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Libertarianism BOOKS Libertarianism Tom G Palmer Xxlhuge.eu Reason Senior Editor Brian Doherty S New Book Radicals For Capitalism A Freewheeling History Of The Modern American Libertarian Movement Is The First Comprehensive History Of Its Kind It Provides A Fitting Occasion For Libertarian Reflection How Did Libertarians Get To Where They Are Today Where Are They Going How Should They Proceed Drawing On His Book, Doherty Kicks Off This Issue With A Lead Essay Reflecting On The Miracle That Libertarians Are Now Politically And Culturally Relevant At All, While Appropriately Promoting A Continued Laissez Faire Attitude To Strategy To Showcase The High Art Of Libertarian Infighting, We Ve Gathered A Panel Of Libertarian Luminaries Including Cato Unbound S Own Brink Lindsey, Author Of The Controversial Liberaltarians Essay In The New Republic George Mason S Most Famous Blogger Polymath, New York Times Economic Scene Columnist Tyler Cowen Cato S Globe Trotting Ambassador For Liberty Tom G Palmer, Who Was Writing Libertarian Political Theory As A Zygote And Atlantic Columnist, Former Reason Editor In Chief, And Author Of The Substance Of Style, Virginia Postrel.