my book boyfriend's list I absolutely LOVED how he told Ava how beautiful she was especially with the scars every single one of them showed her inner beauty she got them protecting the people she loves the most how much perfect can he be? I absolutely LOVED seeing these two grow mature and become true leadersKatie have I told you how amazing you are? You have a way with words that just sucks me in from the very beginning and doesn't let me come up for air until the very end And I LOVE it Everyone should be checking her books out I have definitely gotten people hooked on her books and I plan I hooking A LOT people ; Keep 'em coming Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us

  3. Heidi Heidi says:

    45 stars Wow just WOW I am so glad that this series was recommended to me I'm also glad to know that it continues in the Chasing the Wolf series and doesn't end here I've become much to attached to these characters to not know Book 4 Werewolf Betrayal was another adventure and had twists that I am still shocked about In fact I feel a little betrayed myself The author has a way of pulling you in and helping you get to know the characters so well that when they deceive you it becomes personal Through all the heart ache tragedy and pain I love that the author still found a way to give this book such a beautiful ending LOVED itViolence scary themesClean romance

  4. Tausha Tausha says:

    I am not sure where to even start with this review Honestly this book just ticked me off LOL Seriously how many times can one werewolf be attackedand how many times must she prove herself? I loved this book and didn't like it at all Ha I am so disappointed in Harry then there is Perry who has messed everything up And don't get me started on Cole I still feel betrayed Poor Patricia won't say any about that I imagine that all the emotion I feel is the sign of a well written book So now what? Will they ever have peace or have a Happily Ever After? There are books aren't there?

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Ugh This author knows how to tear my heart into pieces I loved this book so much it's ridiculous

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    This was a fun end to the series there is a spin off series Hunted that follows new lead characters Ava softened up in this one maybe getting back with Cyrus brought her back to herself she was becoming pretty hard in the 2nd and 3rd books I don't think the old Ava would have put up with half the stuff that she did in this book I was glad when she finally took charge again As always I enjoyed the relationship between Ava and Cyrus I'm glad they were able to forgive each other and work out their personal issues Of course things are never that easy and Cole who has wanted Ava from their first meeting has to try and steal her away Cole view spoilerWhat in the world? I've read this before but I totally forgot just how crazy he went In the other books he was just this annoying stalkerish guy He really went evil in this one I'm still unsure if the Cole in books 2 and 3 would have done the things he was doing in this book His change from wanting Ava and being in love with her to just using her to gain power seemed sudden Where did this power hungry guy come from? He'd never really shown any interest in running things before And him making hybrids also seemed out of the blue I'm all for shocker moments but in this case I would have liked a little buildup I guess up until the end there I never thought of him as truly evil Just an idiot I guess his motivations make sense when you think about it his behavior with Ava makes sense anyway He never really acted like he wanted to truly have a romantic relationship Still him being on the same level as past villians was still hard for me to grasp He had been such a good guy before hide spoiler

  7. Toni Toni says:

    Okay now this author has me completely hooked on werewolves which I never would have believed I loved this series each book was better than the last The characters became so real and intriguing that I couldn't leave their story until it was completed The plot twists and turns with so much emotion and in such a fast paced way that it holds you bound I loved the ending but was left with uestions about what would happen with Harry and his family So now of course I have to read the next series to find out It was well worth reading and such a strong love story

  8. Anjie Anjie says:

    Wow I am blown awayI have never had a book keep me on pins and needles I couldn't put the book down I read the series over the weekend it was that good strong female character ava who can kick butt emotional love story hoping for the happy ending

  9. Laura Laura says:

    Lots of surprises A satisfying conclusion with lots of room for seuels

  10. Cici Cici says:

    This was a great ending to the four part seriesm all the loose ends are tied up And the characters are given time to mature Great chemistry

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Werewolf Betrayal (Taming the Wolf, #4)➹ [Download] ➵ Werewolf Betrayal (Taming the Wolf, #4) By Katie Lee OGuinn ➼ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Against her better judgement Ava returns to the town of Paskell to marry Cyrus But upon their return Cole's heartbreak threatens to tear them apart Cole refuses to let Ava go without giving him a chan Against her better judgement Ava returns to the town of Paskell to marry Cyrus But upon their return Cole's heartbreak threatens to tear them apart Cole refuses to let Ava go without giving him a chance but Cyrus will do anything to protect his mate and the only woman he's ever loved Ava's father has good intentions but ends up throwing her whole life into havoc Will Ava's life remain tied to Cyrus or will Cole finally win her heart.