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Works of Blaise Pascal Works Of Blaise PascalFrench Mathematician, Physicist, And Catholic Philosopher Translations By Orlando Williams Wight, William Finlayson Trotter And Thomas M CrieThis Ebook Presents A Collection Of Works Of Blaise Pascal A Dynamic Table Of Contents Allows You To Jump Directly To The Work SelectedTable Of Contents Comparison Between Christians Of Early Times And Those Of To Day Conversation On Epictetus And Montaigne Discourses On The Condition Of The Great Epitaph Of M Pascal Of The Geometrical Spirit On Geometrical Demonstration On The Conversion Of The Sinner Pens Es Prayer To Ask Of God The Proper Use Of Sickness The Art Of Persuasion The Provincial Letters

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  • 02 March 2019

About the Author: Blaise Pascal

French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal was a contemporary of Ren Descartes and was ten when Galileo Galilei was forced to recant his belief that the earth circled the sun He and Thomas Hobbes lived in Paris at the same time 1640 including the year Hobbes published his famous Leviathan 1651 Together with Pierre de Fermat, Pascal created the calculus of probabilities.A near fatal carriage accident in November 1654 less than eight years before his death persuaded him to turn his intellect finally toward religion The story goes that on the proverbial dark and stormy night, while Pascal was riding in a carriage across a bridge in a Paris suburb, a fright caused the horses to bolt, sending them over the edge The carriage bearing Pascal survived Pascal took the incident as a sign and devoted himself to theology It was at this point that he began writing a series against the Jesuits in 1657 called the Provincial Letters.Pascal is perhaps most famous for his Wager Pascal s Wager , which is not as clear in his language as in this summary If Jesus does not exist, the non Christian loses little by believing in him and gains little by not believing If Jesus does exist, the non Christian gains eternal life by believing and loses an infinite good by not believing Sick throughout his life, Pascal died in Paris, probably from a combination of tuberculosis and stomach cancer at age 39 At the last he was a Jansenist Catholic No one knows if Pascal won his Wager.

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