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Mini-missions for Simplicity ❰EPUB❯ ✼ Mini-missions for Simplicity Author Courtney Carver – When you start to simplify your life and even when you are years into the process some things take longer than you anticipate and it can feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back In When you start to simplify your life and even when you are years into the process some things take longer than you anticipate and it can feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back Instead of getting frustrated or giving up try a mini mission Mini Missions are assignments or challenges that you can implement immediately so you can benefit from some immediate gratification during this adventure and make your simple life enjoyable and sustainable Mini missions are often one step actions that Mini-missions for MOBI :Ê you can do to improve your health relationships bank account or wardrobe Table of Contents Section One Clutter One is Enough Hide Your Stuff Stop the Inflow by Mike Burns | The Other Side of Complexity Pass it On Shoot Your Stuff The Digital Dip by Joel Zaslofsky | Value of Simple Break it Off Sell Something You Don’t Want by Betsy Warren Talbot | Married with Luggage Items or Less Section Two Productivity Make Time Habit Stack Single Task by Brooke McAlary | Slow Your Home Say No So You Can Say Yes Sleep Well Track Every Penny You Spend Section Three Relationships Make Moments Give Freely Help No One by Britt Reints | In Pursuit of Happiness Love More Deeply Feed Someone Judge Less Send a Care Package by Tammy Strobel | Rowdy Kittens Section Four Life Drive Less Go Cameraless by Paul Jarvis | pjrvscom Banish Doubt Take Brave Baby Steps by Jolie Guillebeau | jolieguillebeaucom Speak Up by Leslie Webster | A Simple Life Afloat Enjoy Section Five Health Happiness Smile by Valentina Thörner | ValDeOro Sit Still Calm Down Grow Something Floss Every Day Feel Your Pain Stand up for Your Health Eat Real Food Putting these mini missions into action will help you reduce stress and discover what really makes you healthy and happy.

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  1. Charmin Charmin says:

    Highlights 1 Living with less has opened my eyes to what is most important to me and it’s not passive shopping2 5 minute habit stacking By doing things you love in tiny 5 minute increments you can build momentum and use it to extend the time you spend with your new habits or by adding blocks of things you love3 Let go of your need to decide who deserves what That’s not your job or responsibility It feels good to give without judgement4 Unsolicited help can often feel like judgment People respond to judgment not with gratitude but with resentment5 When you give help that isn’t asked for – even if you mean well – it usually comes off like fixing No one wants to be fixed We want to be heard6 If you haven’t been specifically asked to help there’s a good chance you’re guessing about what’s needed You’re making assumptions filling in the gaps with your own perceptions and experiences That’s normal but it’s unlikely to lead you to a solution that is right for the person you are trying to help7 5 Ways to Feed Emotionally Say I love you Email someone a thank you note Write a love letter Double or triple your tip at your next meal out Call the owner of a business tell them about the great service you received8 Judging a person doesn’t describe who they are It describes who you are9 Slow progress is still progress10 Happiness is a decision but it reuires small changes to put it into practice

  2. Christina Christina says:

    I teetered between giving this two or three stars Reading this book was akin to remaining in a conversation with someone you don't want to be talking to because there is the capacity for things to get relevant or interesting but in the end it didn't work out in your favor I finished this book mostly just to have the satisfaction of having finished it Maybe to also be politeSome of the content just seemed random and not helpful at all I did however get a nice handful of uotes out of it that I can refer back to for certain projects or mindsets So there's that

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    I'm accepting this book of a pamphlet really on it's own terms Little snippets of advice Don't expect Some of them are trite Some of them are repetitive If the book had been longer I would have started to feel really preached to But some of those little bits of advice are really uite good and for those I'll give it 4 stars

  4. Jill Jill says:

    Because prime is a beautiful thing I borrowed this book for free on my kindle and read it at my own pace finishing it today I promise I am not getting any kind of reimbursement for that statement it is pure honesty Thank goodness for authors and publishing houses who choose this optionThe format of this book is easy to read straight through as I did or pick and choose which are or idea interests you most Each idea is presented as a brief explanation a page or two at the most of suggestions you can incorporate to create simplicity in your life There is a suggestion on the benefit of smiling even if you are angry another on being still not being still AND another on flossing in the shower instead of out and These are simple suggestions a person can implement immediately Well unless you just got out of the shower and didn't floss then you'll have to wait until your next shower Or not Heavens don't let me stop you from dental hygiene bliss

  5. Niki Niki says:

    Short and sweet reference on simplicityShort and sweet reference on simplicityGiving this three stars because there's nothing new here But I do like the format of the mini missions and how easy it is to go through the entire book I recommend this book for those who've read other books on simplicity as you'll have the background knowledge on some of the reasoning behind the tips This is also a good reference for when you want to take baby step in living a simple life

  6. Denise Weldon-siviy Denise Weldon-siviy says:

    Yes on shower flossing Definitely No on giving cash to panhandlersThis was a mostly useful little book with some great ideas Shower flossing is an interesting concept which I do plan to try The only definite NO in here is the advice to give cash to panhandlers I certainly hope most people don't take that advice and instead support groups that provide practical support to end homelessness and substance abuse Encouraging beggars is just bad all aroundRead via Kindle Unlimited

  7. Jo& Jo& says:

    I have been thinking about a minimalist lifestyle a lot lately and this book is a uick and easy to read The approach to this book is a series of short mini missions that will help you start the process of thinking and leading a simple life The book is divide by topics including clutter productivity relationships life health happiness Each contributor shares a story from their own journey andor a mini mission to help you uick interesting read

  8. Robin Robin says:

    Courtney Carver and friends have written a small book about small actions that can make bigger changes in your life I did “A Simple Year” with her a year long program based on some of the same ideas But some of these ideas were new and their simplicity belies the difference they can make This is one book I will come back to Minimalism generosity living in gratitude intentionality all have a place in it

  9. Alicia Alicia says:

    Several good ideas for ways to help simplify your life If you follow Courtney Caver's blog the minimalists' blog and Leo Babauta's Zen Habits then there isn't anything very new here but overall I'd recommend it as a way to start thinking about minimalism and how to cut back on stuff we just don't need

  10. Ignas Ignas says:

    Short and uick read which will give some nice mini missions to begin with your minimalistic and simpler life I have already started to life such a life earlier than I found this book so was glad to find things I'm already doing but there are still some things which I can start to do So in general was really easy and inspiring read

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