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Mom Tales The Nursery Is A Picture Perfect, Pastel Dream The Ceiling Is Sky Blue, The Custom Crib Is Soft And Inviting, And The Only Thing Missing In Your Idealistic Portrait Of Parenthood Is That Bouncing Bundle Of Joy Then Gaaaah Who S This Screeching, Pooping, Cranky Newcomer, The One Who Never Sleeps Good Lord, You Say To Yourself As You Quaff Down Yet Another Cup Of Coffee Strong Enough To Melt The Spoon This Isn T Exactly What I Was Expecting Don T Worry You Re Not Alone Mom Tales Stories Of Parenting, Potties And Post Partum Panic Offers 30 Essays By Former Journalist Diane Majeske That Emphasize How Parenthood Can Be Than A Little Overwhelming, And How Not Being Perfect Is Perfectly Okay.

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